50+ Hottest Sims 4 Nails CC That We Know You Will Love!

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Who wouldn’t love their Sims new, stylish nails? There are literally hundreds of CC nails on the internet, but we just had to handpick the absolute best of it for you today! So, stay tuned because we have a pretty long list of Sims 4 nails custom content for you to try out!

sims 4 nails cc

CC Showcase of the best Nails for the Sims 4!

We’ve put together this CC showcase so you could have a glimpse into what this collection of nails has in store for you!

The Best Sims 4 Nails in 2022

This collection of CC nails are the finest in our very humble opinion! Stylish long and short nails in an array of different colors and designs are awaiting you! Number 20 on this list is crazy, you’ll love it. Dive into the list already. Enjoy!

51. Wicked Fingertips by isaiahillustrates

Wicked Fingertips for Female [MM]

Ever wonder on how to add an extra spookiness to your Sim’s witchy outfit? Try this Wicked Fingertips! This cc will complete your witchy vibe casting a spell of mystique and allure upon everyone who beholds it. Download it here!

50. Glass Heart Nails by MIRO

nails cc
Sims 4 Nails CC by MIRO!

I’m blown away by the creativity of the Sims community who design really amazing CC creations like this nails set! Not only is it so well-done and its high quality textures speak volumes, but it’s also just the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while so excuse my excitement!

image 741

The set contains the 10 swatches shown above! Download them into your game, already!

Cherry parts nails by eunosims

image 37

These cherry nails by Euno Sims are a must-have! Here’s your download link.

image 38
I couldn’t be more in love!

49. Flora Nails by Nightingale Sims

nails cc

Good things cannot go unnoticed! I’ve been using these nails since the beginning of all time and everyone’s asked me about them. Grab these florals by Nightingale Sims from this page.

48. goddess nails by idSims

image 782

These golden nails are the furthest thing from being nails and yet here we are, you and I wanting to download them. Here’s your download link.

47. Nails afn021 by readHeadSims

nails cc

You know the saying “dressed to kill”, they might have just truly meant it with these nails CC. Here’s your download link my dear simmer.

46. Nails AM02 by simtographies

sims 4 nails

These look super elite! Here’s your download link.

45. butterfly matching set by pinkpusay

sims 4 nails

You really want to grab this set of matching nails! Here’s your download link.

44. Nail set by Uh0htaj

image 722

These pretty chill nails are brought to you by the one and only Uh0htaj. They come in 12 swatches. Here’s your download link.

43. nail set by euno Sims

image 748

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the cool variety in this set? Huge thanks to Euno Sims for putting it together. I love the cartoonish, fun styles in this set.

image 747

Go ahead and download them into your game!

42. Nails Set 01 by Nightingale Sims

sims 4 nails

Here’s your download link.

image 744

41. Stitch Nails by Simtographies

nails cc

“Ohana Means Family, and Family Means Nobody Gets Left Behind or Forgotten.” I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t love these nails – I’m literally dying here of nostalgia. Grab this set from this page.

40. VIVIENNE french nails by bella studios

image 756

This is another nails set that just takes the bar to the next level. Here’s your download link.

39. Royal Nails set by blahberry

nails cc

Discover 8 different royal nails sets by Blahberry here.

38. Cherry Ombre Nails by CeceSims Xo

sims 4 nails
Sims 4 Nails CC by CeceSims Xo!

Shine bright like *cherry, ombre nails* for sure! Just when we thought we couldn’t find cuter nails, we found these by CeceSims Xo. Their Patreon page is actually filled with the prettiest nails CC for the Sims 4. Download this set from this page.

37. Care Bears Nails by pink baddie

image 742

If you’re a sucker for all things nostalgic, you’ve got to have this set of Care Bears nails in CAS, like right now. Here’s your download link.

36. Neutral Mismatch Nails by kissyck

sims 4 nails

These Sims 4 nails are trending for all the right reasons! You don’t want to miss out on these, I tell you. You can choose between 4 different mismatched swatches. Grab these from this page.

