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The Sims community is always coming up with new ways to make the game more interesting. Challenges are a great way to push yourself (and your Sims) to new limits. Plus, they’re a lot of fun. We’ve compiled a list of the community’s best Sims 4 challenges, including all rules and all relevant info! From running from home to raising a hundred babies at once, there are a bunch of cool challenges awaiting you! Continue reading and get ready for some fun!

Sims 4 challenges
40+ Interesting Challenges for the Sims 4!

Sims 4 Challenges: R2R, 100 Babies, the secret garden, seven deadly sins & More!

The creativity of the community in social media and in Sims forums is incredibly massive!

If you ever wanted to play the game differently, challenges are the way to go. Sometimes, even the most casual players get bored by the game, so we offer challenges to patch things up. These challenges are series of tasks that must be completed while following certain challenge rules.

There are literally hundreds of unique challenges for The Sims 4 and they all focus on different things. Some want you to be a murderer and some want you to be a baby machine! Whatever is your play style, we’re here to offer you all the best challenges that The Sims 4 community loves! And we’re sure that you’ll find something you absolutely need!

1. The 100 Baby Challenge

100 baby challenge
Sims 4 Challenges: 100 Baby Challenge

We start off with one of the most popular Sims 4 challenges for your female sim of all times – the 100 Baby Challenge. This one may seem easy, but once you read the rules you’ll know why it’s infamous.

First off, the main task of this challenge is, of course, for you to have as many babies as possible or as closest to the number 100. Now, your female matriarch isn’t allowed to have a baby with the same person twice in a row. This means that each new baby must have a new father! And also, your mom Sim can’t have a part-time or a full-time job either. So no income whatsoever!

If that sounds a bit harsh, then that’s the precise point of a challenge in The Sims 4. If you’re interested in starting the 100 Baby Challenge, there are a couple of helpful things you should know. Check our guide to get prepared!

2. The Rags to Riches Challenge

Rags to Riches Challenge

Here is another popular challenge that we all have tried out, but not everybody has succeeded in completing it. As the title suggests, the Rags to Riches Challenge is all about becoming a wealthy and important individual while coming from poverty.

You start on an empty lot with 0 simoleons in your pockets. And you have to work for everything else! The challenge demands finding a job, building a house, and starting a family.

Basically, your house will have to be big enough to be considered rich. And your career must also be a total success as well. When it comes to your family, your spouse must also excel in some career, so you can expect real hardship!

For each of the previous goals, there are a few guidelines that you must follow. You can check them all here!

3. The Black Widow Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges: The Black Widow Challenge

And here we have the Black Widow Challenge, a famous one for making you feel particularly evil. As with the previous two challenges, this one has been around for quite some time now and has gathered attention primarily for reasons: you have to be smart and you have to be skilled to complete it!

The goal is this: you have to marry at least 10 rich spouses, kill them, and inherit their wealth. Of course, you’ll have to choose certain traits and aspirations to make this work. And your lifespan will have to be set to normal as well. You must not work or use any cheat that can help you out. Simply rely on your charm and skill to complete this one!

Find how to beat the Black Widow Challenge in The Sims 4 here!

4. The Apocalypse Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge
Sims 4 Challenges: The Apocalypse Challenge

The Apocalypse Challenge, on the other hand, focuses on you surviving on your own. It requires a bit of experience and knowledge in the game, so it’s mostly recommended to seasoned simmers. However, if you want to try it out, then here’s what you need to consider.

The Apocalypse Challenge wants you to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Your Sim will start on an empty lot, without a job or money. You’ll meet dangers that will compromise your life. You’ll also have to find a career and progress through it. And, of course, cheats are forbidden!

This is a very interesting challenge in our opinion. Check our full guide to know more!

5. The Asylum Challenge

The Asylum Challenge
The Asylum Challenge

The Asylum Challenge is another tricky storyline that will require all your Sims 4 skills. The situation is quite simple, but its execution is where all the difficulties hide.

Your Sim will start in a mental hospital. And the truth is that they’re sane but wrongfully locked there. Your goal will be to prove your sanity to the psychiatrist. But, the only way that you can do so is by taking care of the other lunatics in the hospitals.

Needless to say, everybody gets a little crazy. We have to admit, this is a challenge that we haven’t completed yet, but you’ll understand us once you read the full set of rules!

6. The Random Legacy Challenge

The Random Legacy Challenge
The Random Legacy Challenge

The Random Legacy Challenge is, of course, all about RNG and fun! Here, you’ll have to go through ten generations of Sims that are totally random. You must not select any traits, aspirations, or anything else. Instead, you’ll have to live everything on pure chance and luck!

