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If you’re looking for Sims 4 70s CC, check out our guide to digging up some old-school gems. We have compiled a list of custom content packs that include new outfits, hairstyles, and furniture items, as well as a bunch of new features that we’ve fallen in love with! So, If you love the 70s and want to keep your Sims dressed in colorful and unique costumes, here is a guide on how to do so – from different pieces of clothing to some accessories that will set the mood. Enjoy!

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Our favorite 70s Custom Content for the Sims 4

Some of us, like me, can get nostalgic and have a “we want this back” moment. We remember all the fun memories and all of the great people who made it that way. We also remember how much of an impact the music had on our lives. Some of us might even be old enough to have grown up in the era! The Sims community is creative enough to provide us with some amazing custom content for our characters that will bring back those memories.

This post will guide you on how to make your own 1970s-style outfit for your Sims that will make them look like they stepped out of a time machine. Let’s dive right in!

1. 70s HAIR SET – Hammer Horror Hairstyle

sims 4 70s cc

Ever wanted to rock 70s styling in your Sims game? Now you can with this new set of hair created by Daylifesims. The hairstyle is inspired by Sarah Necia’s Instagram posts. It’s completely new mesh.

So, if you’re looking for a fun, colorful, and funky set of hair for your Sims 4 character, then these are the hairstyles you’re looking for! These new hairstyles will give your Sims a styling 70s look. There are two versions of these styles available – a longer version and a shorter version. Accessorize with the included bow accessory found in hats. Head over to this page for easy download.

2. APRIL 2021 COLLECTION – sims 4 70s cc

sims 4 70s cc

Vintage 70s fashion is on trend again, and now you can bring it with you in your sims 4! This pack includes 4 dresses, 2 tops, and 2 skirts. Each of them is available in 25 colors with 5 floral swatches. We especially love the daffodil dress, it will make your sims look adorable!

Turning your Sims into 70s-style divas is easier than ever with this gorgeous pack of clothing. Whether you’re trying to summon the spirit of the Seventies or your Sims are planning on attending a party, this set is perfect for giving them a retro look. Here’s your download link.

3. BARB SUIT TipTopTab

sims 4 70s cc

The BARB SUIT is a must-have for the fashion-forward sim! This outfit is a simple frankenmesh suit inspired by the 70s, featuring 22 swatches, and is available for female frames. Whether you’re a teen, adult, or elder, this suit will get you noticed! You could find the suit under Tops and Pants.

And since the 70s were all about the wonders of science, space, and exploration, this particular suit is going to bring in this kind of vibe. With a twist of the future, this outfit brings those sights and sounds back to your game. Check it out here.

4. Azariah Jeans Re-textured BGC

sims 4 70s cc

Get ready for the most daring, fresh, and flirty new look from Azariah Jeans! These super cute jeans are made with a premium denim wash. They have vertical lines from the waist to the hem. These are a must-have for any outfit that needs a hint of 70’s style.

Just make sure you grab the original mesh first. The mod brings forth 10 new swatches that you could wear everyday. Install these flare jeans from this link.

5. Madlen Aneska Boots

sims 4 70s cc

These are some of the cutest boots you’ll ever see. They come in a variety of colors so there is a design for everyone. They will look good with anything you pair them with and they’re perfect for any occasion. So, whether you want to wear them with your jeans or go for the full vintage look, these Madlen Aneska Boots are perfect for fashionistas who either love 70s styles or just want to add some flair to their wardrobe. Download.


sims 4 70s cc

In the 70s a whole new style of afro popped up and brought back the hippie fashion. Now it’s your turn to try this style out! This Patreon exclusive hair is perfect if you are looking for something different and funky. It is compatible with the base game but not with hats. Get this hair in 45 texture variations, and the headband accessory recolor in 31 colors. Feel free to check it out.

7. 70S WALLPAPER – sims 4 70s cc

sims 4 70s cc

These 70s-inspired wallpapers will add a cool retro feel to any Sims 4 home. The five different designs are based on the most significant decade in American history and now you can have them in your houses. You could use them in your living room, kids room or anywhere else.

Since the 70s was a time of great change, we know you’d want to bring it back. So, go ahead and bring in the right feelings with this set of wallpapers for your Sims home. Head over to this page for easy download.

Here are more custom wallpapers for you to check out.

8. WandaVision 70s sim and dress

sims 4 70s cc

Want to dress up a teen girl for your game? This 70s-inspired sim and her groovy 70s cardigan dress will definitely do the trick. Made with high-quality meshes, these clothes are perfect for creating a versatile character that can be used in many different contexts. You should grab the mesh first so that everything could work perfectly in-game. Install.

