Best Military Uniform Custom Content for the Sims 4


There’s something about military uniforms we all like. Perhaps, it’s the comfortableness these clothes bring. From military jackets to full-body outfits, we bring to you an awesome collection of the best military custom content for the Sims 4. Sit back and roger orders!

Military Clothing for Male and Female Sims

Character – Military uniforms

Straight up military! This set contains three uniforms as you can see and they couldn’t be any more detailed from scarfs to boots. Head over to this page for easy download.

Military uniforms from RE6

military custom content

Full sleeve military outfits by Plazasims. They’re inspired clothing in Resident Evil 6. Download from here. Check out male hairstyles.

Military Custom Content

military custom content

One word: well-made! MA collection of outfits inspired by Leon Kennedy, Jake Muller, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield and Ada Wong from Resident Evil. To download this set, follow this link. Check out skin defaults and non-defaults here.

Military jacket

military jacket

This mod by Lazy_Eyelids comes in 12 swatches. We recommend having it even for none military purposes, we know your sims will appreciate it. Click here to grab this jacket.

Techwear & Military Mood

military uniform

Our favorite amongst the list! It’s quite sleek looking. But in mind that it is not a full outfit, meaning, you could play around with what goes with which. Here’s your download-link. Latest makeup mods here.

Military Custom Content

military custom content
Military Custom Content

This suit comes in two versions as you can see. And it’s a must-have. Don’t forget to check out Hats to complete your sim’s look. To install, click here. You should also check out eyebrow custom content for the Sims 4.

Camo Denim Jacket by Black Lily

Another jacket custom content for your female sims is right here! It’s pretty casual, yet quite catchy. It works for young adult, adult and teen sims. Download-link.

Android Custom Content Packs and Mods

We hope you enjoyed this list of military custom content. You should have a look at some unforgettable android mods to step up your gaming experience. Enjoy!

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