The Most Iconic Sims 4 60s CC Out There!

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The 60s are back baby! And, this time it is coming to the Sims 4. After a quick search online, we have found a wide range of Sims 4 60s CC – which we are in love with, and cannot wait to share with you. So, if you are a 60s fan, hold onto your flare pants, and let’s get rolling!

60s CC

Sims 4 60s CC: Skirts, Pants, Outfits & Hairstyles!

Audrey Hepburn, Elvis Presley, Doris Day, Dean Martin, Barbra Streisand, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Diana Ross, David Bowie, Julie Andrews, Sean Connery… Shall we go on? The 60s were an iconic era filled with the most talented, beautiful, and wholesome souls such as movie stars, singers, bands, and the ordinary person on the block. No matter who you were, you had a sense of fashion.

Everything from the fancy dresses to the flare pants was simply iconic, and we miss those types of fashion statements. Well, technically we were not alive during the 1960s, but for those of you who were, good on you! We really wish we could have witnessed that. Luckily for us though, we get to witness this incredible era in the Sims 4 if we download some of the amazing 60s CC available for free. Yes, that rhymed… Now, let us check it out!

1. Hippie Skirts – Deeliteful Simer

60s CC

Although the TV show Friends was filmed in the 90s-00s, we have some major Phoebe Buffay vibes from these 60s skirts. Perhaps she really got some fashion inspo from this era? Who knows… Anyway, whether you are a friends stan, or a 60s fan you will love these hippie skirts by Deeliteful Simer. These stunning maxi skirts come in 20 unique swatches as seen on the photo above. So, you will have plenty to choose from. Download this quirky masterpiece here!

2. Decades Lookbook The 1960s – Emmastillsims

60s CC

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the Audrey Hepburn “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” Sims 4 lookalike above?! Really, that masterpiece is a gem in itself, and we know all Audrey Hepburn stans are going to scream when they see this – because we very nearly did! Now, this fabulous 60s CC collection is created by Emmastillsims and features a whole lookbook of both female and male 1960s outfits. We love them all, and we have no doubt you will too! So, to install this wonder, click here.

3. 1960s Lookbook – Gigiberry

60s CC

Moving onto another stunning 1960s lookbook, this time created by Gigiberry. This beautiful wonder features 12 1960s-inspired outfits in total. Some of which include a few base-game items, so that is pretty nice, right? Anyway, with this collection you will get some hats, hairs, suits, earrings, tops, skirts, boots, tights, dresses, pants, facial hair, glasses, headbands, shoes, and necklaces.

So yeah, you get a whole lot in one single download. We truly appreciate this CC collection for everything it is, and we know you will too. Therefore, you should really give it a download!

4. 1960s Dixie Hair – Simduction

60s CC

Is anyone else getting major “The Help” vibes from this? Yes, we are referring to the 2011 movie with Octavia Spencer and Emma Stone showcasing what life was like for well, the help, in 1960s America. If you have not seen it yet, we highly recommend you check it out, as it is a truly important watch.

Anyway, since this hair reminds us of that movie, we really do love it. Created by Simduction, this wonder comes in 18 swatches and is BGC. So, please install it right now!

5. 1960s Ronda Hair – Simduction

60s CC

You got it! We are presenting yet another “The Help” like hairstyle created by Simduction. And, to be completely honest, we are not sure which one we like better. If you have an answer to that, please let us know in the comments down below. Anyway, this beauty also comes in 18 swatches and is basegame compatible. So really, there should be nothing stopping you from giving both of these wonders a download!

6. 1960s Dress CC – Unbichobolita

60s CC

Moving onto some exciting stuff, the iconic 1960s short dresses. Which we are living for by the way… Are now available in the Sims 4, how exciting is that?! Now, this amazing dress is created by Unbichobolita and comes in 8 swatches, all of which are showcased in the photo above. Which swatch is your favorite? We would love to know. Ours would have to be the 4th one from the right. We are simply loving all the 60s vibes it gives off. Anyway, give this dress a download here.

7. Trillykke Gogobebe Flare Pants – Butternutssims

60s CC

Who does not love a pair of funky flare pants? Really, look at these incredible pieces… We cannot get enough of them! Now, this 60s CC collection is created by Butternutsims, and features an iconic pair of flare pants in 20 different swatches, or shall we say prints… Out of the 4 showcased in the photo above, the 1st one from the left has to be our favorite. We just adore the combination of colors on there! Anyway, give this beauty a download here.

8. Monets Pants Aka Joe’s Pants – Ridgeport

60s CC

Staying with the flare pants for a while longer… May we introduce you to the Monet aka Joe’s Pants by Ridgeport? These fearless pants are base game compatible and fit all masculine teen-elder frames. In total these 60s CC pants come in 18 swatches, 12 patterned swatches, and 6 corduroy swatches. So, if you do not find a swatch you like, then well, maybe you do not like the 60s as much as you thought… Anyway, give this fun CC pack a free download here.

9. Sonny & Cher Corduroy Suits – Cowconuts

Screenshot 2022 07 24 at 14.52.32

Sticking with the corduroy theme, here we got some real 60s suits. And, we mean REAL 60s suits. The type of suit you find in your parents’ closet and think “why in the world was this a thing?”. But then, you bring it out, try it on, kind of feel yourself, and as if by magic, you suddenly get the whole corduroy trend.

Anyway, this suit is created by Cowconuts, comes in 28 unique swatches, fits both frames, and is basegame compatible. So, what are you waiting for? Download it into your mods folder now!

10. 1960s Aslaug Hairstyle – Simtrouble

Screenshot 2022 07 24 at 14.54.15

When we think of 1960s fashion, this hairstyle is up there of what crosses our minds first. The Aslaug hairstyle was so iconic back then that we are pretty sure everyone who lived through the 60s tried it.

Anyway, if you love the 1960s as much as we do, and you are already downloading a bunch of Sims 4 60s CC… Well then, you simply need this hair by Simtrouble. Just because, well, it is iconic, and it will go with every single one of your 1960s Sims 4 outfits. Okay? Okay, so download it from this Patreon page then!


To sum it up, we love the 1960s, and we are so happy we finally get some true 1960s fashion representation in our Sims 4 games. Now, these 10 CC collections we mentioned here, are just the top of the mountain of Sims 4 60s CC out there. So please, do have a look for yourselves… You never know which gem you might stumble across! Anyway, we would love to know who your favorite 1960s celebrity is, and which of the CC items above you like best! Let us know in the comments down below.

Anyway, we here at Snootysims wish you a great day, but most importantly… Happy Simming!

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