27+ of the Most Incredible Maxis Match Hairstyles for Kids in TS4

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Hey, Simmers! It’s time that we give you more Maxis Match Hairstyles to boost your gameplay fun! This time, we are bringing you a list of the most incredible hairstyles that we have handpicked for kids and toddlers in The Sims 4. Download these hairstyles and make your little Sims look dashingly cute!

maxis match hairstyles for kids
27+ of the Most Incredible Maxis Match Hairstyles for Kids in TS4

Maxis Match Hairstyles for Kids

CC creators produce Maxis Match hairstyles by making use of the same hair textures that are available in The Sims 4, thus, Maxis Match hairstyles pretty much resemble the natural in-game hair of Sims and blend more realistically in the game. Cool, isn’t it? In this list, we have scoured the internet to collate the best Maxis Match hairstyles for your young Sims, which include hair conversions, hair recolors, and all-new hair creations that will help make your game more lively! Make sure not to miss number 28 on the list. It’s our latest favorite hairstyle for our little Sims in the game!

1. Conversion Dump # 2 Hairstyles by an0nymousghost

mm hair for kids

For our first entry in this list, we have three gorgeous hairstyles for kid Sims, which were a conversion of the works of various CC creators. These hairstyles, called the Marcia, Cairo, and Luna hairstyles, are available in an assortment of 18 colors and are all base game compatible. Plus, the Luna hairstyle comes with a cute bandana overlay found in the Hats section of CAS!

Download these conversion dump hairstyles here.

2. Marty Maxis Match Hairstyle by mellowsimss

mm hair for kids

If you want that nice, little, polished look for your child and toddler Sims, get them the side-parted, brushed-up Marty Hairstyle. This hairstyle is a conversion from the adult version. To use this CC, you must install a required mesh by SIMSTROUBLE (indicated in the post). It is available in 18 colors and is compatible with hats.

Get the Marty Hairstyle here.

3. Simdump Toddler Hairstyle by Simsulani

mm hair for kids
Kids Maxis Match Hair!

If you want to have more adorable hairstyles for your cute toddler Sims because the ones in the game just never seem to be enough, you have to get this Simdump Toddler collection created by Simsulani. It features 4 cute hairstyles for your masculine- and feminine-framed toddlers: the Florian, the Camille, the Steve, and the Clementine hairstyles.

Bring the Simdump Hairstyle t your game through this link.

4. Kids Hair Dump # 4 by Musilizzy

tumblr c0a37d1469e10264b97644b6564673ae 7afbe03d 1280

Check out these amazing conversion hairstyles from CC creator Musilizzy! Musilizzy created a conversion of the Stella, Celine, Andromeda, and Hanako Yamada hairstyles and made hat-friendly chops for each style. The Stella and Hanako Yamada hairstyles are available for both masculine and feminine-framed children. Please make sure to also download the original meshes stated in the post.

Let your young sims sport these 4 hairstyles, by downloading them here.

5. Female Toddler Maxis Match Hairstyle by MMSims

tumblr inline pswqa7RWnV1vt3dyb 500 3
Maxis Match Hair for Kids!

For number 5, we have a collection of toddler hairstyles for feminine-framed Sims in the game. This is perfect if you want to have your little sim wear a different hairstyle for each outfit. All of these six hairstyles are filed under the long category, but they differ in accessories and style. Hair bands, bangs, curls, and ponytails characterize each hair.

Grab these lovely female toddler hairstyles here.

6. Male Kids Maxis Match Hairstyles by Candycottonchu

tumblr afd3c13db21ceae97d2d47a60e2d3fe8 95fac030 1280

This cool hairstyle collection for young male-framed Sims is a holiday gift by Candycottonchu to her followers. It is a natural recolor hair dump featuring works of other skillful CC creators such as Naevys, Zurkdesign, Saartje77, and others. All in all, you can choose from the 20 hairstyles, which are each available in 18 new swatches.

Enjoy picking through the incredible assortment of male kid hairstyles here.

7. Brittany Maxis Match Hairstyle by Zurkdesign

tumblr 0ccdfebdea00513238d6c91f0ec62c25 d41e1d5a 1280

If you’re looking for a posh hairstyle that embodies both femininity and playfulness for young Sims, you have to get this Brittany Hairstyle conversion for your game. It’s a super charming hairstyle that features full frontal fringes and double curly pigtails for girls. It is available in 18 colors and is base game compatible.

Bring curls to your young sims with this hairstyle here.

8. Luke Maxis Match Hairstyle by Zurkdesign

tumblr 5ff0a8b24c2036d2328b1315ea6c92ca 9c09d04e 1280

How cool is it to have more curly hairstyles for our children Sims, right? This one by Zurkdesign is called the Luke Hairstyle. It is another conversion hair made for kids in the Sims, featuring middle-parted slightly curly layered hair with side fringes that frame the face. The Luke Hairstyle is available in 18 colors and is base game compatible.

Click this link to download the Luke Maxis Match hairstyle.