9. Free People Jeans Set – loon pants

sims 4 70s cc

Even though the 1970s have passed, we know you still love the style. These jeans will have the perfect vintage-inspired texture and feel.

This set of Free People jeans is perfect for your female sims. They have different patches and all the styles are made in some random 70s-inspired-but-modernized way. They’re perfect for your Sims that love a little flare, or who like to dress with a bohemian flair! Download from this page.

10. rue top

sims4 70s cc 10

Rue Top is a colorful, fun, and feminine mod. Let alone that this 70s top has the coolest prints and vibes. It’s an easy way to add some color to your wardrobe with a vibrant frame, your characters, whether teens, adults, or elders can wear it.

With five solids and ten patterned fabrics to choose from, you’re sure to find your perfect match! The colors compliment each other beautifully and make for a fun, dynamic look. This top also has a unique base game-compatible design that allows players to mix and match colors with ease. Install here.

11. PAULA SLIP ON SANDALS – sims 4 70s cc

sims4 70s cc 11

Ditch the flats and slip on these 70s-inspired sandals for a fun look. This unique pair of SLIP ON SANDALS is perfect for your Sims and complete with a great disco look. So slip on this funky pair along with your disco costume and let your world dance in style. The simplicity of the design is sure to make your Sims shimmy all night. What are you waiting for? Install them into your mods folder from this page.

12. nightcall collection memorable clothing

sims4 70s cc 12

Nightcall collection is the perfect outfit for hot nightclubs. It will certainly help your sims party like they’re in the 70s. This set has everything your sims will need as it contains 15 new items, these include tops, skirts, hairs, necklaces, and boots. each item is designed to look chic and sexy, perfect for a night out on the town. Now your Sims can start living in the 70s! Grab these from this page.

13. GPME URBAN DECAY On The Run Mini Eyeshadow Palette

sims4 70s cc 13

It’s got a growing influence on beauty and culture, from the 70s to today, and it’s not hard to see why. The 70s was a decade that got things going in the world of cosmetics, introducing new trends and raising the bar for what was considered “beautiful.” Now you can drench yourself in nostalgia and chic seventies style with this set of 12 shades. These colorfully-contoured eyeshadows are sure to give your sims their perfect look. Grab this makeup set from this page.

You should also check this collection of maxis match makeup for your sims.

14. Fringe Jackets – sims 4 70s cc

sims4 70s cc 16

Joliebean is such an amazing Sims 4 CC creator for designing these clothing items! Having been looking for a fringe jacket for my female and male sims for so long, I can only be grateful that I’ve finally found the perfect one. The set includes 12 standalone items, all of which is compatible with the base game. Grab the Free Spirit collection from this page.

15. Dark Academia Collection

sims4 70s cc 15

These 70s-inspired clothing items for your Sims are perfect for a game night with friends or simply lounging at home. This is a set of pants (both original textures and colors, ones that are patterned and others with solid colors), a skirt, sweater, and last but not least the plaid shirt for their female sims. Oh, you’re also getting a turtleneck. Get your male and female Sims looking like the coolest kids on the block with this amazing set of clothing items for them. Here’s your download link.

16. 70s short dress – sims 4 70s cc

sims4 70s cc 17

The 70s short dress is an amazing dress for your female sims. It brings back the 70’s vibe, but also looks great as a casual outfit. The dress has different patterns and colors available, so you could choose the perfect one for your sim. Bring back the days of glamour and 70s vibes with this beautiful dress that makes your sims look retro in style. Grab this dress from this page.

Check out this list of Sims 4 royal custom content items for your sims.

17. retro collaboration 70s rockwell set by dung

sims4 70s cc 18 1

Last but not least on this list is this collection of Sims 4 70s lot that includes all kinds of furniture and clutter items. From tables, cars, chairs, and more awesome CC items. So, for all the 70s Sims 4 lot builders out there, this collection is a must-have. It’s a diverse collection of parts that are perfect for adding some life to your Sims 4 lot. Check out more custom images taken for this set here.

We love everything about the 70s and want to bring it to the Sims 4. It is a fun place that captures a sense of nostalgia and reminds us of simpler times. We hope you enjoyed this list of Sims 4 70s CC! We need your input on what you think would be cool in the 70s: What was popular in the 70s? What are your favorite colors? See you soon!

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