How To Actually Rotate Stairs In Sims 4?

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About Rotating Stairs in Sims 4

Building in The Sims 4 has its own ups and downs. There are many aspects of it that we would change, mainly because they aren’t clear enough to players. We often end up being “stuck” when building something just because the game doesn’t explain to us how this problem could be fixed. And one of the most common problems in a building is the rotating of stairs. So how do you rotate stairs in Sims 4?

It’s actually a very simple process. But it can also be a challenging thing to accomplish, especially for returning simmers or new Sims 4 players!

The reason for this is the fact that the rotating of the stairs also depends on the type of house you’re building. Each building is different, and some houses are simply problematic when it comes to installing stairs.

The other problem is the type of stairs you’re trying to rotate. If you’re going with spiral staircases, you may find it tough to rotate them the right way.

However, it’s possible! And here’s everything you need to know about how to rotate stairs in Sims 4!

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How to Rotate Stairs in Sims 4?

You have two ways of rotating stairs in Sims 4. The first one is by using only your mouse. And the second is by using your keyboard. But both methods do the same exact action.

  1. Rotating stairs with your mouse

When you select your staircase in The Sims 4 (by left-clicking on it), you’ll spawn a couple of arrows. Each of them does a different thing, and you can use them for moving the stairs up or down. But if you hold and drag the semicircle arrow at the bottom of the stairs, you will rotate your staircase!

Move your mouse left and right while holding this arrow until you find the perfect angle for your stairs!

  1. Rotating stairs with keyboard shortcuts.

After you’ve selected your staircase in the game, you can use the “<” “,” and “>” “.” buttons to do the same thing. By pressing < or > you can rotate your stairs in any possible way. And you don’t have to hold anything! Simply press the keys, and it will be done!

And that’s how you rotate and twist stairs in Sims 4!

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As you can see, the act of rotating stairs in Sims 4 is very simple. All you need to do is either use your mouse to drag the staircase to the angle you want. Or you can use the two buttons on your keyboard to do the same thing. The choice is yours!

We hope this post was helpful to you! Happy simming!

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