9. Maxis Match Hair Conversion Collab by Notdaniella X Naevys

Screenshot 2023 03 03 110642

This one is a hair conversion dump, made by Naevys in collaboration with another CC creator, Notdaniella. It features the Brianna Hair, the Cherry-Picked Ponytail, the Brooke Hair, the Gwen Hair, and the Cloe Hair. All hairstyles are base game compatible, have custom thumbnails, and are available in 18 EA swatches. Both children and toddlers can enjoy these hairstyles!

Check out the collaboration between Notdaniella and Naevys here.

10. Hyemi Maxis Match Hairstyle by Casteru


We completely fell in love with this pretty hairstyle created by Casteru! Called the Hyemi Hair, this is a hairstyle for toddler Sims that features double high braids in cute pompoms and side fringes on middle-parted hair. It’s available in 16 EA swatches and is available with hats. To use the pompoms, go to the accessories section in CAS.

Have your hands on the Hyemi Hairstyle by clicking here.

11. Maxis Match Hairstyle Conversions by Loomellaa

Dump 2

Check out these kid hairstyle conversions by Loomellaa! First, we have the Lyna Hair, which is a mid-length wavy hairstyle with left and right side buns. Second is the Navana Hair, which is a straightforward, middle-parted voluminous hair. Third is the Eliza Hair, a short, side-parted, layered bob cut. All three hairstyles are base game compatible and are available in 16 EA swatches.

Have all of these three cool hairstyles here.

12. Clay Maxis Match Recolors by Aveirasims


This mega bundle of hair for toddlers and children Sims is from AveiraSims. She created a new hair color palette to update her old hair retextures. The Base Game Toddler Hair includes the Pigtails, Twist Out, Short Spiky, Medium Wavy, and Short Curls hairstyles. These hairs, along with the Bun Hair, and Lola Hair in the bundle, are all available in 65 colors.

Get these ravishing recolors by clicking here.

13. Iska Maxis Match Hairstyle by Stardze

tumblr 0cc861172f2ff577e4c35800e40903bd fce31ee5 1280

CC creator Stardze converted the Iska Hairstyle by Marcosims, to make them available for little toddlers and children in The Sims 4. Stardze carefully lined up the bangs with the hairline of young Sims, to make the hairstyle realistic. The converted Iska Hairstyle comes in 22 swatches. Take note that it is not compatible with hats.

The Iska Maxis Match Hairstyle is up for grabs here.

14. Maxis Match Child Hairstyles by Simple Simmer


Simple Simmer created this set as a special gift to followers. It includes an assortment of fun hairstyles for female kids, including Serena Hair, Ashley Hair, Lilli Hair, Phaedra Hair, Helen Hair, and Aimee Hair, among others. Simple SImmer threw in pretty accessories as well, such as ribbons and crowns, to complement the hairstyles. Everything is hat compatible except the Lilli Hair.

Grab these gorgeous tresses by clicking here.

15. Kids Room Stuff Hair Recolors by Sorbets Remix


If you’ve ever played the Not So Berry Challenge, you’ll definitely like this colorful set which corresponds to the colors of the challenge! Created by NoodlesCC, this Kid Room Stuff Hair Recolor includes 64 berry colors for your kid Sims. Remember that you have to download the said Kids Room Stuff Pack for these hairstyles to work.

Give a splash of color to the hair of young Sims by clicking the link here.

16. Maxis Match Kid Hairstyles by Saartje77


Meet the Morgyn, Bob, Longer Bob, and Ember Hairstyles! The Morgyn Hair is a side-parted wavy layered hair that requires The Sims 4: Realm of Magic to work. The Bob and Longer Bob Hairs are short-length hairstyles featuring full fringes, which require the Moschino Pack. The Ember Hair, on the other hand, is a special variation of the Morgyn Hair.

Choose from these 4 hairstyles or get them all here.

17. Maxis Match Lovey-Dovey Looped Braids by SimsLaughLove


Braids look really stylish for any Sim, regardless of age. Thus, we want more braided hairstyles to style our Sims with! Luckily, Simlaughlove created these Lovey-Dovey Looped Braids for her Summer Pigtails Collection. The looped braids, which are tied up with pigtails, come with the bangs or no bangs option. Every style is base game compatible.

If you found these braided hairstyles awesome, get them through this link here.

18. Jeune Maxis Match Recolor by Shytownie


This hair recolor by Shytownie involves the original Jeune Hairstyle (a short wavy bob with a little top bun) created by Greenllamas and its conversion for kids by Glazeite. Shytownie recolored the said hairstyle using the Witching Hour Palette–making 35 colors available for adult Sims, and 18 default replacement colors for child Sims.

Have fun enjoying this recolor by downloading it here.

19. Fluffy Pony Maxis Match Hairstyle by an0nymousghost

tumblr 205b766696cf8aa4bee61f485ee0ff7b 70803527 1280

Have you ever seen cuter hair for toddlers than this one by CC creator an0nymousghost? Called the Fluffy Pony, this hairstyle features thick, full-length fringes and a high ponytail. Letting your toddler Sims wear this hairstyle will help them exude an energetic-but-still-cute vibe! The Fluffy Pony Hairstyle comes with custom thumbnails and is available in 22 colors.