The end of this challenge is when your 11th generation comes of age. Up to that point, you have to play the game without mods or cheats, mainly because you don’t want additional sources to provide you with cheap or free stuff.

If you want to try this challenge, check the guide here!

7. The Decades Challenge

The Decades Challenge
Sims 4 Challenges: The Decades Challenge

The Decades Challenge is a very fun one and we recommend it to everyone, no matter their experience or knowledge in The Sims 4. As you might have guessed, here you will be required to live through multiple decades with your family!

But, that’s not all. The trick here is to live in the 80s, for example. And when your child becomes a young adult, then you must change the decade to the 90s, for instance. But there are many available decades, like 1920, 1930, or 1940. And each period is characterized by different rules and styles, heavily inspired by the real world’s history.

Head over to this page to familiarize yourself more with this challenge and get prepared for it!

8. The History Challenge

The History Challenge
The History Challenge

And speaking of history, here is the Sims 4 History Challenge! This challenge is an amazing opportunity to introduce some diversity in your gameplay. It’s unique, it’s fun, and it keeps you hooked!

Unlike the Decades Challenge, the History Challenge requires you to play through the 7 major time periods of the world. Of course, you’ll have to start in the prehistoric eras and work your way to the modern era. You’ll play different generations of your first two Sims and write history!

If you’re interested, check out the entire History Challenge guide!

9. The Not So Berry Challenge

The Not So Berry Challenge
Sims 4 Challenges: The Not So Berry Challenge

If you’re one for colorful aesthetics, then this one is for you! The Not So Berry Challenge is a challenge set on colors. The point here is to go through 10 generations of Sims, but each generation must live in certain colors.

You start off with a “mint” theme. The second is “rose”, then “yellow”, then “green”, and so on. Apart from your Sims’ skin tones, everything else must be predominantly in the required color. You’re allowed to use cheats, but only the ones who help you with the appropriate color.

Check out the full guide here!

10. The Zodiac Challenge

If you’re even mildly interested in zodiac signs, then this will be a challenge for you! The Zodiac Challenge states that you must play 12 generations of Sims, all of which are different zodiac signs. And you must do so in the right order, starting from Aquarius and finishing with Capricorn.

As you might expect, each sign will have different traits and behaviors. Some Sims will be creative, some will be genius, and some will want to bodybuild! Whatever the case is, it’s damn fun to go through all of the zodiac signs and complete this challenge.

Click here to read the full info!

11. The Runaway Teen Challenge

The Runaway Teen Challenge
Sims 4 Challenges: Runaway Teen Challenge!

You remember being a teen, right? And you probably also remember that at one point or another all you wanted to do was run away from home? Well, that’s precisely what the Runaway Challenge offers in The Sims 4!

Instead of being a dutiful son or a daughter, you will abandon your parents and try to make it on your own. You will need to live on the streets, struggle, and slowly build your life up. Now, there are a couple of rules that make this challenge seriously difficult, so we recommend checking them first.

We have a guide on how to make this challenge work, so make sure you read it here!

12. The Sims 4 Career Legacy Challenge

And if you like the Rags to Riches challenge, you’ll also like the Career Legacy challenge. It’s a fun challenge where you start from nothing and work your way to the top.

Of course, you’ll need to start on an empty lot with 0 or up to 1800 simoleons (for an easier start). You can customize the appearance of your Sim but they need to have a random number of babies.

The kick here is that each generation will focus on one career and all skills connected to it. If you’re interested, you can check the rules of the Career Legacy Challenge here.

13. The Bloodline Challenge

The Bloodline Challenge
The Bloodline Challenge

The Bloodline Challenge will be a very fun challenge for all of you who like to play with monarchs and rulers. And the idea here is pretty simple.

Your main Sim, a ruling king or a queen, shouldn’t want to give away their crown. In fact, they need to be so protective of their royal seat that every child candidating for the throne will always mysteriously disappear.

If you’re interested, you can find out more about this awesome challenge here.

14. The Island Challenge

If I can say anything about the Sims 4 Island Challenge is that it’s way more than it seems. In fact, it’s such a fun challenge that it’s one of my most recommended challenges for all types of Sims players.

In this challenge, you start with two Sims (a pair) on a desert island. These two Sims need to survive in nature and against all odds. And in the end, they’ll need to be at least level 4 in fishing, fitness, and gardening.

For more info about this challenge, follow this link.

