Exterior Walls CC For Home Design You Will Love


Need something new for your home facade? When building Sims 4 homes, exterior walls CC can come in handy, particularly when you are inspired by real-life architecture. Keep reading to discover the best exterior walls custom content you can download for TS4!

sims 4 exterior walls cc

exterior walls CC: concrete, bricks, wood, paint & more!

In Sims 4, there are no clear-cut rules when building homes. All furniture, decor, walls, and floors can be used both for interiors and exteriors – if we chose to do so! However, while we can make silly homes with unicorn wallpapers and neon colors, building a realistic home requires special textures and different patterns. While choosing wallpaper for interiors can be a little easier, real-looking facades in Sims 4 require special materials.

That is when custom content comes into the picture. We have selected top wall CC to help you build beautiful homes in various styles – from rustic to modern, including materials such as concrete, wood, or bricks.

This is our ultimate list of exterior walls CC. Welcome aboard, and have fun!

1. seamless concrete wall pack vol.2 by Simspirationbuilds

If unsure what facade to ick, neutrals are always an option! This set includes seamless concrete walls and different textures, from softer to rough surfaces. There are six swatches, and you can choose gray or beige options. Your home will instantly match the latest architectural trends. To get this set of concrete exterior walls CC, follow this link.

2. wood wintertime wall set

Wood panels are a great choice for many building styles. This set offers 7 distinct plank variations and colors. You can use them for the whole exterior or just specific parts, such as the balcony or entryway. If you look closer, you can even see a natural wood pattern, and there are even different spacings between each plank, which gives them a realistic effect. Download these exterior wood walls cc here!

3. wallpaper #33 by sims4luxury

If brick facades are your thing, this brick will help you get creative with exteriors. These will help you recreate various styles, from Scottland’s brick buildings to southern yellow brick homes. You will get six distinctive styles – brown, yellow, orange, yellow rustic, white, and gray bricks. Download this pretty outside walls CC brick set here.

4. ibiza outdoor by minerva

Now you can pack your things and move to Ibiza in Sims 4, thanks to this lovely Mediterranean-inspired setting. There are nine facades in the set, all of which are light, textured, and HQ. You will even get a pretty mosaic wall to get extra creative! To get these walls, floors, and furniture, go here!

Do you want to live forever? Now you can do it with this Sims 4 Eternal Youth Mod!

5. stone & solid color walls by DescargasSims

A little montage house needs a facade like this as much as any big mansion does. These walls are a blend of stone and solid walls and are perfect facade choices for the ground floor. There are fantastic 48 swatches included, so you can blend stone with light and dark, neutral or intense colors. If you’d love to experiment with these exterior walls cc, download them here!

6. solid textured walls by lustrousims

Solid walls are classic options you can never go wrong with. This set of textured walls allows you to create simplistic, yet neat exteriors, which makes them great for blending with complex windows, doors, or roofs. There are a few colors, ranging from light beige and brown to green shades. Get these simple but effective exterior walls CC here!

7. set with Matching walls & floors

If you love industrial interiors with white painted bricks, you will fall in love with these 9 exterior walls. This exterior walls CC set offers rustic wood and old brick walls, ideal for creating modern art gallery-like interiors, but also fascinating exteriors, especially if you plan on building a cabin or avant-garde architectural masterpieces. To get this one, go here!

8. stone collection of Walls & floors

Stone facades are always in demand, especially neat ones like these. The set has five brick walls and five matching floors, suitable for outdoors and the exterior. They both come in five shades: brown, dark brown, intense gray, beige, and pink. To get these exterior walls cc and floors, go here.

9. realistic concrete ”NOVA” walls by Minerva

Designing a concept luxury home requires bravery. This concrete wall set will allow you to build minimal and industrial homes with ease. You will get seven concrete textures, including rectangular and vertical patterns. With these swatches up your sleeve, you can build an abandoned building or a rich home. To get the set go to this page and scroll to the end of the post!

10. clapboard crush walls with corner trim by rosana

Nothing adds more warmth to the exterior than wood. No matter if you love adding just a hint of wood or using it for the whole home, these wooden panels will serve the purpose. There are 11 of them in the set, ranging from green or red to neutral beige. On top of that, you also get white siding to complete the look of your face. The download link is on this page.

11. perigord country build set by Syboulette

Now you can make your version of French province homes, thanks to this incredible outdoor set with stone walls. Among other incredible items for the yard, the set includes stunning rock walls that will help you create an idyllic country home. Or, if you love to experiment, you can use them as decorative walls or facade details. To get this rustic effect on your facade, download the exterior walls cc set here.

12. half life 2 rusty & industrial walls

Metal exterior walls are much more than trailer or container walls. In the hands of a creative soul, they can easily be used for building an industrial design paradise. This realistic set includes a bunch of awesome metal textures converted from TS2. Besides metal, you will also find masonry, paneling, paint, and brick that are equally as versatile. To get these rusty walls, go here.

13. realistic exterior plaster walls

You can never be wrong when choosing simple solid color walls. This set of exterior walls CC includes 6 paint colors with 6 different textures. These are the type of walls you most commonly find on homes built in the past decade, and you will love how realistic they look. Even painters would agree these look incredibly realistic. To download, follow this link.

14. starboard parapet and matching walls

If you admire the beauty of old American homes, like those Victorian ones from San Francisco, these wallpapers are so for you! They are recolored and retextured walls from the base game. Such wooden walls are great vintage options if you love the aesthetics of old homes. Check out these exterior walls cc here!

If you’d love to try out custom glass walls, go here!

15. jony’s stone walls

Let’s be honest: we all use stone walls, and there are not many of them available in the game. At least not as many we would love to have. Luckily, this exterior walls CC is here to back us up. The style comes in 4 colors: dark beige, light beige, light blue, and light green. If these swatch styles are your thing, you can get the CC on this page!

16. tropical wood by simfabulous

Minimalism, here we come! This tropical wood wall CC will not only be your number one choice when building beach homes but also your go-to option for building contemporary homes and vacation family resorts. The texture and natural wood color are incredible. If you love these exterior walls cc, Download here!

17. a la ferme wood & stone walls by syboulette

Suburban homes will never look better thanks to this lovely pack of exterior walls CC. The combo includes stone and brick walls, panels, wood, and blocks. With them also come matching floors and terrain paints, so no worries about finding a perfect floor match! You can get these walls for free here.


This was a list of versatile facade choices you can add to your swatches list. We have included various styles for different designs and preferred home styles. Feel free to browse them, download and experiment with them all you like. Enjoy!

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