The Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod – Is It Good?

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Are you tired of the lacking gameplay possibilities when it comes to the Sims 4 pregnancies? If the answer is yes, you have certainly come to the right place! After having been introduced to the Sims 4 realistic birth mod by PANDASAMA – you will not experience any more boring Sims 4 pregnancies. Only realistic and wholesome moments are to come! So, grab your nearest notebook, because this mod comes with so many fine benefits you would not want to miss it!

sims 4 realistic birth mod

The Sims 4 Realistic ChildBirth Mod – PANDASAMA

Since we are here, we can all agree that we love the Sims 4, right? That much is obvious since we keep playing the game time and time again. How many hours have you got under your belt? We bet it’s a lot… Anyway, though we adore the Sims 4, certain gameplay aspects could be a lot better. One of them being pregnancies and childbirth.

Have you noticed that besides telling people about the pregnancy, and letting them feel the belly (which by the way is kind of creepy) are some of the few pregnancy interactions available? Not to mention the extremely surreal way our Sims go about giving birth – either by magically popping a baby into bassinets… Or, the more disturbing way – being placed in a freaky machine at the hospital which accidentally takes out their heart…Yes, it is that disturbing. And, kind of funny…But not ideal for the Simmers who desire realistic gameplay.

Therefore, we are delighted to present you with a childbirth mod that provides you with all the realistic pregnancy experiences you wish for! Now, let us take a closer look at this shining star!

1. Call Your Sim’s Obstetrician

sims 4 realistic birth mod
Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod

During any average pregnancy, that will say – in real life, in the modern world… The pregnant person is likely to speak to their obstetrician on several occasions. Unfortunately, this option is not available in the normal Sims 4 gameplay…But add PANDASAMA’s realistic childbirth mod, and this phone call can become reality! With this mod, your Sim will have the option to call their obstetrician once they are in their second trimester.

To call your Sim’s obstetrician, click on their phone, locate the household menu, and choose “call obstetrician”.

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2. Choose Different Birthing Options

 birth mod

During their phone call with their obstetrician, your Sim will get to choose between different 3 birthing options. These are the surgery machine, natural delivery, and cesarean section, also called a c-section. This phone call will give your pregnant Sim the chance to plan the birth of their child – and have it be on their terms.

To choose a delivery option, simply click on the option you prefer, and wait until it’s time to deliver the package! Yes, we just described your Sim baby as a package, a cute little package.

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3. Have Another Sim Attend The Birth


After your pregnant Sim has chosen their preferred delivery option, you can ask another Sim to accompany them during the miracle of childbirth. This interaction is not only fun in terms of getting the game into an ultimate realism bubble but in terms of gameplay! It’s a new and fresh interaction, we love it. Anyway, to ask a Sim to accompany you during childbirth, you will have to click on them, and choose the interaction “ask to accompany childbirth“. Just remember to do this before your Sim goes into labor – or it might be too late!

However, there is a catch to this… Any Sim you ask must have 70+ friendship or 30+ romance to accept the request. And, if you change your mind on who you want as a company, you need to “ask to not accompany childbirth“, before asking someone else instead… The thing to remember here is that any company you bring will not be able to support you during labor if you do not ask.

4. Take Family Leave Before Birth

Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod

Your pregnant Sim will be given 2 days off from work before they give birth. However, you need to make sure the companion Sim does not leave for work during childbirth. It will be quite difficult to offer their support behind the work desk after all. Luckily though, you can select whichever Sim you have asked to join the birth, and choose the option “take family leave” to get two days off from work too! Perfect, perfect, perfect. Your Sim is ready to give birth!

5. Ask For An Epidural

Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod
Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod

Here comes the realism… If you have chosen the C-section delivery, you have to click on one of the obstetricians to “ask for epidural“, which must successfully kick in before the surgery can begin. So, heads up there – you must ask for that epidural. Otherwise, your Sim might be stuck in labor for a really really long time. And, we do not want that do we? By the way, the epidural only works 60% of the time, so there is that…

Anyway, we love the realism of asking for the epidural, as we are sure you will too!

6. Use A Yoga Ball To Induce Labor


As we all know Sims can sometimes spend ages in the third trimester without getting close to labor at all. Which drives us crazy sometimes. Just why? Why does it have to take that long – and this is just a game…Imagine how endless it must seem in real life just waiting for that baby to arrive. We applaud those of you that have, really. Nine months, that’s some real patience right there!

Anyway, back to the Sims 4. With this childbirth mod, there are luckily 2 ways to avoid waiting for labor forever. One is to go for a walk, which you can do by clicking on your pregnant Sim and having them “go for a walk”. But, the more fun option requires that you buy a yoga ball from build mode. And use that to induce labor. Don’t worry though, the yoga ball comes with this mod. Just search for “yoga ball” in the catalog, and it’s there.

7. Gain Weight After Giving Birth

Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod

After giving birth at the hospital your Sim will gain some of that wonderful (my body just created a whole Sim) weight. Which we love! The realism of this is just so wholesome, and to be honest, needed in the game. It is realistic, and we really desire some realism. Anyway, besides the weight gain, your Sim will also receive a little patch where they had the C-section if they had one. These changes do not really affect gameplay at all, but we love them for their realism nonetheless.

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To sum it up, the Sims 4 has a lot of good gameplay – but the pregnancy and birthing interactions just are not it. At least not for us… For the Simmers who desire realism, however, the Sims 4 Realistic Birth Mod by PANDASAMA is the perfect option. By downloading this wonderful mod to your game, you get to experience a much more realistic and wholesome Sim pregnancy and birth! So, if that is something your Simmer heart desires, give it a try! You can download this wonderful mod here!

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    • Hello, Porsha! This mod tweaks your gameplay by letting your Sims experience a realistic birthing process. But no, the mod does not allow you to build your own birthing center. Hope this helps!


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