40 Best Poses Mods & CC For Sims 4 – Loving These!

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One such mod that you might find useful is Custom Content Poses which lets you take an in-game snapshot of your Sims engaging in various activities like playing, sleeping, or eating with just a click. So, if you’re looking for the coolest poses mods for the Sims 4, you’ve surely come to the right place!

poses mods

My Absolute Favorite Sims 4 Poses Mods

Finding the perfect pose for your Sim is never easy. The internet is filled with custom poses, mods, and CC that could take your breath away. And the best one might only be a click away from you.

Because of that, I want to give you my overall best 25 custom poses mods and CC for Sims 4 in this post. I’ll list my favorite poses and will tell you why they’re worth downloading. I’ll also include the download links, so you can try them out right away.

Make sure to check the links below for specific types of poses if you’re in need. Also, check our general Mods & CC page for the best mods and CC guides out there!

40 best Custom Poses Mods & CC for Sims 4

40. PRIDE 2021 – a pose pack for pride month

poses mods

The Sims 4 celebrates diversity, inclusion & love. With this Pride 2021 pose pack, you can make your game more inclusive for those who need it most. You now can celebrate pride month with these custom poses for your sims characters! These pose packs are perfect for your pride parade, pride-themed parties, and more. Get ready to celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of people in a way that’s never been seen before in The Sims 4! Head over to this page for easy installation.

39. Guitar N2 poses

poses mods

You’re looking for something different – a Sim4 pose pack that will help your Sims express themselves in a new, vibrant way? This punk-inspired N2 Poses pack is just what you need. These custom poses will make your Sims look like they’re ready to rock and roll. These poses are perfect for your modern rockers, punks, or goths. Rock out with these poses & get that perfect snapshot of your sims performing punk anthems, or strumming the strings on their guitar. To download this one, click here.

38. Pose Pack I Love You my Baby poses mods

poses mods

Create the sweetest moments ever in the Sims 4 with these adorable custom poses for your kids and their moms! The poses are completely customizable, so you can get creative and make them your own. As moms, we never have enough pictures of our cute little ones. So, this set is actually a little gift by Simsulani for your kids and you. These poses are perfect for capturing your favorite moments in The Sims 4. And you can also take pictures of your families making memories that’ll last a lifetime. Here’s your download link.

37. TS4 Fuck Off Poses

poses mods

Are you tired of your sims being unhappy or feeling awkward? Gone are the days of sims with too many cares. These poses for your characters show them off playing cool and strong. You’ve got nothing to worry about with these awesomely composed, all-purpose poses. Your sims will be free to live their best lives and no one can tell them what to do. Be free in every way possible with these beautiful custom poses for your sims’ 4 characters. Click here to install.

36. HoneysSims4 [HS4] Chair Poses

poses mods

There are so many CC creators for the Sims 4 but no one like HoneysSims4. What’s the point of having a chair in your game if you can’t pose your sims on it? These chair poses are crafted to perfection. Sometimes life is just so boring and repetitive. And we believe these poses for your sims can make it just a little more interesting (or really interesting). Now you can pose your sims in the most realistic way possible. And every couple is different and unique, so you can show off their personalities with their favorite chair pose. Sit back and enjoy some downtime with Chair Poses. What are you waiting for? Download!

35. Dance with fire

poses mods

Be the best dancer in town or be the life of the party with these awesome moves. Dance with fire’s custom poses will make you look like a pro, no matter what you’re wearing. You will surely be giving your characters more personality with these medieval-style and village dance poses to get them in party mode. It’s no question that these pose player packs are stunning! There are more previews of the poses in this set. So, have a closer look at it from this page.

34. Delicate Daisy Poses mods

poses mods

Get the most out of your female sims! These poses are perfect for giving the camera that perfect shot. Whether it’s a photoshoot, an artful snapshot, or just a selfie with your friends, these poses will make your female sims look absolutely stunning. With 12 different poses and a range of customization options, these pose sets are perfect for any occasion. So, you guessed it, it is a must-have for every stylish girl who wants to take the coolest snapshots. Feel free to check it out.

33. Ours Grand Dad PosePack Christmas pose Pack

poses mods

Although it’s early access, it’s stunning! You can now create the perfect scene for your Sims family this holiday season with these custom poses for your sims characters. With five different poses, these packs are perfect for countless situations: from gifting to Christmas morning or spending time with grandpa. Install from this page.

32. CandyNigth PosePack

poses mods

With the new CandyNight PosePack, your family members can have a great time collecting candy without all the hassle. These poses are perfect for hallowing on Halloween and are compatible with the Sims 4. You’ll no longer have to worry about making a custom pose or assigning someone to be the cameraman to get those perfect shots. Just download these poses and they’re ready to go. You need to have the “teleport any sim mod” as well. There are many game options but these are perfect. Download it from this link.

31. But I like you

poses mods

This one was just released last February. There’s no better way to express your love than with a pose. It’s time to capture those moments together and make them last forever. Whether you’re a new couple or an old married couple, we know you’ll find something perfect for your couple. One thing is for certain you will step up your storytelling game with these lovingly crafted poses. So, get your characters in a studio and take as many pictures of them as you wish, with these poses. You can download it for free from this page.

