17 Engagement & Wedding Rings CC (We Love these Gems!)

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Looking for the perfect ring for your sim’s special someone? Perhaps you’re looking to add some extra flair to your engaged sims and desire something the default game or the Wedding Expansion pack doesn’t offer. You’re in luck because I’ll be showcasing 17 of the best wedding rings CC for your male and female Sims!

sims 4 wedding rings cc

Find the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Sim!

Your search for wedding rings CC is over! I looked all over TheSimsResource, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Patreon for some engagement and wedding rings custom content and I found some gems I think you’ll like! 

Here are some of my absolute favorites finds for any newlyweds, available for free and in no particular order!

1. The Perfect Diamond Ring


If you are like me and the base-game’s rings have left you unsatisfied, then this traditional diamond gemstone ring is perfect for your newly-wed couple! When I think of wedding rings or engagement rings, this cut comes to mind. Plus the quality of it looks breathtaking! 

This ring by S-Club comes in 6 swatch colors, perfect for adding variety to your game! If this ring caught your interest, be sure to download it here.

2. Peony Engagement Ring

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Sticking with the diamond ring options, here is another great choice that will have your sim looking beautiful! I love how this ring has two smaller stones on either side, making it look stunning without worrying about it coming off tacky or a bit too much while your sim wears it.

The ring comes in a single swatch, although it looks so eye-catching even so! The CC author, Glitterberrysims did a fabulous job! Here’s the download page.

3. Standalone Ring Collection


If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a lot of ring options into your game, here’s an absolutely stunning collection by Simpliciaty! This pack has a total of 12 gorgeous rings that work for both left/right-handed sims! The detail on each ring is amazing, with a ton of variety to pick from! My personal favorite has got to be the Lilith ring, it’s just so unique! You can tell Simpliciaty put a lot of effort into this collection!

Best of all these come in 20 swatches to pick from and are compatible with the HQ Mod! Any one of these rings would compliment any screenshots taken with it too! 

They have recently made this pack public and free, so go grab it now! Download this collection off of their Patreon (free).

4. Rustic Romance Stuff: Rings

tumblr p43rb2wF7g1vemy2co1 r1 1280

This is a major wedding theme pack by The Plumbob Tea Society, made up of a lot of collaborating content creators. Within this pack are three wedding ring bands of different styles. There are also other wedding-themed CAS and Build/Buy items within the pack, and so many things I wish the Wedding Expansion had. So this is definitely worth taking a look for anything wedding-themed! 

The rings included:

There are 2 female rings with 21 swatches and 1 male ring with color swatches included. Also, these three rings are base-game compatible! 

There are different download options, either as a set or you can pick and choose which item you wish to download, more info on the page itself. Here is the download page.

5. Gemstone Ring


This gorgeous ring by S-Club would make for a great engagement ring for a royal wedding or even a gothic-themed wedding! I absolutely love the detail and plan to keep this one in my must-haves CC folder! 

The ring comes in 5 swatches, from emerald to a sapphire gemstone with three bands for the ring itself. Here’s the download page.

6. POV Engagement Ring


Here is a ring for all the left-handed simmers out there! This cc by CoCo Games is wonderful, furthermore, this ring is inspired by Ariana Grande’s wedding ring as the creator notes. Which looks amazing in real life too!

This should work just fine in your base-game and look beautiful too! Here is the free download from their Patreon.

7. Sapphire Engagement Ring

w 920h 690 3327247

Here’s one of the best sapphire rings I have found on TSR, with the small diamonds being a great touch to make it pop more! If sapphire is your favorite type of gemstone, this is a must-have ring. Your sim will love it too!

This eye-catching engagement ring is made by Glitterberrysims as well. They have a wonderful collection of rings – be it engagement/wedding rings or casual wear. Definitely check them out! Here’s the cc download.

8. Ruby and Diamond Engagement Ring

w 920h 690 3329532

If you are a lover of red and white colors, this might just be the one for you. This ring is made from rubies and diamonds in a beautiful pattern. These gems look like roses from afar and could make brilliant use for an Alice in Wonderland-themed sim. 

This ring doesn’t need a giant gem to still look absolutely stunning. An excellent pick if you’re looking for a beautifully subtle ring. Here is the download link.

9. Greis Ring V1

w 920h 690 3253689

Looking for a new ring band for male sims? Here is one that easily surpasses the default rings in-game. This ring band is created by the talented Sugar Owl. Now my male sims actually have something new to look sharp on that special day!

