Beach Custom Content and Mods All Simmers Need


If you are a Sims 4 fan and you like to try out new mods and custom content in the game, you would definitely want to check out the amazing beach custom content. Whether it is the whole beach setup, the toys and accessories for the beach or even beach clothing. All these are really fun to try out.

Let’s get started with the amazing Sims 4 custom content for beaches.

Coolest Beach CC Packs for the Sims 4

Tropical Like Its Hot Beach House Set

This is a very decent beachside house set that comes with 9 collections. It is a decent addition to the beach cc for Sims 4. You can get this for yourself from The Sims Catalog’s page.

Simsta Star Collection

Beach custom content

Why not try out some beach dresses while setting a beach house? Simsta Star collection comes with 12 dresses and many shoes’ collections to give your girl character some classy beach looks. You can get these from Trillyke’s collection on this page.

Plouf Pool

What can stop you from trying out this really cool beachside pool set in your game? This custom content comes with a set of 14 items for your pool to look very modern and high-class. You can get this set from the S4CC page.

Vintage Beach Poster Chairs

Beach custom content

The vintage beach poster chairs are a very exclusive addition to the beach collection. They come in 8 swatches in different colors and beach posters. Grab this set from Sim Thing New’s collection on Tumblr. Check out other furniture on this post.

Beach Clothing Cat Swimsuits

The cutest swim outfit for your character would be a cat swimsuit. It is really adorable and comes in 10 different colors to swatch. You’ll definitely need to get these from here. We recommend checking out a special variety of child maxis match hairs.

Erin Beach Bedroom Decor

This beachside décor set has the coolest interior looks for your Sims 4 bedroom. It comes in 5 different themes and they are all worthy to try. You can get this collection from Sims 4 Modding.

Ocean Kids Bedroom

One of the coolest ideas for having a kid’s bedroom is to design it on ocean’s theme. You can try this funky ocean-themed bedroom out that comes in 5 different colors and it is really cool to have in Sims 4 resources. You can get this set for you from Blogspot.

Amaru Beach Chair and Blanket

Beach custom content

Having an elegant addition to the beach resources is also something worth it. This Amaru beach chair and blanket is a fancy and high-toned addition and you definitely need to try this out. You can get this from Simsdom.

Check Out Fire Pit Custom Content

We hope you enjoyed our list of beach custom content. Make sure you head over to this post here for more awesome content. Happy modding!

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