30. Bonus Posepack poses mods

poses mods

This set contains a list of game animations for your character and their friends in Sims 4. With these poses, you can make your Sims and their friends look like best friends. There are 6 poses in this set. You will need Andrew’s pose player for the new animations to work. Oh, by the way, ensure you enable custom content in your menu so that everything could work perfectly. Here’s your download link. Add this to your mods folder before launching the Sims 4.


poses mods

Are your sims feeling low on energy? Well, this friendship pose pack is just the thing for you! Friendship poses can be used as a way to get your sims to be friendly. It’s a great way to take care of your Sim’s happiness and make them feel better. Your characters don’t need to be alone in the Sims 4. With these poses, you and your friends can explore the world together! When you select pose for your sims, you need to make sure it fits them. Grab it from this page.

28. TS4: Eating Cup Noodles posepack

poses sims4 cc 16

Your Sims like noodles, right? They’ll love these poses (and so will you). This is a set of custom poses for your sims to pose with their favorite Cup Noodles. And since you’re a busy person, we wanted to make sure that one of your favorite meals would be eaten with the utmost care, focus, and attention to detail. Give your Sims the life they deserve with these amazing poses. You’ll be making the coolest shots with these poses. It’s only a click away.


poses sims4 cc 18

Rewrite your family’s memories by capturing them in their very own summer vacation! With these custom poses, you’ll be able to create beautiful, summer memories with your Sims kids: they’ll be in swimming suits, jumping on the trampoline, or having a picnic. You can also choose from different backdrops to have the perfect summer day: on the beach, by the poolside, or by enjoying a cool drink. Your sims kids will look amazing in pictures with these poses. Whether you’re playing on PC or ps4, you must have a look at this set. To install this pose in-game, click here to download the zip file.

26. Wish upon a star

poses sims4 cc 17

Wish upon a star and spread your heart’s wings to fly with these stunning poses for your Sims 4 game. Whether you’re looking to take the best photo of your sims with the night stars or just need some new poses to spice up their daily routine, this pose pack is perfect for you. You could download it by visiting this page. Get this one and show us your snapshot on social media. We’d definitely love to see it! You’ll need andrew studio effect player.

25. 15 Unique Sitting Poses by Isims1357


Teen and free-spirited adult Sims can both benefit from these sitting poses. When looking at these images, who doesn’t think of the afternoons spent on a lawn doing a picnic or having a blast with friends at a high school bonfire? So, get your hands on these sitting poses right now!

Download link.

24. Beautiful CAS poses mods 04 by Ms Blue


Girls and young women, watch out! This pack has different hand and leg poses. All of them radiate self-confidence and power, so they are guaranteed to make your Sim stand out!

Download link.

23. Amazing Pose Pack 01 by Ms Blue

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Relaxed, natural, and comfortable – you can’t go wrong with these true & tested poses designed by Ms blue! They will look good on men, women, or children. What more can we ask for?

Download link.

22. Bestie’s Poses Mods pack by Isims1357


Isims1357 created something that we have been longing for a while. This is a pack of custom poses that showcases friends in a perfect way. Shaping hearts, hugging, or holding hands – here you’ll find a pose for every occasion.

Download link.

21. The Sims 4 Better Portraits poses mods


What does it take to take good photos? Well, it’s not enough to put on your best clothes and your best smile. One of the lesser-known secrets of successful portraits lies in the poses themselves. You need to learn how not to be stiff and just enjoy the session – which is achievable with these poses!

Download link.

20. Sweet Loving Couple poses by KatVerseCC


Love is one of the most beautiful things in the world, and its feelings are perfectly captured by these sweet couple poses. No matter where they are, your Sims can now engage in a loving embrace any time, which will also make your heart warm.

Download link.

19. Close to Me Sims 4 Poses Mods Pack by KatVerseCC


Speaking of love and warm feelings – you have to check out this couple poses pack by KatVerseCC too. Being able to open up for someone and commit to a loving relationship is the best thing you can ever do. So why not express it with a pose in Sims 4?

Download link.

18. Sovereign exposed heels – Mesh needed


When it comes to poses, and especially modeling, there is one thing you cannot leave out – high-heeled shoes! If you use the Sovereign Exposed Heels CC created by Libertay, your Sim is guaranteed to turn some heads around!

Download link.

17. Model poses 17 Poses Mods Pack and CAS


This pack contains absolutely everything you need to ace a modeling job or a career! Catalog photos, fashion show poses, and even some relaxed everyday poses can be found here to make your life like a runway. Give your Sim unique movements and poses today!

Download link.

16. Model poses 22 Pose pack and CAS poses mods


A vogue pose pack! Did you know that there are many types of modeling? This pose pack created by Helgatisha was made for brave runway models. Just look at the image and imagine your lady Sim walking in the spotlight, stopping every now and then to strike one of these poses. Doesn’t she look fabulous?

Download link.