35. Lipstick shaped nails by dreamgirl

image 767
Sims 4 Nails CC by Dreamgirl

Simmers, these are the only nails on this list that come in this unique lipstick shape. Way to go Dreamgirl for creating this set! They’re available in 3 swatches. Here’s your download link.

34. Hologram Square Nail by mermalade

image 765

I really, really like these holographic nails! They come in 5 swatches. Check them out here.

33. Nail It Set by Joliebean

image 757

The most basic nails are a staple for every sim! And nothing is quite as stylish as a fresh new look with a fresh new color. They come in 35 unique color variations, both in matte and glossy textures. Oh and the cool thing is that you get them in different lengths. You get a variety of toe nails as well. Get your hands on them by clicking here.

32. Monalisa Nails by pink baddie

sims 4 nails
Sims 4 Nails CC by Pink Baddie!

There is a total of 7 swatches in this set. All of which are showcased in the previous image. For easy download, click here.

31. Mismatched Nails 3 by kissyck

image 755

This is the latest part of the mismatched collection by Kissyck! Here’s your download link.

30. Nail Paque XVIII by Bradshaw

sims 4 nails

This one, we bet, you haven’t seen anything like before. Legend has it that you can bring any dead Sim of yours back to life with these glow-up nails. Have a close look at the different swatches in this set here.

29. Kids spider nails by simograhpies

image 783

Oh, your kid Sims are going to love these, no questions asked! Here’s your download link.

28. Lize Gradient glossy nails by DIGGOverse

sims 4 nails

It’s time your sims stopped hiding their stiletto nails. They deserve the bragging rights of a bold, striking manicure that will garner some REAL compliments! You can choose between 8 different swatches that’ll match all kinds of outfits. And before you know it, you’ll be the most stylish Sim in town. Download these from this page.

27. polish babies space set by pinkpusay

image 776
Sims 4 Nails CC by Pinkpusay!

If you’re not screaming at how incredibly ADORABLE these baby nails are, you’re definitely not in your right mind. Here’s your download link.

26. Killer nails by kareemzi

sims 4 nails

I hope your simmies’ witch fingers are ready to hold on tight on Halloween. You can go as basic or as crazy as you like, but in the end, this set can surely be a cool addition to your game. And since Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, your sims might as well have some spooky fun with this set of fingernails. They are available in 20 unique swatches and could be worn by both male and female sims. To install this one, click here.

You should install clothes in the same category to top your sim’s look.

25. Maxis Match Rounded Nails by SYNTHsims

image 754

These 3D, maxis match nails are killing it! They come in 3 different lengths. Check them out here.

24. Nails set by VYXEN

image 784
Sims 4 Nails CC by VYXEN!

At this point, I don’t know if your mods folder can take it anymore but just get this one too… you’ll need it! Here’s your download link.

23. Short Mismatched Nails by kissyck

Sims4 nails cc 13

Okay, just because they’re short doesn’t mean they can’t be powerful. These custom nails by Kissyck are breathtaking! They come in a variety of different prints that include rainbows, smiley faces, and much more. Oh, and on the plus side, this works on female and masculine frames. For easy download, follow this page.

22. Teeny Nails by kissyck

image 723

This collection of teeny nails will surely make your toddlers and kids extremely happy! There’s a good variety of 33 swatches to choose from, so I totally recommend checking out this nails cc set by Kissyck!

image 724
Check out more previews on Kissyck’s page!

Grab this collection by visiting this page.

21. Jelly nails by bella Sims

Sims4 nails cc 12

These Jelly sim’s nails are base-game compatible and they’re so worth checking. They’re available in 20 different swatches. You get a selection of all the coolest, bright colors ever, in addition to black and grey. Here’s your download link.

20. Candy Nails by saruin

image 786
Sims 4 Nails CC by Saruin!

This set makes me laugh because nothing seems to cut it for me. Do I need these candy nails? Do you? No, but give me my download link already!

19. Kate nails by over kill

image 773

Available in 15 swatches, be careful not to end up murdering your entire Sims 4 neighborhood with these sharp nails. Download them from this page.

