Sims 4 Toddler Traits: Everything You Need To Know

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Would you like to understand your toddlers and their character better? Well, you must have wished upon a star, because today, we are discovering Sims 4 toddler traits. Let’s see what makes little cutie pies of the game so special and dive straight into it!

sims 4 toddler traits

How to choose sims 4 toddler traits?

Sims 4 toddler traits define the character at the earliest learning stage of Sims’ life. They impact how they interact with their environment, and how they learn, but also determine what they need to feel fulfilled and safe. Your freedom to choose personality traits will largely depend on whether you are pre-making a toddler, if you have a toddler-to-be in the household, or you are adopting a toddler.

Besides optimizing their look and genetics, when you are creating a toddler, you will get the opportunity to mold their personality as well. Unlike adults, where you get to choose more traits, with toddlers, you’ll get to choose only one trait.

To choose toddler traits in the CAS menu, simply select one of the traits available in boxes under the Select Trait. This will be the predominant trait in their early years, but the great news is, that you’ll get to cherry-pick the most desirable trait. The same applies if you have a toddler organically in the game, where you’ll get a chance to choose one toddler trait as the baby transitions to toddler.

In case of adoption, you will get a randomly generated trait to work with. Either way, Sims 4 toddler traits are specific to toddlers only and will be lost. As they age and become children, this trait will be replaced with new ones.

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What sims 4 toddler traits can you chose from?

sims 4 toddler traits
sims 4 toddler traits

There are a few original traits available in the game when pre-making toddlers. When making a toddler in the CAS menu, you’ll be able to select one of the following:

  • Angelic – These babies are flawless angels. They socialize easily, don’t throw tantrums, and are easy to work with and raise. These cuties are collaborative, do make much noise, and don’t need extra attention to be happy.
  • Charmer – These toddlers are young social butterflies. They interact with strangers with ease, are great at making friends at this stage, and react well to social stimuli.
  • Clingy – Toddlers with this trait are rather shy around strangers and don’t like being left without care from those they trust. They need attention, and when distressed, they will need to be emotionally comforted by their caretakers. However, they do learn child skills faster.
  • Fussy – Cutiepies with this trait are easily upset and may cry more frequently. While they can be noisy, all they need is something to focus on. Doing fund activities usually helps them calm down.
  • Independent – This trait will make your toddler self-reliant from an early age and don’t need constant attention from adults. These cuties don’t mind being on their own. On the contrary, they may even learn child skills faster when left to their own devices.
  • Inquisitive – Curious and with an ever-growing desire to understand everything about the world that surrounds them, inquisitive toddles love to learn. This curious nature helps them gain thinking skills faster, but they may throw tantrums if bored or have nothing new to learn.
  • Silly – Toddlers with this trait love to play and have fun. They are curious and will have no trouble gaining imagination skills.
  • Wild – These toddlers are balls of energy and need to be constantly animated. They seek stimulation, learn movement skills fast, and love being outdoors. However, if not animated, they will become sad.

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Can toddlers earn reward traits?

Toddlers are fun, and they become even more amazing thanks to toddler reward traits. The great thing about The Sims 4 is that as you play, you’ll be able to earn some extra amazing traits – starting as early as toddler age! Apart from the main toddler trait, you’ll be able to gain two additional ones during the gameplay.

To earn an extra sims 4 toddler traits, your little one will have to either complete a certain goal or learn a certain level of skill. Toddler reward traits are The Happy Toddler Trait and The Top-Notch Toddler.

The Happy Toddler Trait is earned when they reach level 3 in all five basic toddler skills (Thinking Skill, Movement Skill, Potty Skill, Communication Skill, and Imagination Skill). The Top-Notch Toddler is earned when they reach maximum levels in all five toddler skills. Both have a positive impact on learning speed later in sims life, especially The Top-Notch Toddler, which increases the learning speed in childhood more significantly.

As they age and become children, toddlers automatically lose their sims 4 toddler traits. Taking good care of toddlers will earn them bonus traits in the Simology Panel.

Movement becomes Motor Child Skill.

Thinking becomes Mental Child Skill.

Communication becomes Social Child Skill.

Imagination becomes Creativity Child Skill.

Potty – /

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Can I change sims 4 toddler traits?

Traits you select in the CAS menu, in the game, or when adopting a toddler can’t be organically changed. No matter if you chose a trait by mistake or have adopted a cutie pie whose traits you’d like to modify, there is a way to do that. To do that, follow this sims 4 toddler traits cheat instruction.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift + C to open a typing box.
  2. Type in ”testingcheats” in the typing box and press Enter.
  3. Type in “cas.fulleditmode” and press Enter.
  4. Pres Esc to close the typing box.
  5. Find your toddler, hold Shift and click on the toddler.
  6. Choose the cloud dialogue that says ”Modify in CAS”. This will open a Create a Sims window where you’ll be able to pick one of the 8 toddler traits.

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