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Prom is special and you must do everything you can to make it memorable and enjoyable for your Sim. While you do want to get mingled with the vibe of fun and chirpy prom, you also want to keep it real for your characteristics of your Sim. There is a vast collection of prom dresses available; you just need to pick the one that is best suited for your Sim.

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Grab the Best Prom Dress for Your Sim

Black Sims 4 Prom Dress


This prom dress is so popular for a reason! It hit 89000 downloads at The Sims Resource because of its uniqueness. This beautiful A-line dress was created by Busra-tr. You can get this dress in 10 different colors. This is a young adult prom dress. If you like strapless dresses, then you must love this one.


Elegant Sims 4 Prom Dress


This prom dress would make everyone’s head turning back to you when you wear it! The sparkles, the neckline, the body with flowery details, the A-line bottom and the sheer full-sleeve make it very elegant and lively. It was downloaded 45000 times at The Sims Resource. This beautiful design was created by Busra-tr. You can choose from 10 different colors.


Beaded Illusion Dress


This one is very bold and very stunning. Your sim has to be bold enough to pull off this stunning prom dress. The beaded illusion on the side and the body hugging top make it very bold to carry. This prom dress was 39000 times downloaded at The Sims Resource. The stunning prom dress created by Saliwa. You can choose from six different colors.


Golden Prom Dress


This golden prom dress is a stunner! You can get this in two colors, black and red. Both looks stunning and the design of the neckline is what makes it special. This is a body hugging dress and it almost looks like you would walk on a red carpet now. This stunning dress had 37000 downloads at The Sims Resource. This masterpiece was created by Saliwa.


Hot Sims 4 Prom Dress


If you are looking for a fun and short dress, but it should still say you are attending a special event, then this is the perfect prom dress for you! The sequin top makes it ready to go party and the bottom part is simple, short and complements the sparkling top. This was 37000 times downloaded at The Sims Resource and created by -april-.


Sexy Sims 4 Prom Dress


This is another topnotch creation of -april- where she made a short dress with a sparkly fabric and kept it simple on the design. The fabric is what makes the dress standout. The simple design of the ribbon on the waist uplifts the dresses final look. This is a lively dress for the teens. It had 37000 downloads at The Sims Resource.


Dahlia – dress


Another masterpiece created by -april- in a form of short dress. This is simple yet very unique. The material is tissue and the top part is very comfortable and simple. The bottom skirt portion is slightly plum and puffy which brings out the vibe of youth. You can get this short prom dress in three different colors. People who want a comfortable laid back fashion style would love this design. It hit 34000 downloads at The Sims Resource.


Short Sims 4 Prom Dress


This prom dress is short, lively, and bold. The front is cheek and the entire fabric is slightly crepe and see through at some places. The design is very sleek and anyone who is young and enjoys being sleek, they would love to rock it in their prom night. It was 34000 times downloaded at The Sims Resource and it is a creation by -april-.


Elegant Creviana Sims 4 Prom Dress


If you want to be the show stopper in your prom, then this is the pick for you. This dress comes in two lovely color, golden and silver. Both are sparkly and dazzling. The jewelry that comes with it is sleek and complements the dresses further. It hit 29000 downloads at The Sims Resource. This stunning piece was created by Jomsims.


Beaded Backless Long Dress


This is another bold creation for prom that will definitely set your Sim apart from the crowd. With a dress like that, everyone’s eye would be on her! It is a backless dress with the long open front in V-shape. The dress comes in seven different colors. It hit 25000 downloads at The Sims Resource. This stunning piece was created by Ekinege.


Scalloped Lace Prom Dress


This is another fun and lively short dress made with lace top. The bottom part is made from plain fabric. The waistline is emphasized by adding a thick belt like fabric. It comes in seven different colors. All the colors would complement a teenager. It hit 25000 downloads at The Sims Resource. This beautiful and fun prom dress was created by Esyram.


Pastel Prom Dress


This is a very simple yet beautiful long prom dress that has side cut out. If you want to show off your legs in a classy way, then this dress would be perfect for you. It comes in three different pastel colors, namely, sky blue, yellow and pink. It got 23000 downloads at The Sims Resource. This Hawaiian vibe prom dress was created by Mayhem-sims.


Ivory Belted Prom Dress


If you Sim is up for a simple and comfortable prom dress then this one would do justice! This is a black and white and a mix of grey short prom dress with a belt that accentuates the waist-line. It hit 18000 downloads at The Sims Resource and this simple yet nice dress was created by Sakuraphan.


Crystal Beading On Ball Gown


This strapless long prom dress with a low back gives you a princess like vibe. It comes in five vibrant colors. The stones, the lace, the sparkling beads, everything works together to make you feel like a princess in this long prom gown. It was 18000 times downloaded at The Sims Resource and it was created by Melisa inci.


Flower Paradise Prom Dress


This flowery dress will bring out the teen in you perfectly. We all love flowers and flowery pattern looks soothing to the eyes too. This long sleeved short dress has a textured top and the bottom is like a skater skirt. It was downloaded 15000 times at The Sims Resource. This lovely and fun dress was created by Cherryberrysim.


Black Prom Dresses


If you love black and while and their killer combination then this is the perfect prom dress for you. You get two designs with one download. The strapless dress has a sleek white design on front. The one shoulder dress has a slightly ziczac pattern on the top front. It had 10000 downloads at The Sims Resource and created by Puresim.


Prom Dresses Set


This one comes with a three prom dress set. You will get a one shoulder slightly ziczac pattern at front in one black white dress. Then there is another one shoulder dress with a half oval design on front that comes in three different colors. The other one is black and white and strapless. It hit 5000 downloads at The Sims Resource and created by Puresim.


Prom Dress Part 2


This dress is fun, lively, full of patterns and colors. It comes in five different colors. The straps are thin and sleek. The belt is simple but complements the final dress. This lovely dress design was created by Annett.


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