18. Neon Green Flame Nails by Honey

Sims4 nails cc 16

Just because you’re not playing a witch doesn’t mean you can’t wear this neon green nail polish! This nail design can make any Sim feel like they are living in the world of their fantastical dreams. Head over to their page for download.

17. esmerald nails by readHeadSims

image 774

These almond nails are strikingly beautiful. But in order to make your sim’s style even better, we recommend checking out this list of necklace custom content. It is available in 24 swatches. And it can be found in the Rings category. Check it out here.

16. Nails sharp as nature by mirrored dreams

Sims4 nails cc 14

This was made with sheer love and it shows! Although it is a new mesh, it is still compatible with the Sims 4 base game. Your sims get to choose between 15 vibrant colors. Make sure your game is up to date so that they work without any issues.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab them now!

15. BAD2000 by VYXEN

image 775

Apart from the out-of-this-world nails, you are presented with a couple of baddie tops and pants. Check it out by clicking on this link.

14. Two nails sets by Shop Ace

These are two sets we couldn’t choose between so be the judge of it yourself. Download the first set from here, and the second from this link.

13. Two nails sets by readHeadSims

image 768

To download the above set, click here.

image 769

To grab this one instead, visit this link.

12. Pastel Cute Nails: French Tips collection by Simdriella

image 750

These nails are super chic! They come in a variety of 6 color swatches to choose from. And both your male and female Sims can try them out.

So, what are you waiting for? Here’s your download link.

11. Diamond line nails by readheadSims

Sims4 nails cc 20

Here is another awesome creation by REDHEADSIMS. One thing you can never have too many of is diamond nails. It comes in a collection of different colors, 5 to be exact. They work on all Sim ages and genders. Change your nails into something sparkly, sweet, and all-around gorgeous, by clicking here.

10. WM Nails by S-Club

image 764

Get your hand on these glittery nails by S-Club. Here’s your download link.

9. af nails by MMSIMS

image 727

Sometimes the simplest of things can bring about the most intriguing looks! If you agree with me, you’re going to love this nails collection by MMSIMSY. You can choose from a wide range of neutral colors like pink, blue, beige, and white. Check out the palette below!

image 726

I’m particularly in love with this nude nail art that this set offers. I mean, isn’t the CC below the coolest?

image 728

You don’t have to try hard with these nails, try them out on your Sims from here.

8. Mia Nails by Overkill Simmer

Sims4 nails cc 23

Pretty festive nails for the holiday seasons in the Sims 4! Your Sims can now create their own happy holiday memories with just the right set of nails. Check them out.

7. Chanel bling set by pink pusay

image 778

Glitter bomb your way right this second! Here’s your download link.

6. Jelly Cloud Nails by dreamgirl

Sims4 nails cc 24

These are honestly one of my favorite nails on this list! Although you only get four swatches in this set, I highly recommend getting it. Find them by visiting this page.

5. Two toenails swatches by pinkpusay

To grab the first little cloud swatch, click here. For the Chanel toenail, click here.

4. Rebel Nails N25 by pralineSims

image 763
Sims 4 Nails CC by PralineSims!

There’s something about these nails that makes me want to play the Sims 4 in a totally different way. They are available in 49 swatches. Grab these rebel nails from this TSR page.

3. Docinho Nails by pink baddie

Grab this set from this link.

2. Love nail by 333

image 791

These beautiful nails are available in 5 colors. Download from this link.

Default pedicure by Magic bot

Sims 4 Nails CC by Magic Bot!

Last but not least on this list are these cute default pedicures by MAGIC BOT. These work on Sims of all ages, genders, and races. What’s great about them is the fact that they are simple and they can mesh easily with any skin blend or skin overlay that you could be using. So, go ahead and check them out already!

Final words

Nails can be fun to experiment with, especially since we have a ton of amazing CC creators spoiling us with new nails all the time. If you’ve enjoyed this list and want to stay updated, follow us on Pinterest!

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