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The Best Kpop Mods for The Sims 4

As with many mods from our Korean friends, the Kpop ones are really fascinating. They’re a great way to shake your gameplay up with new and interesting outfits or just some standalone items. There are truly fabulous clothes for you to pick up and we can’t wait to show them all to you! Let’s start!

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Popular Kpop Boy Groups Tees

Already a fan of the massively popular Kpop boy bands from Korea like MVP, Vixx, JBJ and Big Bang? Then you’re at the right place, our friend! Check out these amazing recolors by Cryiingemoji which are a simply amazing! We found them at The Sims Resource, but you can use this direct link for download.

KPOP mod

Kpop Crop Top Set 2 – Perfect Patio Needed

Another fantastic pack of shirts is this crop top one! Yes, you need the Perfect Patio stuff pack because they are all recolors, but they are just too valuable for anyone who follows iKON, F.cuz or Monsta X. We strongly suggest to give them a try and to thank their creator – Sientjel1. Here is the quick download link.

KPOP mod

Popular Kpop Girl Groups Tees

And here is the girl version of the first mod! The t-shirts here feature only the most famous Kpop girl groups and you’ll find them absolutely amazing once you get them in your closet too. Now you can be a proud owner of a Red Velvet, Blackpink and Gfriend t-shirt after you download the mod from here.Why wait? Get them all and become popular!

KPOP mod

Fan Girl Kpop Merch – Mesh Needed

There is no end to the Kpop merch and the proof for that is this pack of adorable crop tops. All the major groups are featured and with them your Sim can become a proper fan! The creator here is Jupho and you’ll find all of his mods at The Sims Resource. For a direct download of this one, click here.

KPOP mod

Beautiful Kpop Tattoo Set

For all of you who are into tattoos, take a look at these beautiful Kpop ones. But no matter if you aren’t a Kpop fan, we’re sure that you’ll find at least one that you like. You can also find this CC at The Sims Resource or you can download it from this site.

KPOP mod

Loyal Kpop Fan T-shirts

If you still haven’t collected a dedicated fan t-shirt that you like, we believe that you can find one here! Stray Kids, 2PM, Cross Gene, 14U, EXO… there is really something for everyone! Hurry up to The Sims Resource to find out more or use this direct download link. Be quick!

KPOP mod

Kpop Sweaters V1 – Spa Day needed

And finally we’re at the sweaters. Now even the winter season can be a fabulous time if you put some of these sweet pieces on! These warm fuzzy tops are all covered in Kpop logos and you can change them whenever you want! If you want to try them, follow this download link.

KPOP mod

Glamorous Black Kpop Tops

Become a glamorous Kpop babe with these black crop tops! The white logos look truly wonderful on the black background and you’ll find them complementary to many outfits! You can wear them on jeans, pants, skirts and everything else. Thanks to Missrenxx who created the mod which you can download from here. Don’t hesitate to try some of these out!

KPOP mod

Cool Kpop Varsity Jackets V1

Who doesn’t want to wear such a jacket? That’s right, no one! This mod comes in 3 variants: black and white, lighter grey and white and darker grey and white. But whichever you choose, we promise that you’ll look totally cool! The designer is once again Cryiingemoji and you can download his mod from here.

KPOP mod

Twice’s Holdable Candy Bong (Lightstick)

And for the end we have a really special CC. It is a candy bong light stick that your Sims can now hold in their hands! We adore this awesome mod and we think that anyone can find a use for it! If you need more info, check ModTheSims or visit this page if you want to download it as well. Hurry up and don’t forget to have fun!

KPOP mod

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