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The Coolest Mods In Korea for The Sims 4

It’s true that The Sims 4 is a big title in Korea too. Our Asian friends are exceptionally good when it comes to creating custom content for the game, but they are also very original too! We own plenty of Korean mods and we decided to share some of them with you. Check them out!

A Cup Of Ramen

Let’s start with a crazy one! Ohmysims has created a cup or ramen which requires no cooking skills or special traits, so anyone can use it! With this mod, all of your Sims can occasionally enjoy a nice cup of ramen, no matter where they live. Why would you wait to have this mod? Hurry up and download it from here.

Korea mod

HanBok Korean Traditional Dresses

Fan of the traditional Korean dresses or not, we consider them to be a must-have for every Simmer. The freshness they bring to the game has no value and we love to dress our Sims in them for numerous occasions. If you want to try this CC too, download it from here.

Korea mod

Instant Ramen With Unique Pot

You own a restaurant, but the menu needs some more flavors? Even if you’re just a sit-at-home Sim – you need to take this instant ramen mod! We can’t say how many times this has been the last save for a burnt dinner, so we recommend it a 100%! Plus it comes with a unique custom pot! To download it, use this link.

Korea mod

Jjajangmyeon – Korean Black Bean Noodles

Ohmysims has also created a black bean noodles dish for The Sims 4 and we can’t get enough of it. To prepare this one, a level 4 in cooking is required, so it’s a perfect time to get this mod and start your kitchen adventure. Visit ModTheSims for some tips and tricks or download the CC directly from this link.

Korea mod

Jjamppong – Korean Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup

If your Sim is more into the spicy recipes – we suggest this nice seafood soup. They will thank you when you fill their bowls with this Korean masterpiece and spice up their lives! But the recipe is not easy and you’ll need to learn it at ModTheSims. Or just follow our direct link here. The choice is yours!

Korea mod

Modern Korean Glass Abode

And if you’ve ever dreamed of living in a nice and modern Korean suite – here you go! The design heavily relies on glass doors and windows, with light colored wood and surfaces and an overall relaxed vibe. The creator here is Pralinesims and you can check more of him at The Sims Resource. But to quickly download this mod, click here.

Korea mod

Lovely Korean Flowery Hanbok

Just look at this gorgeous flowery dress! Although still in the traditional style, the hanbok here is adapted to look fashionable. Elegant and simple – you’ll find it absolutely lovely on any female Sim. Thousand thanks for the creator Follia69 who is active on The Sims Resource. Take a shortcut and download this CC from here.

Korea mod

Natural And Secluded Korean Home

Here is another Korean inspired home by Pralinesims, but this one speaks of nature and seclusion! We love the use of work on this one, but also the whole appearance. We’ve moved in a bunch of families in this household already, so we can’t help but advise you to get it as well. Here is the quick download link.

Korea mod

Cool Korean Male Fashion Skirt

Enter the modern age with a firm step – by grabbing one of these cool male skirts! Why not be a part of the ultimate Korean fashion and enjoy a new and original look? Head over to The Sims Resource to learn more and thank Mclaynesims who created this fantastic mod which you can download from here!

Korea mod

Sweet Korean Red And Blue Hanbok

And your female Sims can leap into this sweet hanbok which looks like it’s made for scenting flowers in a pale moonlight! The simply gracefulness of its design is what you can’t find in other mods and we urge you to give it a try. Follia69 has also created this CC and you download it from this page.

Korea mod

Traditional Korean Set for Males: Hair, Hat, Fan And Outfit

A perfect male outfit for the perfect end! The Korean gentlemen from the past have given us this treasure outfit for us to enjoy in The Sims 4. The CC has everything: hats, clothes fans, hairs… All you need to do is download it from this link and to visit for news and updates about the mod. Enjoy your new game!

Korea mod

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