100+ Underwear CC Finds for The Sims 4

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We believe that it’s important to always look exceptionally good, even when you’re going to bed! In the bedroom there are also trends and fashions, and if you want to follow them – you’ve come to the right place! These are our top underwear mods for The Sims 4!

sims 4 underwear lingerie cc

Basiks Lingerie Set [MM]

BASIKS by bbygal123

Kawaii Lingerie Set

Kawaii Lingerie Set

Whether or not your femme-framed sim is a fan of kawaii style, it’s hard to resist these adorable lingerie sets! There are three different styles to choose from and each comes in a solid color version as well as a patterned version, for a total of 6 sets total.

Dead Or Alive Lingerie Set

Dead or Alive Lingerie Set

Your femme sims will definitely look like cakes in some of this lingerie CC! These pieces are inspired by the Dead or Alive video game franchise and are amazingly detailed.

Male Lingerie Collection

Male Lingerie Collection

There’s little left to the imagination with this pack of naughty underthings. We particularly like the “Mark” Tuxedo briefs; are they a funny gag gift or hot bedroom attire? That’s up to your sims.

SUGAR | Holy Cow! Lingerie Set

SUGAR | Holy Cow! Lingerie Set

Adorn your masc framed sims from horn to hoof in this oddly erotic cow-themed set. We won’t judge!

Underwear Default Replacement for Male and Female [MM]

Underwear Default Replacement for Male and Female

Sweet Dreams Lingerie Collection

Sweet Dreams Lingerie Collection

A beautiful collection of bras and panties for femme sims that proof you can look sexy without revealing all of the “goods.” This lingerie can double as everyday underwear, with it’s modest coverage and comfortable silhouettes.

Simmer marilynjeanesims likes the set so much that she made them into default replacements!

Nectar Collection ( Lingerie/ Makeup/ Accessories/ Hairstyles ) [MM]

Nectar Collection by Joliebean & Imvikai

Dariens Lingerie

Dariens Lingerie

A one-two combo of silky thong and lacy robe, this lingerie for masc sims is a classier option if your sim wants to be naughty and nice at the same time!

Sweet Dreams Lingerie Collection for Female [MM]

Sweet Dreams Lingerie Collection for Female [MM]

Pink Valentine CC

Pink Valentine CC

Your sims can be sexy and stylish at the same time with this amazing collection of lingerie. Because they straddle the line between realistic & fantastical with slightly historical flavors, these pieces have a lot of potential for many styles of player.

LV Boxer Briefs for Male [ALPHA]

LV Boxer Briefs for Male

Daisy Lover Set

Daisy Lover Set

Talk about flower power! Deck your sim out in these fabulous floral lingerie pieces, with 8 different items to choose from. A few of them can be worn out in public, even!

Lace Bra

Lace Bra

This lace bra comes in 7 colors and has stunning details. Your femme sims will feel like a million simoleons wearing it!

Get the coordinating panties here.

Venus Lingerie Set

Venus Lingerie Set

Wedding lingerie for femme sims who are ready for the honeymoon! This lacy duo comes in 18 swatches and is sure to get your sims’ partner’s attention.

Get Naughty Set

Get Naughty Set

Lucky 13 is the number of items in this collection, and hopefully sims sporting it will get lucky themselves! There are options for all genders in varying levels of modesty and mischief.

Lovebirds Collection (Serenity’s Part)

Lovebirds Collection (Serenity's Part)

Serenity’s part of the Lovebird Collection which features 19 items such as a lace bodysuit, a lovely chemise, and lots of other hot stuff!

Strappie Underwear for Male and Female [MM]

Strappie Underwear for Male and Female

Love Myself Collection (Serenity’s Part)

Love Myself Collection (Serenity's Part)

Serenity’s half of the Love Myself collection has a nice mix of cute & comfy outfits for however your femme framed sim is feeling. It’s all definitely worth lounging around in!

Concept Male Underwear

Concept Male Underwear

Underwear for masc framed sims that come with or without fishnet, and offers a bit of a surprise when you look at the backside…

Luna Lure’s Neon Nights [KM] – Dazzling Sleepwear & Sensual Lingerie Sets

270742 km neon nights lingerie sims4 featured image

Valentine’s Day Bodysuit Collection

Valentine's Day Bodysuit Collection

Bodysuits are one of the simplest ways to wear lingerie. On their own they’re quite sexy, but you can dress them up further with stockings, shoes, or jewelry if that’s what your femme-framed sim wants to do.

