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Look Always Good

We believe that it’s important to always look exceptionally good, even when you’re going to bed! In the bedroom there are also trends and fashions, and if you want to follow them – you’ve come to the right place! These are our top underwear mods for The Sims 4!

The Best Underwear Mods and CC for The Sims 4: Female

Bedroom CliveC Deco – Underwear Female

Elegance should also be present in the bedroom, so that is why Shinokcr has created this awesome night top. In 5 different variants, it can be used to capture sweet dreams or to spice up the mood. You like it? Then definitely visit this link for a quick and easy download.

underwear mod

ChloeM – Cute Trendy Underwear Set

One more trendy underwear is here and we can’t stop staring at it! The shape is lovely, the surfaces enticing and the 12 different color tones simply amazing! We wouldn’t give away this mod for the world, so we urge you to give it a try as well. You can download it directly from here.

underwear mod

Sexy Daisy Underwear Bottom Piece

Birba32 definitely knows the secrets of temptation, because otherwise she wouldn’t have created these gorgeous panties. The revealing design is enriched by the little flowers which only add to the mystery there. We stumbled upon this mod at The Sims Resource and if you want to download it, follow our direct link.

underwear mod

Sexy Daisy Underwear Top Piece

And to complete the mesmerizing underwear set – here is the top part as well! With two beautiful daisies an overall captivating tone, it is a perfect top to sleep in or show off with! Follow this link if you want to download it and try it on your Sims.

underwear mod

Designer Calvin Klein Sports Underwear

Bill Sims also knows how to adapt modern hits of underwear in The Sims 4 and the proof for that is in the 287,000 downloads of this one! In 11 color swatches, these stand as one of the most sought after sleeping mods for the entire game. To get them for yourself, follow this link.

underwear mod

Designer Calvin Klein Male Underwear

For your male Sims, the Calvin Klein underwear would be the ideal choice! They come in two types, shorter one and longer one, and three colors for each of them. Bill Sims is the creator here also, so you can’t go wrong if you download them from this link.

underwear mod

Fashion Designer Calvin Klein Underwear

If you still aren’t convinced that the new hit in The Sims 4 is the Calvin Klein underwear – take a look here! These wonderful panties go with all tops and outfits, and no matter on which Sim you put it, they’re bound to make them sexy! For a quick download, use this link.

underwear mod

Cute Boy Shorts – Female Underwear

To break the monotony of classic looking underwear, try these boy-styled panties for women! They’re not only great for a sleepwear outfit, but also for a swimwear or a workout too! All the colorful variants are fun and doubtlessly worth the try! Download them from this page.

underwear mod

Hot And Provocative Thong Underwear

For those of you who enjoy sensual and seductive clothes – this is the underwear for you. The thong here fits perfectly on every body type and skin color, and it has 20 different color swatches to not get boring! It is creation by Kisafayd which you can download from here.

underwear mod

Beautiful Adhesive Bras With Lace Or Lotus Flower Design

When it comes to night clothing, bras are also essential! We have here some awesome adhesive ones by Kisafayd who made sure every variant is as good as the previous one. There are totally 20 of them and all you have to do is click on this link to download and enjoy them for yourself.

underwear mod

Male Underwear Mods

Sexy Calvin Klein Underwear Collection – 2

And if you want to give some playfulness to your male Sims, you can use these underpants! The spicy colors are where they shine, so if you need to boost your bedtime looks –hurry up to ModTheSims to download them. Or take this shortcut.

underwear mod

Classy Puma Boxers Underwear For Him

For the men, we have one more incredible Puma underpants. They’re already tremendously popular at The Sims Resource and we all know why – they’re the best underwear that guys can have! To download them quickly, click here.

underwear mod

Classy Puma Boxers Underwear For Him 2

And to freshen up, here is another set of colorful ones. We love the way both of these mods play out inside The Sims 4 and we regularly use them on our male Sims. If you want to give them a go, don’t hesitate to check The Sims Resource for more info and click here for a speedy download! Go!

underwear mod

Fashionable And Realistic Calvin Klein Underwear

From the world of fashion we have these modern trend setter pieces! For top and bottom, the fabric and design are as realistic as they can get, and Pinkzombiecupcakes has done a wonderful job with the mod. In 5 color swatches also, they’re invaluable addition to every clothing collection and you must have them too! Download them from here.

underwear mod

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