Custom Poses Mods & CC for The Sims 4

My Absolute Favorite Sims 4 Poses Mods

Here you will find the best Sims 4 Poses Mods & Packs: Sims 4 is not only about creating breathtaking towns, views and buildings, but you can also make your townspeople look as real as possible. And once that’s done, you can start making them live the dream… We want to help you make it even more realistic with these poses mods inspired from real life to bring your Sims to life. So don’t hesitate; check out these Sims 4 poses mods & packs, and start posing! More awesome mods are available here. See also our posts on these best poses mods:

Sims 4 Poses Mods You Need to Have!

Family Night – PosePack


Just look at this image – isn’t it everything you could ever imagine on a family night? This package contains poses for adults and children, which express the love and caring the members have for each other. Cuddle up, play, or go to sleep using one of these beautiful poses, once you downloaded them from here.

15 Sitting Poses Mod


Teen and free-spirited adult Sims can both profit from these sitting poses by Isims1357. When looking at these images, who doesn’t think of the afternoons spent on a lawn doing a picnic or having a blast with friends at a high school bonfire? Get your hands on these sitting poses by clicking on this link here.

CAS Pose Pack 04


Girls and young women, watch out! Check out Ms blue’s pose pack with different hand and leg poses. All of these radiate self-confidence, so they are guaranteed to make your Sim stand out from any crowd! Get your hands on them now at this link!

Pose Pack 01


Relaxed, natural, and comfortable looking: You can’t go wrong with these true & tested poses designed by Ms blue! They will look good on men, women or children. Download the pack from here now!

Bestie’s Poses Mods pack


Isims1357 created something that we have been longing for for a while. Share these with the person you’re closest to. If you already do everything together anyway, you trust each other with your deepest secrets, and you know each other inside and out, take the friendship to the next level with these bestie poses that you can get from here.

The Sims 4 Better Portraits Pose Pack


What does it take to take good photos? Well, it’s not enough to put on your best clothes and your best smile. One of the lesser-known secrets of successful portraits lies in the poses themselves. You need to learn how not to be stiff and just enjoy the session – which is much easier in Sims! Just download this pose pack and start today!

Sweet Couple poses


Are you taken aback by these photos? We surely are. Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and these feelings are perfectly captured by these sweet couple poses. No matter where they are, your Sims can now engage in a loving embrace any time, which will also make your heart warm. If you feel your Sims can’t live without these poses any longer, go to this link to get the poses now.

Close to Me Sims 4 Poses Mods Pack


Another pose pack for couples designed by Katversecc. Being able to open up for someone and commit to a loving relationship is the best thing you can ever do. So why not express it with a pose? Grab your lover’s hand, and get closer to teach other by downloading this pose pack from here.

Sovereign exposed heels – Mesh needed


When it comes to poses, and especially modeling, there is one thing you cannot leave out: high heeled shoes! If you use the Sovereign Exposed Heels CC created by Libertay, your Sim is guaranteed to turn some heads! Grab a pair and start posing: Go to this link now!

Model poses 17 Poses Mods Pack and CAS


This pack contains absolutely everything you need to ace a modeling job or a career! Catalogue photos, fashion show poses, and even some relaxed everyday poses can be found here to make your life like a runway. Give your Sim unique movements and poses by downloading the pack from Helgatisha here!

Model poses 22 Posepack and CAS


Did you know that there are many types of modeling? This pose pack created by Helgatisha was made for brave runway or photography models. Just look at the image, and imagine your lady Sim walking in the spotlight, stopping every now and then to strike one of these poses. Doesn’t she look fabulous? Get the poses today at this link!

Pregnancy Poses Mod Pack 2


Pregnancy photoshoots are more popular than ever now. Just look at these images with the pregnancy poses dreamed up by Katversecc! They make you want to be there, too, right? Make your pregnant Sim glow with beautiful maternity clothes and one of these poses. Go to this link to download the pack!

Model poses 23 Posepack and CAS


Time to strike a pose! Improve your Sim’s portfolio with these amazing modeling poses by Helgatisha. There are many poses to choose from, so you can use subtle and small movements to make a catalogue photography session come alive, or make all jaws drop at a fashion show’s runway. Start turning heads now by downloading the pack from this link.