This also is base-game compatible and has 10 swatches! Also for those who are using the HQ mod, this works with that mod too! Here is the download page.

10. My Wedding Stories Engagement Rings recolors


Let’s be honest, the rings from My Wedding Stories game pack could use a makeover, and if you are using cc eyelashes or another face cc, the rings from that pack aren’t compatible. Luckily we got you covered there! 

Creator Ellesmea made these great recolors from the pack and fixed that pesky texture issue, so now your sims eyelashes won’t disappear while using the rings! 

These rings come in 10-14 color swatches, yellow and white most notably. Here’s the download page.

11. Bohemian Wedding Turquoise Ring

w 920h 690 3300321

Planning a wedding with an ocean view? Maybe you’re looking for a vacation after the wedding with the Island Living Expansion Pack? Whatever the reason, this ring captures that bright blue water we know and love and put into a ring. 

Three turquoise sub-stones revolving around the main stone already catches the eye, but even more so with tons of diamonds surrounding the stones too! This truly is gorgeous and makes for a very unique ring to give to your sims! Make sure to get this wedding ring cc, here’s the download.

12. Triple Ring Set


Here’s another ring set for all your left-handed sims! These breathtaking rings are made by Lena Sims/Atelier Lena, they have a large collection of wedding cc and Korean cc for those who are interested! You should explore their catalog as you might just find another hidden gem 😉

This ring set comes in 8 color swatches per ring and is for masculine and feminine sims! A must-have for any sim couple! To download this wedding ring CC, click here.

13. Sapphire Circle Ring


If you’re looking for a ring for a royal sim, or need something novel, here is a fantastic and aesthetically pleasing wedding ring for you! The sapphire is a plus! This beauty is one of Glitterberry Sim’s early works, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the quality is any different from their usual works! Here is the download page.

14. Wedding Ring


Another ring from the wonderful Lena Sims/Atelier Lena! The quality this ring has is unbelievable and will really make your sim pop out more!

This ring comes in 10 beautiful color swatches options and is unisex. This is also base-game compatible so everyone can enjoy this new ring! Here is the download page.

15. Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

w 920h 690 3399463

Here’s one stunning ring that’ll change up from the usual ring bands the base-game has. A beautiful diamond stone as the centerpiece with a gold or silver banding for the ring itself, this easily stands out and will make your sim look even better in their wedding gown! Your sim will thank you! I especially like this ring because the shape is different from the usual stone rings I’ve come across in my search.

This ring comes in 2 swatches, gold or silver. Gives you some choice to spice it up and use on multiple sims! Here’s the download page.

16. Wedding Set Pack: Rings

tumblr pc63sbdsJM1wgvn5ho2 1280

For those of you who are looking for more maxis match rings, here is a couple that fits great alongside the base-game rings! This ring is included in a wedding set pack by Zeussim, so as a bonus on this list are some extra wedding dresses too! 

If you just want the ring by itself though, the download page has an individual option or the pack version. This ring comes in 18 color swatches, and best of all – My Wedding Stories Expansion is not required! Download this into your mods folder.

17. Vintage-inspired diamond ring

w 920h 690 3256259

Lastly, but certainly far from the least, the “Vintage inspired diamond ring” by NataliS is a diamond ring that comes in two colors, and is easily a stylish ring to shake up the norms. If you like larger rings for your sims, this is a moderate size and gives that extra flair you may be looking for. 

As you might see, this ring has the main diamond encased by several small diamonds that bring extra life to this item. The small edges give this a sharp and stylish look that would be perfect for any sim, like the Landgrabs or even the Goth family due to the vintage aesthetic this ring has. Plus as the name implies, this also fits an older era theme as well. Perfect for some old-school sim worlds or a renaissance royal bride! Here is the download page.


Overall these are some of the very best wedding/engagement rings I have been able to find online, although there’s still plenty to discover and many more by the cc creators featured on this list. Hopefully, this has helped you in finding the perfect ring for that special sim. If you are in the same boat as me and “My Wedding Stories” Expansion left a lot to be desired, especially with the ring catalog.

I attempted to find a variety of rings for all backgrounds your sims could have, and hopefully break out of the usual rings we all know too well. Be sure to check out all the creators featured as they likely have even more wedding-themed cc to search through! We’ve merely scratched the surface of their content!

I hope you have fun simming!

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