Lovebirds Collection (Caio’s Part)

Lovebirds Collection (Caio's Part)

Caio’s part of the Lovebird Collection has 10 items including several lacy pieces and even a flirty little number for masc framed sims.

Default Sheer Underwear Replacements [MM]

Default Sheer Underwear Replacements

Boudoir Collection

Boudoir Collection

We love this collection because the 23 options offer something for every sim, regardless of their gender representation or size. No matter who your sim is, they’ll be able to find lingerie that makes them feel fantastic from this set.

Basic Moon Set (Lingerie) [MM]

Basic Moon Set by moongoblinsims

MarilynDreamSet (Merch Sample: Dress, Tops, Sleepwear, Outfits, Dresses, Clothing Sets, Sexy Female Apparel)

329472 merch marilyn dress sample sims4 featured image

SimsoStylePack (DOAXVV – Chic & Sexy Female Apparel: Tops, Suits, Outfits, Lingerie & More)

320822 download doaxvv various items by simsonico sims4 featured image

Nectar Collection – JolieBean & ImVikai (Clothing Sets, Dresses, Accessories, Alpha CC, Female Lingerie)

340690 nectar collection by joliebean imvikai by joliebean sims4 featured image

Nectar Collection Ensemble (by Imvikai & Joliebean – 28 Items, AlphaCC, Outfits, Lingerie, Accessories)

340689 nectar collection by imvikai joliebean 40 28 items 41 by imvikai sims4 featured image

January Collection

January Collection

Sparkle or slither the night away in one of these fabulously hot bodysuits. The download includes shoes too so your sim can complete the look.

In Bloom Body

In Bloom Bodysuit

A bodysuit that juxtaposes frilly details and tough industrial accents, available in 15 colors for femme sims.

Max14 Offline Demi Set (Bikini & Cover-Up, Female Swimwear, Alpha CC, Sexy Accessories)

325160 off line demi bikini with cover up sims4 featured image

Love Myself Collection (Caio’s Part)

Love Myself Collection (Caio's Part)

Caio’s part of the Love Myself collection gives us several comfy pajama sets and some cute lingerie worth sleeping in.

Santa’s Helpers (Outfit 2)

Santa's Helpers

Christmas lingerie is so common it’s almost cliche, but if it’s as cute as this set we’re willing to let it slide!

You can find the other outfits from this collection as well as several others by searching “santa’s helper” on their main Patreon page.

Obsidian Obsessions Collection

Obsidian Obsessions Collection

15 pieces of black mesh lingerie for all types of sims, so everyone can have a good time!

Blooming Dreams: Floral PJ Set (BD1226 & BD1227) – Chic & Comfy Sleepwear

343001 floral pj set 463 bd1226 bd1227 sims4 featured image

AlphaTrend: Unveil Your Style with Set-429 BD1154 & BD1155 (Sexy Female Clothing Sets)

339154 clothes set set 429 bd1154 bd1155 sims4 featured image

Midnight Charm: Love PJ Set-439 (Sexy Sleepwear & Accessories)

339982 love pj set 439 bd1176 bd1177 sims4 featured image

Alpha Allure: Chic BD1196 & BD1197 Clothing Sets (Tops, Shorts, Lingerie)

341447 clothes set 449 bd1196 bd1197 sims4 featured image

Helen’s Allure: Victoria’s Secret Satin Ensemble by HarmoniaSims4 (Chic AlphaCC Lingerie & Jewels)

335881 43310450277903 128293 victoria 39 s secret model helen vs satin bra v string set by harmoniasims4 sims4 featured image

1-800-Cuupid’s Celebration: Slay Belle Ensemble (7K Thank You Special) #FashionFinesse

317024 128152 thank you for 7k 40 free 41 slay belle outfit 128152 by 1 800 cuupid sims4 featured image

Bunny Bliss: DDLG-Inspired Kinky Heart Apron Dress (Sexy Alpha Attire)

334000 ddlg kinky heart apron dress sims4 featured image

Harmonia’s Enchantment: Alluring Lolita Set for the Daring (Sexy Daddy Dom Inspired)

325231 128048 cutie sexy daddy dom lolita set by harmonia 39 s secret 127826 sims4 featured image

Harmonia’s Secret: Sizzling Cherry Micro Mini Dress (Alpha Female Lingerie & Attire)

320132 127826 hangover cherry micro mini dress by harmonia 39 s secret 127826 sims4 featured image

Venus Allure: Chic Women’s Lingerie Outfit (Seductive AlphaCC Ensembles)

