The Best McDonald’s and Fast Food CC Packs for The Sims 4!

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If you are a big fan of juicy burgers, scrumptious snacks, and refreshing drinks from McDonald’s and other fast food joints in real life, you can now let your sims experience these delicious offerings as well! In this article, we handpicked the McDonald’s and fast food CC packs for The Sims 4 which we think you’ll love. Check them all out below!

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McDonald’s and Fast Food CC Packs for The Sims 4!

Let Sims Have a Taste of these Fast food CC packs!

Who wouldn’t love the sight of your sims happily munching on delectable fast food goodies in the game? With these CC packs we collected for you, your sims can now experience tasteful delight from restaurants such as McDonald’s and others! Download all these 15 fast food CC packs below!

1. McDonald’s Kitchen Equipment by AroundtheSims

McDonald's cc

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own McDonald’s restaurant in the game, then this CC pack is definitely for you! It includes functional kitchen equipment such as a cooking grill, a water station, a napkin dispenser, and more. It also includes decorative clutter to achieve that gastronomy vibe for your space. Get this CC through this link.

2. McDonald’s 80s Restaurant by Vanderetro

McDonald's cc

There is so much charm in old-fashioned restaurants, right? If you agree, then you’d love this retro-inspired restaurant from CC creator Vanderetro. He designed an 80s version of McDonald’s which you can use for your restaurant business in the game. It costs §127,287 and has 4 bathrooms included. Click this link to download.

3. McDonald’s Restaurant by Wicked Pixxel

McDonald's cc

This functional restaurant by Wicked Pixxel looks exactly like your trusty neighborhood McDonald’s! It is completely lavished with all the tasty burgers and delightful drinks of the brand–food items that you can use for other restaurants as well. Please note that you need Dine out or Get to Work for this CC pack to work. Access this link to download.

4. McDonald’s Functional Stall by Insimnia

sims 4 fast food cc

Aside from a functional restaurant, we also have a McDonald’s food stall on this list! CC creator Insimnia came up with this brilliant mini McDonald’s where sims can order McDonald’s goodies such as breakfast items, burgers, fries, sandwiches, beverages, and more. You just need to have The Sims 4: City Living for the stall to work. Download this stall here.

5. McDonald’s Functional Stall Recipes by Insimnia

sims 4 fast food cc

Once again, we have Insimnia in this list, who created more McDonald’s food items for us! Yep. This is part two of her McDonald’s series, wherein she added 15 new menu items to the food stall. McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, McDonald’s Coffee, and Oreo McFlurry are some of the foodies from this pack! Keep in mind that you need to download the McDonald’s food stall above for these additional items to work. Visit this link to download.

6. Fast Food Set by SimmerKate


Aside from the scrumptious offerings of McDonald’s food CC packs for The Sims 4, we also have other fast food items that are sure to excite the tastebuds of your sims! CC creator SimmerKate came up with this CC pack which includes Papa Sims Pizza, Papa Johns Dips, KFC Bucket, KFC Popcorn Chicken, KFC Drinks, and KFC Gravy. Download this fast food CC through this link.

7. Fat Snacks by Simmin My Best Life


Imagine your sims having actual fast food snacks such as chips, cookies, and soda available in their arsenal whenever they crave! Now they can, with these edible sims food from Simmin My Best Life! This CC pack is fully functional, as eating these not only relieve the hunger of your sims but give them a positive moodlet. Various bags of chips, cracker snacks, and different soda cans are available. Just click this link!

8. Wendy’s Restaurant by Rayann410


Now we can have an actual Wendy’s Restaurant in The Sims 4 through this CC pack created by Rayann410! This high-quality custom content features a functional restaurant that sells real menu items from Wendy’s! Customers can be seated and order their goodies for dine-in or simply have their food to go. Here is the link for this fast food CC pack.

9. Restaurant Equipment Set by Ravasheen

tumblr 821515b0a2bf4a62e276d3298345c5fb 995f8c37 1280

This CC pack allows you to have functional appliances and tools that you can equip for your kitchen or restaurant venues. There are host station monitors, sink overrides, and water station inserts available. The CC pack also comes with other restaurant clutter to complete the look of your lot. Download these fast food CC packs through this link.

10. Fast Food Signs by RockAngelSims

fast food signs

If you are designing fast food lots in The Sims 4, then this CC pack is ultra-handy for you! CC creator RockAngelSims created a total of 9 fast food decals for the game, including brands such as McDonald’s, Popeyes, KFC, Starbucks, Burger King, and Taco Bell among others. Visit this link to download this fast food CC pack.

11. IHOP Restaurant by 876simmer


For number 11, we have an IHOP restaurant build created by 876simmer. Lots of new Build Mode items are available from this IHOP cc pack, including custom logos, booths, chairs, tables, wallpapers, and more. Simply type “IHOP” in the search bar to access the related items. Go and visit this link to download this fast food CC pack!

12. Llamaburger Restaurant by potato-ballad-sims

tumblr c2be87a7269284ab4437081922f9b7ae a5a33a99 2048

This Llama Burger Fast Food CC set includes super cool functional items for the game. Aside from the awesome restaurant build, Potato-Ballad, the creator, included the Symsco Fast Casual Serving Hatch and the Fizz-Corp Drink Dispenser for this CC pack. Here is the link for the download.

13. Long John Simblr’s by Simdoughnut

tumblr b03f89b1325ef2e2cda42de5a3720532 315f7088 2048

Created by SimDoughnut, this one features an elaborately-designed diner called Long John Simblr’s. It is a no-CC restaurant that focuses on fish foodies and goodies. You can find it in the gallery of SimDoughnut. Click this link for more details!

14. Greasy Goods Stuff Pack by Littledica


The Greasy Goods Stuff Pack has been around for a while and is one of the most downloaded CC packs for all things fast food! Created by Littledica, this stuff pack contains 69 items that are extremely helpful for all your restaurant builds in the game. Download here.

15. Sushi Restaurant by Syboulette

Catherine New preview Individual 0

This fast food CC pack from Syboulette is for a modern sushi restaurant build. It contains 51 new items, including edible sushis, soy sauce bottles, and Japanese-themed clutter, that are all base game compatible. Download this fast food CC pack through this link.

Wrapping It Up

It truly is amazing how simmers and CC creators keep thinking of ways to enliven The Sims 4! Imagine, we can now even replicate our favorite fast food restaurants in the game! Thus, we hoped that you like this list of McDonald’s and Fast Food CC packs that we have rounded up for you. As always, happy playing simmers!

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