Sims 4 Wedding & CC for the Perfect Wedding


Welcome to our post on the best wedding CC in The Sims 4! A wedding will always be the most special day of someone’s life. This is no different in the world of Sims, either. In today’s post, we collected some ideas which make a Sims 4 Wedding truly unique that can always be remembered by the groom, the bride, and the guests as well. Let’s dive in!

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Sims 4 Wedding Dress CC

Lace Wedding Dress KLAUDIA


The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind when there’s a wedding is, of course, the bride’s wedding dress. This masterpiece with a lace top and tulle skirt designed by Slyd is the dream of any bride. The materials and the style of the dress makes you look like a princess while saying a big ‘yes’ at the altar. Start making memories in this dress by downloading it at this link.

Wedding Dress CC ANDREA


Another wonder of a wedding dress, created by the talented Slyd again. This dress is for those who want to look elegant on their wedding day, but are dreamers at heart. A lace backless top and the close fitting shape of the dress create an ageless beauty for your Sim’s big day. Download the Andrea dress today at this link.

Atanis Wedding Dress “2 Princess”


This looks like it’s just popped out from the fanciest wedding magazine… Or any little girl’s dream. Look at that wavy skirt with the shiny overlay. Or the mesh top complemented by lace and pearls. It is simply impossible not to look at this dress by Jomsims. Have all eyes on your Sim bride by downloading this magical dress for her from here.

Atanis Wedding Dress


This dress is how I would imagine Elsa’s wedding dress from Frozen. It is minimalistic and extravagant at the same time: the lace top is elegant and subtle; the skirt part is cheeky with the expansion at the bottom; and it is literally tied in a neat little bow at the back. Don’t hesitate to download it at Jomsims via this link.

Sims 4 Wedding Collection


Want something more out of the ordinary? Say no more! This wedding creation can be the centerpiece to a more extravagant, non-traditional wedding. If you think your Sim’s character is brave, fearless, and confident, this is the best choice for her. Grab it from this page today.

Romantic Wedding Gown


There is just no stopping designers when it comes to wedding dresses. This romantic creation by Ekinege is a true classic with a twist. Besides the classic white one, it is available in more than ten colors for weddings of any style: from romantic to themed. A great choice for all body shapes, too! Browse and download them by clicking here.

Romantic Wedding Dress CC


Severinka_ is not only famous for their amazing furniture designs. Here’s a dress designed by them you don’t want to miss. This decade has seen the amazing comeback of everything lace, including wedding dresses. This trend is complemented by a minimalistic, long A-lined skirt to make you turn all heads when walking down the aisle. Rush over to this website to get it!

Wedding Collection N6


Starting to see a pattern here: It looks like A-line dresses are really in nowadays. And there is nothing surprising about that, since it looks good on any body type, and it also looks best in wedding photos. This beauty designed by Luxysims3 also features a laced top which exposes the bride’s shoulders for a modern, elegant appearance. If this is just what you need, click here and download it right now!

Vintage Wedding Dress


This sims 4 wedding dress CC by Lorenl combines the two biggest comeback wedding trends of the 2010s: lace and vintage. The top is bold and sophisticated at the same time, and the whole attire is made complete with an unusual belt, which somehow still works. If you’ve fallen in love with the look, you can easily get it from this link.

Sims 4 Wedding Dress Set with 8 Colours

Wedding Dress Set

Can’t make up your mind when it comes to your wedding dress? Don’t worry, most brides feel the same. This is probably why Play jarus created a whole set of dresses to download. Get your hands on a set, and start browsing the dresses from elegant to fun, from chic to cheeky. Get the set by clicking here.

MP Lace Wedding Gown


Lace and dreaminess… These are the two characteristics that you can see right away when looking at this wedding gown. There is nothing else you need to go with it, because it is just breathtaking in itself. Combine it with gloves and a lace veil for maximum effect! The dress is available to download here.

Mercury Wedding Gown


A wedding gown. Nothing more and nothing less. It’s decorative, simple, and elegant. Still, it has everything that you can hope from a wedding dress. For brides who like simplicity, or who want to wear more accessories, so need a modest dress to go with their wedding look. Grab the dress today at this link.

More CC for your Wedding in the Sims 4

Sims 4 Wedding Nails


Besides the wedding dress, you can make the bride’s day more special by adding a set of gorgeous wedding nails. This set is available in ten beautiful pastel colors which will match any wedding dress, and four styles (hint: diamonds are a girl’s best friend) to brighten up the ceremony even more. Look at the sets and download there from here.

Sims 4 Wedding Arche

All Sims 3 Wedding Arches Set


Speaking of wedding photos… Besides the ceremony, the other important part of a wedding is the photoshoot itself. If you have an outside wedding, an arch like this is the perfect accessory to say that magical ‘yes’ underneath. It is made of natural materials, like flowers and wood, with a cute heart on top, so you can also take breathtaking photos of the happy couple, the family, and even the little ones at the wedding. Grab the arch at this link.