No EA Eyelashes Mods & 15+ Amazing Lashes To Replace Them!

Are the cartoony EA lashes making you roll your eyes in frustration? Tired of thick black lines flapping off their lids whenever they blink? Let’s get rid of them with an eyelashes mod, and then replace them with something better!

If you don’t really mind the original EA lashes and want something that’s got just a bit more dimension to it, you’ll vibe with these.

3D Princess Eyelashes By KikiSimLive

A set of 10 lashes in 2 colors that are Maxis-match while still looking somewhat realistic instead of just thick, chunky lines.

Maxis Match 3D Eyelashes By BED & MUSAE

A Maxis-match eyelashes mod that comes in 45 whopping swatches; there are 15 lash styles with 3 colors each.

Eyelash Maxis Match V4 By MMSims

This collection is available for toddlers and children, and they come in 2 versions. One version has a variety of colors, top lashes, bottom lashes, etc.

3D Lashes Version 2 For Kids By Kijiko

3 styles of lashes in black, brown, and white that you can find with the brow rings. A smart place to categorize them so you’re still able to use lots of different jewelry and facial accessories!

PW 3D Eyelashes V1

A more low-key but still impactful set, this collection of eyelashes is available in 3 styles with 5 swatches each.

3D Eyelashes By Suzue

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