15. Sims 4 Vampire legacy Challenge

Here is another legacy challenge, but this it’s in a vampire edition.

The idea with this challenge is pretty simple – start with a family of Sims that wants to turn as many Sims into vampires as possible. You have the freedom to turn Sims into vampires however you want and as much as you want.

All in all, it’s a great challenge to try out if you like vampires in Sims 4. Here’s a link to read all the rules.

16. The alien Adoption Challenge

alien adoption
Sims 4 Challenges: The alien Adoption Challenge

The Alien Adoption Challenge is a great challenge for any of you that like stories. And the story here is that an alien ship has crashed nearby with 100 babies and a dead mother. So, your Sim will become a mom of one of these alien babies.

Your job will be to raise the new alien baby as your own, while also studying it closely. Who knows what might end up happening then?

For more info, you can check this link.

17. The Flipping House Challenge

flipping houses
Sims 4 Challenges: The Flipping House Challenge

Everything you need to know to start with the Flipping House Challenge is in the name.

With this challenge, the idea is to find houses in Sims 4, rebuild/redecorate them, and make a profit from them. You will have 20,000 simoleons at your disposal at the beginning, but you’ll increase the budget with time.

All in all, this is one of the most fun challenges for people who like building in Sims 4. So, check out the rest of the rules here.

18. The Free Will Experience Challenge

free will experience

The Free Will Experience isn’t the most popular challenge out there, but it’s damn fun!

You start off with a family of Sims that you can create totally randomly. You must not choose anything specifically for any of these Sims. You’ll also need to create one pet with a random appearance and traits.

Then, you need to let your Sims do whatever they want. You earn points when your Sims do positive things (cook a meal). And you lose points when they do negative things (start a fire).

To check out this challenge fully, use this quick link.

19. Bachelor or Bachelorette Challenge

The Bachelor or Bachelorette Challenge will be a great fit for all of you who like romance in Sims 4.

You start off by creating your main Sim – the bachelor or bachelorette. They can look any way you want them to and have any career in the game. Then, you create 7 other Sims, all possible suitors for your main Sim. As you play, you’ll eliminate 6 Sims until you have only one soulmate left for your main Sim.

Here’s where you can read the rest of the rules.

20. The Astrology Legacy Challenge

astrology legacy

The Astrology Legacy Challenge can be a super cool experience for any simmer out there.

Basically, you’ll need to play as many generations as there are planets in our solar systems. Each generation is assigned to a different planet. And each planet has a set or rules for your Sims.

For example, generation six is planet Mars. Here you’ll need to play a Sim with a Criminal career and the Public Enemy aspiration. You’ll be given traits too.

Here’s the link to the rules.

21. The Alphabet Legacy Challenge

Even though the idea of the Alphabet Legacy Challenge is pretty simple, believe me, it’s a fun road to take.

What you’ll need to do here is start with a Sim whose name begins with the letter “A”. Then, you’ll need to play until you have an heir with a name that starts with the letter “Z”. It’s a long challenge and many generations to go through!

If you’re interested, click this link to view the challenge.

22. The Wonder Child Challenge

The Wonder Child Challenge has one of the most interesting twists I’ve ever seen for kids.

This is the starting idea. Your Sim gets selected by the government for a secret project. They will receive 22,000 simoleons and be given a mate. Then, a wonder child will be born!

Your job will be to raise the wonder child the best way you can. For all the rules about this challenge, check this link.

23. The Whimsy Stories Legacy Challenge

The Whimsy Stories Challenge is one of the most fun Sims 4 challenges you’ll ever find.

First off, you’ll be required to play 10 generations of Sims. For each generation, you get a different story prompt. And as a result, each generation in this challenge feels new and unique. The goal here is to have fun and tons of whimsy time with all 10 generations. And every generation should have fun in different ways.

Here’s where you can read the rest of the rules.

24. The Bad to Good Legacy Challenge

bad to good

The Bad to Good Legacy Challenge is another interesting story-driven challenge that you must try.

Here, you must start with a Sims family with tons of problems. But then you’ll need to play 10 generations of this family until things become very good. And with the 10th generation, you must achieve peace in the home, maybe even wealth and fame.

Click this link to read all the rules of this challenge.

25. The Secret Garden Challenge

secret garden
Best Sims Challenges: The Secret Garden Challenge

This is another generational challenge for Sims 4 that’s based on different flowers.

In this challenge, you’ll need to play 10 generations of a Sim’s family. Each generation will live in a different world or neighborhood. They will have a specific flower associated with them and receive appropriate traits and career paths.

