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Have you run out of living room ideas for the Sims 4? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place. In this post, we will be showcasing 10 different Sims 4 living room ideas no CC – which will surely get your creative builder juices flowing! So, grab onto your notebook – and get ready to scribble down some amazing living room ideas!

sims 4 living room ideas no cc
Sims 4 Living Room Ideas No CC

Living Room Ideas NOCC: Boho, Chic, Gothic ++

If you are anything like us, you may have come to a point where you are running on empty of Sims 4 living room ideas. Perhaps you got every other room of your build covered, but the living room, which is the main treasure of the home… is just not doing it for you. We know being in that sort of headspace really sucks, and it can really take a toll on your creativity when it comes to building.

What tends to happen with us, is that we keep building the exact same living room again and again. Which is not fun nor ideal, because let’s face it… No one has the same living room, so neither should the Sims 4 households. But do not worry, we are here with a solution for you all.

May we present 10 excellent Sims 4 living room ideas found in the Sims 4 gallery, that will inspire the builder in you to broaden your horizons! Now, let us have a look at them, shall we?

1. NYC Loft Style Living Room – JULIA06022

sims 4 living room ideas no cc

This NYC loft-style living room is created by JULIA06022 and is 4×7 tiles big. So, it is perfect for those small apartment-like buildings. Now, this room features objects from the Sims 4 packs: Cottage Living, University, Get Famous, Seasons, Dine Out, and Tiny Living. We really love the rustic, yet modern feel of this living space. The layout feels very realistic and natural, which is what we are looking for in living rooms, right?

So, this room is valued at §15,001, and can be found on the gallery under the username JULIA06022. Now, whether you want to download this room and place it into one of your own builds, or simply take some inspiration from it – is fully up to you!

For a modern home in the Sims 4, have a look at these modern house CC packs.

2. Fresh & Fancy Living Room – CZAEL83

sims 4 living room ideas no cc

This fresh, fancy living room is created by CZAEL83 and has a value of §5,558 and a size of 3×6 tiles. The room features the Sims 4 packs: Cottage Living, Snowy Escape, Eco Lifestyle, Get Together, Tiny Living, Dine Out, Nifty knitting, Moschino, Toddler Stuff, and Blooming Rooms Kit, and lastly, the Holiday Pack (which you can download for free on origin).

Due to the big wide windows, we imagine this room would place perfectly in a warehouse build. So, if you have one of those, try placing it there! You can download this wonder from the gallery by searching CZAEL83. Or, you could simply take inspiration from it and form your own fresh and fancy living area.

3. Gothic Meets Country Living Room – BUBBLYORE

sims 4 living room ideas no cc

Now, this living room is a little different, but we are here for it! Created by BUBBLYORE, this Gothic meets country living room is valued at §14,812 and has a size of 8×8 tiles. We are living for the teal wallpaper and the cozy nook with the L-shaped couch. The whole room just screams old, haunted mansion/townhouse, something we did not know we needed!

Anyway, this stunning creation can be downloaded from the gallery, by searching BUBBLYORE. Or, you can simply take some inspiration from this room, and build your very own gothic country living room!

4. Realm Of Magic Living Room – RAGNAROKZ3R0

sims 4 living room ideas no cc

If you are tired of the basic Sims 4 living rooms, you might want to try creating a more magical room. With Realm of Magic content perhaps? Now, this living room is created by RAGNAROKZ3R0, and is valued at §8,960. We adore the warm wood tones and green color scheme. There is a nice balance between magic and cottage in this room – which we are here for.

Anyway, if you wish to download this 5×5 tiles room, you will need the following Sims 4 packs: Snowy Escape, University, Cats and Dogs, City Living, Realm of Magic, Parenthood, and the Blooming Rooms kit. Or you could simply take inspiration from this room, and make your own magical living room.

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5. Coastal Themed Living Room – MORIMEME

Screenshot 2022 07 06 at 15.39.17

Coastal living rooms style is actually one of our favorite living room ideas in the Sims 4. But for whatever reason, we just never think of building in this style. So, seeing the living room created by MORIMEME certainly brings us much-needed inspiration. This 6×6 tiles room is valued at §14,299 and requires the Sims 4 pack: Cats and Dogs.

So whether you want to download this room, or build your own version of it. We highly recommend you use the Sims 4 pack: Cats and Dogs, since it provides that nautical style we are here for. Our favorite object in this room is the lighthouse lamp, which one is your favorite?

6. Very White, Modern Living Room – YOLLYDOLLY

Screenshot 2022 07 06 at 15.40.00

If a nautical living room is not exactly up your alley, you might like a more modern living room, such as this one. Created by YOLLYDOLLY, this 6×6 tiles room is valued at §11,329, and would fit perfectly into a Sims 4 family home. However, this room requires a whole load of Sims 4 packs to download, so be aware of that before you get too excited. The great part though is that you can always take inspiration from this room, and create your own version of it with the Sims 4 packs you do own!