15. Pregnancy Poses Mod Pack 2


Pregnancy photoshoots are more popular than ever now. Just look at what Katversecc has done here! Her pregnancy poses look amazing in-game. They’re warm, cute, and spiritual. In other words – ideal for your Sims! Just make sure you enable script mods and custom content in your game.

Download link.

14. Model poses 23 Posepack and CAS poses mods

Model poses 23 Posepack and CAS

Time to strike a pose! Improve your Sim’s portfolio with these amazing modeling poses by Helgatisha. There are many poses to choose from, so you can use subtle and small movements to make a catalog photography session come alive. Or you make all jaws drop at a fashion show’s runway.

Download link.

13. Just Some Cozzy Moments Pose Pack

Just Some Cozzy Moments Pose Pack

Trying to celebrate the winter holidays with your Sim friends? Well, this is the perfect pose pack for that occasion. Here you will find 3 different poses, all with their own magic. You can also make it look like your Sims are wishing Merry Christmas or Happy New Year to each other, so definitely give it a try.

Download link.

12. Cute Me and Me Friends Pose Pack by Couquett

Cute Me and Me Friends Pose Pack by Couquett

Ah, it’s a blessing to be so young and free of care! I love this pose pack simply because it highlights the carefree lives of my children in Sims 4. These are all playful poses full of warm feelings.

Download link.

11. Chic Gilrs II Pose Pack by Couquett poses mods

Chic Gilrs II Pose Pack by Couquett

Girls pose the best and there’s no doubt about it! This pack perfectly illustrates that, showcasing the girls in their best light. All mods poses here look great in-game, allowing your female Sims to pose fashionably and fabulously.

Download link.

10. Pregnant Diva Pose pack by WisteriaSims

10. Pregnant Diva Pose pack by WisteriaSims

People say that women glow with beauty when they’re pregnant. Well, that’s certainly what’s going to happen to your Sims with this pose pack! Here you have a bunch of different poses of female Sims holding their bellies. All of them are simply adorable and I recommend them trying them out!

Download link.

9. Flower Chamber: SING FOR YOU Poses collection Barstool Microphone

Flower Chamber: SING FOR YOU Poses collection Barstool Microphone

If your Sim follows the singer career path, this pack is definitely for you! These mods poses are all on a barstool with the Sim holding up a microphone. There are actually many different singing poses and you can create an entire photo album using them!

Download link.

8. fabulous Celebrity Pose pack

fabulous Celebrity Pose pack

And if your Sims are celebrities, this is what you should be downloading. This pack includes 5 unique poses that I love using them. They’re perfect for a night out or a one-of-a-kind celebration.

Download link.

7. Toddler in Laundry Hamper Poses by KatVerseCC

Toddler in Laundry Hamper Poses by KatVerseCC

Here we have one of the most adorable poses packs for Sims 4! The toddler is super playful and he decides to jump into the laundry hamper. What do you do in this situation? Well, you photograph them first, of course! Hurry up and get these poses in your game!

Download link.

6. Pose family walks by LeaIllai

 Pose family walks by LeaIllai

Spending quality time with your family is what life is all about. With these poses, you can make your Sims look like they’re having the time of their lives. The mother, the father, and their kid will hold hands and you’ll get to photograph them!

Download link.

5. Anger Pose pack by Beto_ae0

Anger Pose pack by Beto_ae0

We put the female Sims in the spotlight more than once on this list. But what about the male Sims? Well, this pose pack is a perfect opportunity to highlight the masculinity in your Sims. Show off that anger and look glorious while doing it!

Download link.

4. Amazing Couple pose tango by LeaIllai

Amazing Couple pose tango by LeaIllai

To come to a compromise, I suggest you take this pose pack home with you. Here, both your male and female Sims can look glorious together. They’ll be wildly dancing, doing extremely passionate tango poses on the podium. So, what are you waiting for?

Download link.

3. Adorable Baby Time Poses by couquett

Adorable Baby Time Poses by couquett

This is one of the most adorable pose packs in Sims 4 and there’s no doubt about it. With it, you can set up 4 babies or toddlers on a sled. They’ll look super cute while you take pictures of them!

Download link.

2. Love surprise Pose pack by Beto_ae0

Love surprise Pose pack by Beto_ae0

Hands down, this is one of the most romantic Sims 4 things I’ve ever seen! It’s an entire pose pack of a “love surprise” event where the male Sims prepares an awesome picnic for his partner. Sweet dinner with your loved one under a starry sky – is there something better in this world?

Download link.

1. Realistic Girl Pose Pack 25 by KatVerseCC

Realistic Girl Pose Pack 25 by KatVerseCC

And the winner of the best mods poses for Sims 4 is this one! I absolutely love how these poses look in-game. They’re the most realistic ones I’ve seen for this game thus far. This is how most of my female friends pose for pictures in real life, so it’s great to see my Sims do the same too.

Download link.


The internet has tons of Sims 4 mods poses. There are probably thousands of packs out there, each unique in its own way. However, I’ve selected the 25 best pose packs here that I regularly use. I hope you liked them too.

Make sure to check the other lists of poses on our site if you want even more ideas for Sims 4!

Happy simming!

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