For example, generation one is the Rose generation. Here you’ll need to play in Strangerville with a military career and be paranoid.

The rest of the rules can be found here.

26. The Celebacy Challenge

Now here’s an interesting challenge for Sims that aspire to be famous.

With the Celebacy Challenge, you’ll need to play 5 generations of a Sim’s family. You will start with a famous Sim and continue keeping the fame until the 5th generation. Every generation must be famous for a different thing, no matter if it’s acting, singing, social media, or otherwise.

Here are the rules for this challenge.

27. The Greek God Legacy Challenge
Sims 4 Challenges: The Greek God Legacy Challenge

The Greek God Legacy Challenge is a challenge based on Greek Mythology.

The goal here is to play 10 generations of a Sim’s family, with each generation associated with a different Greek god.

For example, the 3rd generation is associated with Poseidon, the God of the Sea. So, your Sim will need to have the Diver career here and the Beach Life aspiration. Additionally, their traits must be Loves Outdoor, Hot-headed, and Child of the Ocean.

If you’re interested in trying the Greek God Legacy Challenge, follow this link.

28. The Seven Deadly Sins challenge

seven deadly sins
Sims 4 Challenges: The Seven Deadly Sins challenge

The Seven Deadly Sins Challenge is an entire adventure that you must try. As you can expect, it’s a challenge that takes your Sims through all of the seven deadly sins – sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and greed.

For example, the 3rd generation of this challenge is Lust. Here your Sim needs the Serial Romantic aspiration. And the goal is to hook up with as many Sims as possible and break hearts.

For more info about this challenge, I suggest you read these guidelines.

29. the Family Dynamics Challenge

If you like family-oriented gameplay in Sims 4, then you’ll definitely love the Family Dynamics Challenge!

This is another challenge with a 10-generation goal for you to complete. Each generation has a different set of objectives they need to complete. And every time you start a new generation, you also get a new set of rules to follow.

Honestly, this challenge is tons of fun and I truly recommend it. You can read more about it here.

30. the Dreamhouse Challenge

Best Sims Challenges: The Dreamhouse Challenge

The Dreamhouse Challenge is another simple Sims 4 challenge that promises lots of fun.

The idea here is to build or download a dream house and place it in your Sim’s neighborhood. You start off with your Sim living in another house and only “dreaming” of owning their dream house.

Your goal will be to work your way up with your Sim and be able to buy the dream house. But there are a set of rules you must respect too.

And if you’re interested, you use this link to read more about this challenge.

31. The Townie Life Challenge

townie life
The Townie Life Challenge

The Townie Life is a very interesting idea for a Sims 4 challenge, simply because it’s unique and feels refreshing when you’re playing it.

In this challenge, you’ll be visiting your neighbors’ homes and getting to know them. You’ll need to learn as much as you can about your neighbors, including what they like, what they don’t like, and what they dream about becoming.

This challenge is a lovely one if you just want to sit down and relax. There’s no stress and no pressure involved. Here’s where you can read more about it.

32. The Mermaid Legacy Challenge

mermaid legacy
The Mermaid Legacy Challenge

And for all of you mermaid lovers out there, I recommend you the Mermaid Legacy Challenge for Sims 4.

As its name suggest, here you’ll need to play 10 generations of mermaid Sims. You start off with a regular human Sim that becomes a mermaid. And by the 10th generation, you’ll need to have a complete family tree full of mermaids exclusively.

Each generation has different careers, traits, aspirations, and goals to complete. If you’re interested, you can check all the details here.

33. The Collectors Museum Challenge

The Collectors Museum Challenge is another challenge you can do when you want to relax and chill in Sims 4.

The idea here is to collect different items in the game. You’ll need to keep one of each item you find. By doing this, you’ll turn your house into a museum that has tons of different items. And you can invite other Sims to your house to view your glorious collection!

There are also rules about this challenge, so I suggest you read them before you begin collecting.

34. The Simtation Island Challenge

Sims 4 challenges - Simtation Island
The Simtation Island Challenge

If you’ve ever seen the “Temptation Island” TV show, you’ll definitely know what the Simtation Island is all about!

This is the setting – 4 couples of Sims with relationship problems are put on an island together. There they will work on their relationship issues or simply fall in love with a Sim from another pair. But some Sims can also break up with their partner and not fall in love again.

All in all, this is a pretty fun challenge that I recommend everyone to try. Here you can read all the guidelines if you’re interested to give it a shot.