Our favorite parts of this room are the hanging plants in front of the window, followed by the little shelving unit with the TV on it. Which part of this modern living room is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

7. Modern Orange Living Room – IMDEVILSDAUGHTER

Screenshot 2022 07 06 at 15.40.12

In the wise words of Elle Woods, “Whoever said orange was the new black, was seriously mistaken”. Because yes, there is no way orange can ever work the same way as black does. But, it does however, work in its very own bold way. And, in this 8×7 tiles living room, created by IMDEVILSDAUGHTER, it just works! Though we cannot put our finger on it, something about this orange living room is just very cool. It might be the contrast between the oranges and the whites… Whatever it is, we really like this room, which is valued at §29,169, and is completely base-game!

Yes, anyone can download this via the Sims 4 gallery. You do not need any additional packs. But if you just want to recreate it, with your own color scheme for example – go for it!

8. Bold & Black Living Room – GODSTREASURE

Screenshot 2022 07 06 at 15.40.51

This living room is perfect for Simmers who want to live that San Myshuno lifestyle! Created by GODSTREASURE, this room is 5×7 tiles in size, and is valued at §15,457. We love the bold black look of this room, and we are sure many of you will too! And hey, if you do not want to download it, you can always get inspired by it. Our favorite part about this room is how the TV is placed in the left corner, which looks very natural.

Anyway, if you wish to download this wonder, you will need the Sims 4 packs: Snowy Escape, University, Island Living, Get Famous, Seasons, City Living, Get to Work, and Vintage Glamour.

9. Old Money Living Room – ELNEGAAARD

sims 4 living room ideas no cc
Sims 4 Living Room Ideas No CC

It is our pleasure to introduce you to yet another fabulous base-game living room! Yes, this fancy, light blue sitting room is created by ELNEGAAARD and is completely basegame. We adore the natural light blue and beige color scheme here, as we are sure you do too! Now, this 6×8 tiles room is valued at §28,164, and is available to download on the Sims 4 gallery.

Whether you want to download this on the gallery or get inspiration from it to build your own sitting room is up to you… We just know that we got a lot of inspiration from this, so we can imagine you will too!

10. Bohemian Dream Living Room – INDIECLAIRE

sims 4 living room ideas no cc

A bohemian living room is not often featured in our Sims 4 builds. This is kind of a shame, because they provide so much personality and color. This is why we really should get into building them more. Anyway, this perfect living room is created by INDIECLAIRE, and is valued at §9,788. With a room size of 6×5, it holds a very bright and calm vibe. Your hippie Sims would certainly love living here!

Now, to download this room, you will need the Sims 4 packs: Cottage Living, Snowy Escape, Eco Lifestyle, Island Living, Dream Home Decorator, Parenthood, Paranormal, Tiny Living, Moschino, Blooming Rooms Kit, and the Decor to the Max Kit.

Sims 4 Living Room Ideas with CC


Now, before you’ve left us, we’d like to show you three living room ideas with the use of awesome custom content and mods! There’s a whole article dedicated to this. You could check it out here.

1. Dawn Living

living room ideas sims4 cc

There’s something about custom content that feels so refined to me. Or maybe it’s that I’ve gotten too used to EA furniture that I’m always craving something fresh! This Dawn Living space is a pack of modern furniture items, featuring functional objects, which is always a plus when it comes to CC.

You get a sofa, a loveseat, and a living chair in 18 unique swatches. There are a few storage units in this pack as well. What I love most about this pack is the harmony it exhibits. Even the stacks of books on the table and shelves are adding to the entirety of this awesome room. Myshunosun has surely done a great job, putting it together. Have a look at this living space here.

2. Nauge Sectional Sofa CC Sims 4

living room ideas sims4 cc 2

If you’ve been around the Sims 4 community for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen Syboubou‘s logo somewhere! She’s an insanely talented custom content creator, and her builds and furniture are always top notch. Even if unknowingly, everyone has used at least one of her creations in their game at some point.

This Living Room Pack is a perfect example of her awesome work – it’s chic, stylish, and perfect for any Sim home. You get a few different things here: a rope shelf, a blanket, a cushion, some plants, a floor lamp, and most importantly an awesome sectional sofa. Check out and download this pack on her website.

3. Minotti Living Room

living room ideas sims4 cc 3

Everything about this room, not only speaks but screams luxury! It is indeed a special set, as described by Cowbuild. A living room as such would easily be the heart of any residence, would you not agree? Imagine gathering your Sims, their friends, and their family in this room. It also only makes sense it’s spacious. I’d say, the set is perfect for anyone who wants to create an elegant and upscale living space. The furniture is very detailed… There are so many great pieces in this set, it’s hard to know where to start! I particularly love that the colors are dark and rich, adding to the overall feeling of luxury.

You get 23 new items that make up this mansion-suited living room, including spacious sofas and armchairs, elegant coffee tables and side tables, wooden floors and walls, and much more. So if you’re looking for a beautiful living room set, be sure to check out Cowbuild’s creation!


To sum it up, there are a bunch of amazing Simmers out there, who are really talented builders. And, by taking one single look at the Sims 4 gallery, you will get an insane amount of inspiration to build living rooms, and whatever else! These 10 Sims 4 living room ideas were just some of the great ones we found in the gallery. But, we know there are a bunch more where they came from, so you should definitely do a gallery search yourself!

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We would love to know which of the 10 living rooms is your favorite. So, let us know in the comments down below. Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by today. We wish you a lovely day, but most importantly… Happy Simming!

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