340425 women s lingerie outfit sims4 featured image

Wicked by Beto: Chic Ensembles & Alluring Accessories (Clothing, Lingerie, Jewelry)

291321 wicked set by beto sims4 featured image

Dazzling Diversity: Versace x Pride by Daniel-Sims (Inclusive Fashion Line)

225313 versace x pride by daniel sims sims4 featured image

Velvet Vows: Valentine Undies (Sultry AlphaCC Lingerie & Accessories)

195899 valentine undies sims4 featured image

Harmonia’s Embrace: Valentine’s Day Romantic Bodysuit Collection (Sims 4 Alpha CC)

343022 valentine 39 s day 43310450277903 romantic love bodysuit by harmoniasims4 sims4 featured image

Venus Valentine: Enchanting Dresses for Romantic Evenings (AlphaCC Collection)

320985 valentine dress sims4 featured image

Busra-TR’s Enchanting Ensembles: Valentine’s S32 & S33 Collection (AlphaCC, Dresses & Lingerie)

310198 valentine collection s32 s33 by busra tr sims4 featured image

Valencia Allure: TS4Eve’s Seductive Corset Set (Alpha CC Female Lingerie)

269451 valencia corset by ts4eve sims4 featured image

Vakker Allure by MyDarling20: Chic AlphaCC Lingerie & Clothing Sets

283377 vakker by mydarling20 sims4 featured image

Urban Nomad Enchantment: Chic Lingerie Set & Socks (Stylish Female Essentials)

325629 urban nomad lingerie set sims4 featured image

Midnight Muse: Until Dawn Sam’s Towel Collection (Sexy AlphaCC Female Lingerie & Clothing Sets)

198543 until dawn sam towel sims4 featured image

Sultry Siren’s Secret: Unveiling the Undressable Clubwear Collection

331176 undressable sutty club dress updated sims4 featured image

Lacey Love Affair (TS3 Romantic Lace B) – Alluring Alpha CC Female Lingerie Sets

269114 ts3 romantic lace b sims4 featured image

Busti’s Boudoir: TS3 Romantic Lingerie & Chic Alpha CC Sets

272240 ts3 romantic busti sims4 featured image

Velvet Vixen’s Enchantment (TS3 Romantic Baby Doll Sleepwear & Alluring Accessories)

282391 ts3 romantic baby doll sims4 featured image

Trillyke Stella’s Enchantment: Chic Bra Recolors (Alpha CC Female Lingerie & Accessories)

250164 trillyke stella accessory bra recolor sims4 featured image

AlphaSheer: Enchanting Translucent Skirts (Sexy Alpha Clothing Sets)

218145 translucent skirt sims4 featured image

MargoSims’ Enchanting Ensemble: Chic Tops & Lingerie (Toi Toi Collection Part 1)

211900 toi toi collection by margosims part 1 sims4 featured image

AlienRatz Glamour: Tiger Stripes Collection (Berry Sims Too) #SexyAlphaCC

213486 tiger stripes by alienratz for berry sims too sims4 featured image

Sultry Secrets: The Sims 4 Lingerie CC Set 09 (Stockings & Accessories)

325628 the sims 4 lingerie cc set 09 sims4 featured image

Kitty Couture: Unveiling the Hello Kitty Chic Collection (Tops & Lingerie Sets)

225252 the hello kitty collection sims4 featured image

“Vixen’s Vault: Bewitching Halloween Attire (Tops & Lingerie Sets)” 🎃

333935 the halloween collection sims4 featured image

Venus Vogue: Enchanting Elegance in the Bridal Collection (Tops & Lingerie)

330086 the bridal collection 128141 10024 by muse corsets sims4 featured image

Valentina’s Vixen: Teresa Top (Chic & Sexy Female Clothing Essentials)

341751 teresa top by valentina sims4 featured image

Harmonia’s Haven: Anime-Inspired Lingerie & Socks Set (Sims 4 CC)

343060 tailed anime hentai cow slingshot socks by harmoniasims4 sims4 featured image

Cozy Couture: Sweet Dreams Pajama Set (Sleepwear, Lingerie & Chic Accessories)

314367 sweet pajama set sims4 featured image

Vixen Valor: Empowering Super Heroine Lingerie Sets (AlphaCC Collection)

334408 super heroine lingerie sims4 featured image

Seductively Sweet: Sugar Perfume by SadlyDulcet (Chic Clothing & Alluring Accessories)

310169 sugar perfume by sadlydulcet sims4 featured image

Merope’s Enchantment: Sugar Alien Bra & Chic Accessories (AlphaCC Female Lingerie Set)