35. The ‘Outta This World’ Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 challenges - Outta this world
The ‘Outta This World’ Legacy Challenge

If you like playing with alien Sims in Sims 4, you’ll definitely love the “Outta This World” Legacy Challenge!

This challenge has a simple idea – play 10 generations of Sims that get abducted and impregnated by aliens. Each generation must be created in this way. Then, you’ll need to complete a different set of goals for every generation.

The “Outta This World” Challenge is actually a well-thought-out challenge, so I recommend it a lot. You can read more about its rules here.

36. The Human Enough Challenge

Sims 4 challenges - Human enough
The Human Enough Challenge

And here we have one of the most exciting Sims 4 challenges I’ve ever tried – the Human Enough Challenge!

Here’s what you need to do – start as an alien Sim who doesn’t want to live on Sixam. Instead, you’ll need to sneak into the human world and live as a human. But be careful to not let anyone know that you’re an alien. You must keep your cover at all times!

This challenge won’t be as easy as you might expect it to be. But that’s what makes it fun. For more info, check this link!

37. The Sims 4 Foster Challenge

The Foster Challenge is one of those challenges that everybody likes. I completed it twice by now in my simming career, so I can confirm that it is fun.

In this challenge, you’ll be playing as a foster family. Your job will be to adopt 50 babies and raise them as your own children.

But you can do this challenge in one of the three difficulty options – easy, medium, and hard. The rules are different in each mode, so you can choose the one you like the most.

To start with the Foster Challenge, click this link to read the rules.

38. The Witch Legacy Challenge

And here we have a brilliant challenge for all of you who love The Sims 4: Realm of Magic game pack.

As you might expect, this challenge is all about playing 3 generations of a cursed-witches family. You start with a Sim that inherits a witch house from her great-aunt. And you work your way to solve the mysteries and lift the curses that have been placed on your family.

If you’re interested, there are tons of rules and guidelines that make the challenge even more fun. You can read them all here.

39. The Sims 4 I’m a Lover Challenge

Sims 4 challenges - I'm a lover

If you want a Sims 4 challenge that focuses on love, I heavily recommend the I’m a Lover Challenge. It’s fun and easy.

In this challenge, you start off with one Sim, male or female. And everything you do is connected with romance. For example, you’ll need to become a writer and write romance novels.

As you might’ve guessed, here you’ll need to play 10 generations too. Each generation will have different careers and goals, but the theme of romance will stay.

Here’s where you can check all the rules.

40. the Tiny Living Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 challenges - tiny living legacy

Have you ever played The Sims 4: Tiny Living? If you have and you generally liked the style of building, you’re going to love the Tiny Living Legacy Challenge!

Of course, this challenge is based on the Tiny Living pack. The idea is to go through 5 generations of Sims that live in tiny houses. However, each generation will have to live in a new house which you’ll need to build. Your Sims will also need to work on their skills.

For more info, you can follow this link.

41. The Sims 4 Parentcy Challenge

The Parentcy Challenge is an interesting challenge that focuses on the theme of being a parent.

Here you’ll also need to play 10 generations of Sims. Every generation your main Sim will be a different kind of parent. This includes different careers, traits, and aspirations. For example, the 3rd generation parent is a painter parent, so you’ll need to work on your painting skill.

For all of you that are interested in the Parentcy Challenge, read the rules here.

42. All That Weather Legacy Challenge

Sims 4 challenges - all that weather legacy challenge

And if you’d like a simpler and quicker generation-type challenge for Sims 4, I recommend the All That Weather Legacy Challenge.

Here, you’ll only need to play 5 generations of Sims. But each generation will be associated with a different type of weather. The 1st generation is sunny, the 2nd is a blizzard, the 3rd is cloudy, the 4th is rainy, and the 5th is a thunderstorm.

You’ll get a different set of rules for each generation. And it’s tons of fun!

You can check this challenge here.

43. The Sims 4 Bunker Challenge

And now we have the Sims 4 Bunker Challenge! This is a great challenge if you’re simply looking to do another legacy challenge in the game.

Aside from the fact that you need to play 10 generations of the same family of Sims, you’ll get to do it in a bunker. This bunker must be on 50×50 lot size, but you can decorate it in any way you want. The goal is to reach the last generation successfully, making lots of money along the way.

If you’re interested, check this link and read all the rules in the Bunker Challenge.

Wrapping it up

Well, simmers, these were 43 of our favorite Sims challenges! They provide new and exciting opportunities for your sims, so definitely give them a go! You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how much fun you have.

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