Get your sim the Fluffy Pony Hairstyle by visiting this link here.

20. Maxis Match Kid Hair Conversions by Naevys

tumblr 247ab49e53b11d555e753f7d927a9f8e 76327d95 1280

More kids’ hair conversions coming your way! This set is a conversion of the Alyssa, Maddie, and Madison Hairstyles by CC creator Aharris00britney and the Lucy Hairstyle by Zebrazest. All are base game compatible but are not suitable with hats. You can enjoy these recolors, which all have custom thumbnails, in 9 pretty colors.

Go to the link here to grab these kid hair conversions.

21. Aurora Maxis Match Hairstyle by Salttry

Maxis Match Hairstyles for Kids by Salttry!

This Aurora Hairstyle is another one of our favorites from this list! Featuring a long hairstyle with a half ponytail at the back and full bangs on the front, the Aurora Hairstyle is a hair conversion from adult to child Sims. It comes in 16 swatches and is compatible with hats. Remember to download the original mesh indicated in the post.

Have these long, flowy tresses on your game by downloading them here.

22. Lynn Maxis Match Hairstyle by Peachibloom

tumblr d9c4706640ca42358c04af9f4236f0a5 bf6ac28a 1280

Peachibloom, a CC creator for The Sims 4, came up with this Lynn hair conversion for toddlers and children Sims. It is a hairstyle originally from another creator Po4-deb, which features thick double pigtails and short front fringes. This Lynn hair conversion is not suitable to be used with hats. Additionally, it is base game compatible and comes with a custom thumbnail.

The Lynn Maxis Match Hairstyle is up for grabs here.

23. Maxis Match Hairstyle by an0nymousghost

tumblr d1c6d99a38495d867d658828dc2ededb 546dbb16 500
Maxis Match Hairstyles for Kids by An0nymousghost

If you’re looking for a simple and everyday hairstyle that can be worn by kids in The Sims 4, then we have this cute Olympia Hair for you–a long straight mid-parted hairstyle. Created by AnOnymousghost from a hair conversion by Celeschul, this Olympia Hair comes in a new mesh, and in an assortment of 22 bright colors.

Get your sim the Olympia Hair by downloading it here.

24. Maxis Match Hairstyle Conversions by Peachibloom


For number 24, we have another hairstyle conversion from CC creator Peachibloom. Peachibloom borrowed the Bobbi Hairstyle from Shespeakssimlish and the Chun-Li Hairstyle from Grimcookies and converted these for toddlers and children Sims. Both styles are base game compatible, come in EA swatches, and have custom thumbnails each. But, these hairstyles cannot be used with hats.

Visit this link here, to download these cute strands!

25. Remi Maxis Match Hairstyle by RavenSim


If you haven’t noticed yet, we’re super in love with braid hairstyles, especially when they are used for toddler Sims! Meet the Remi Hairstyle, a cute pigtail braided hair created by RavenSim. It comes in three delightful versions, with a number of little and big bows. The hairstyle is compatible with hats, can be used in the base game, and comes in 15 colors.

Click here, to obtain these pretty braided locks!

26. Rizal Maxis Match Conversion by Verdigriss

Maxis Match Hairstyles for Kids by Verdigriss!

For number 26, we have another hair conversion for male kid sims. Launched by Verdigriss, the converted Rizal Hairstyle which was originally created by Marsosims comes in two versions, the original 18 EA color textures, and the 35 Witching Hour color textures. The said hairstyle includes a hat chop version and comes in custom thumbnails.

Bring the Rizal Hair Conversion to your game by downloading it here.

27. Maxis Match Kid Hair Dump by Naevys

Maxis Match Hairstyles for Kids by Naevys

This hair dump includes 4 hairstyle conversions for kid Sims–the Jess Hair by Lilasimss, the Darcy Hair by Oakiyo, the Side Bangs Braids by Birksche, and the Mars Hair by Awsimmer. All 4 hair conversions are base game compatible, come in 18 EA swatches, and include custom thumbnails for the game. They’re also compatible with hats!

Check out this cool dump of hairstyles here.

28. Ilusion Hairstyle Conversions by an0nymousghost

tumblr edc9c3963ae7790a890c59ceca756b8e e8d0053b 1280

We have reached number 1 in this list, which features our top favorite Maxis Match hairstyle for kids! This one is another lovely creation from An0nymousghost. An0nymousghost converted the Illusions Hairstyle of CC creator Clumsyalienn from adults to kids. The said hairstyle conversion includes delicious-looking half dyes, waves, and curls, which are available in 22 swatches.

Download these charming conversions here.

More Maxis Match Custom Content for your Sims!

We hope that you have enjoyed this list of Maxis Match Hairstyles for your young Sims! Now, you no longer have to put up with the extremely few children’s hairstyle selections in the game. As there’s always more to see here at SNOOTYSIMS, you can check our Related Content Section below to be able to download other Maxis Match content for your game. As always, happy playing, our dear Simmers!

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