292911 sugar merope alien bra by sm sims sims4 featured image

Dreamy Diva’s Enchantment (Sleep Outfit Set with Alluring Accessories)

322164 sleep outfit set sims4 featured image

Skelly Bunny Chic: Trendy Tees & Lingerie (Shirts, Panties, & Accessories)

106421 skelly bunny shirt and panties sims4 featured image

Simtimate Dreams: Cozy to Sultry Sleepwear & Accessories (BGC, AlphaCC)

320078 simtimates made bgc sims4 featured image

Simtimate Dreams: Cozy to Sultry Sleepwear & Accessories (BGC, AlphaCC)

318979 simtimates made bgc sims4 featured image

Savage Elegance: SimsXSavage Lingerie (Alpha CC, Sexy Female Clothing Sets)

234130 simsxsavage underwear sims4 featured image

Sims4Sue’s SP08 Enchantment: Chic Lingerie Tops (Alpha CC, Sexy Female Apparel & Pet-Friendly)

147820 sims4sue sp08 lingerie in tops category sims4 featured image

Sarong Sensation: Chic & Sexy AlphaCC Accessories for Women (Clothing Sets & Lingerie)

218146 simple sarong sims4 featured image

Silky Dreams by SeoSims: Luxe Sleepwear Set (PJ, Accessories & Lingerie)

236661 silk pj set by seosims sims4 featured image

Vogue Visions: Chic Sheer Swim Tops & Alluring Accs (Sexy Female Lingerie & More)

269236 sheer top swimwear accs sims4 featured image

Sultry Whiskers: Beto’s Curated Collection of Chic Dresses & Dazzling Accessories

286005 sexy kitten set by beto sims4 featured image

✿ Allure Attire (22): Chic Outfits & Sexy Lingerie Sets by Sadlydulcet

304558 set 22 by sadlydulcet sims4 featured image

Harmonia’s Whisper: Sensual Satin Robe with Floral Trim (Chic Sleepwear & Lingerie)

320854 sensual floral trim satin robe by harmonia 39 s secret 127826 sims4 featured image

Siren’s Embrace: Sensual Satin Robe with Floral Trim (Sexy Female Lingerie)

334177 sensual floral trim satin robe sims4 featured image

Lacy Embrace: Seamless Rib Lace Trim Longline Bra (TS4) – Chic Sleepwear & Accessories

342466 seamless rib lace trim longline bra ts4 sims4 featured image

Fruity Fantasy: Savage X Fenty’s Tutti Frutti Bodysuit (Sexy Alpha Female Lingerie)

250710 savage x fenty tuttiy fruity bodysuit sims4 featured image

Savage Elegance: Unleash Your Wild Side with the Anti-Savage Collection (Clothing & Accessories)

213464 savage x anti savage collection sims4 featured image

Siren’s Embrace: Satin Lingerie by TS4Eve (Chic & Sexy Alpha CC Sets)

269109 satin lingerie by ts4eve sims4 featured image

Salina’s Seduction: Turksimmer’s Lingerie Set (S209 Top & S210 Bottom)

313295 salina lingerie set top s209 bottom s210 by turksimmer sims4 featured image

Blooming Desires: Rose Lingerie (Sultry AlphaCC Clothing Sets for Her)

225292 rose lingerie sims4 featured image

Brinna’s Blossom: Rosa Bloom Sequin Suit Collection (Elegant & Sexy AlphaCC)

308888 rosa bloom collection sequin suit by brinna anton sims4 featured image

Brinna’s Blossom: Rosa Bloom Sequin Leotard Collection (Sexy AlphaCC Female Attire)

308890 rosa bloom collection sequin leotard by brinna anton sims4 featured image

Ikari Elegance: Enchanting Nightgown & Dress V2 Collection (Female Fashion)

108942 room for 2 nightgown dress v2 by ikari sims sims4 featured image

Velvet Vows: Romantic Babydoll Ruffle (Sultry Sets for Her)

270723 romantic babydoll ruffle sims4 featured image

Vogue Visions: Chic Ribbon Set (Clothing & Lingerie Essentials)

308698 ribbon set sims4 featured image

Beto’s Enchantment: Alluring Precious Lingerie Sets (Sexy AlphaCC Collection)

306021 precious lingerie by beto sims4 featured image

Moonchild’s Maternity Magic: Chic Postpartum Sets & Toddler Treasures (#ToddlerCC, #AlphaCC)

285241 post partum little thing by moonchild sims4 featured image

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