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Wallpaper, in the sims 4, is a really cool and fun aspect of the game. But what to do when you’ve grown bored of the base game’s wallpapers? You’re in luck because I am here to show you some really cool and different Sims 4 wallpaper custom content packs. Some are elegant and sophisticated while others are more child-like and simple. Enjoy!

sims 4 wallpaper

Our favorite wallpaper Custom content

If you love The Sims 4 and have been looking for a way to spice up your game, then you might want to give this post a read. This is going to be about some of the coolest wallpaper custom content for the Sims 4.

Wallpapers can make a house feel more homey and personal without much effort at all. These will spruce up any room and give your house that feeling of being newly decorated. And the best part is, that there are so many creative minds online willing to make custom content for their fellow gamers. Plus, it is not a bad thing to want to change up your space or make it feel new again.

Therefore, I have found plenty of free wallpapers that you can download and use in the Sims. These have a lot of simple, versatile patterns, in a variety of different colors and textures. They also have some more sophisticated patterns that are great if you’re looking for something unique for your Sims bedroom, bathroom, living room or even kitchen. So if you’re looking for some new decorating ideas, then keep scrolling for the best wallpaper choices for your home!

Dark October Wallpaper

sims 4 wallpaper

So, we can all agree that wallpapers are your way to create a new atmosphere in an old space. With these different wallpapers, the interior design of your living room, hall or bedroom will be transformed into a spooky, macabre space for your Sims.

These come in a variety of patterns that you’re sure to love. If you don’t find the perfect one for your Sim’s home, take a look at more of our collections. Grab this set from this patreon page.

Wood Panel Set – sims 4 wallpaper

sims 4 wallpaper

Bring the warm, natural feel of wood home with these Sims 4 wallpapers. I have been looking for quality decorative wallpapers to make my family room stand out and I was finally in luck. These beautiful, realistic-looking wood wallpapers will make your walls seem like they are made of natural wood. Put a couple on the interior walls and exterior walls in your home to give it an instantly warm and cozy appearance.

Available in four color varieties, these panels will give your sim’s home design an extra dose of personality and class. Head over to this tumblr page to install.


sims 4 wallpaper

Bring your house to life with these gorgeous, minimalistic, and customizable wallpapers. These will make your house look stunning and inviting. With white-gray walls and a straight line of 8 different swatches, this set is a must-have. To download, visit this page.

Strawberry Thief Wallpaper Early Access

sims 4 wallpaper

If you’re looking to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing on the inside, look no further. This set of decorations wallpapers is dedicated to bringing you the prettiest and most colorful styles of wallpapers for your sims house. With a modern design, it’ll be the only decoration that you’ll need. Download!

Cementine wall Tiles – sims 4 wallpaper

sims 4 wallpaper

You’ve seen the lines before, now get the tile! A new 4-swatch tile wall design is coming your way. Cementine Tiles is a Sims 4 exclusive. The geometric design is great for any room, but we love it especially in bathrooms and kitchens. And with 4 color options, you can customize it to match your style – no matter what it is!

The neutral color scheme and textures are perfect for any modern space. This geometric design comes in shades of creamy beige, brown, and grey. Click here to download.

Simblreen Treat

sims 4 wallpaper

Trick or treat! Hide the candy in your sims 4 house with this spooky-cute Simblreen Treat. Bring your home decorating to a whole new level with these stylish patterns. With 21 patterns to choose from, you’ll find something perfect for any mood. Install this simfileshare pack here.

Sanrio Wallpapers – Set Two

sims 4 wallpaper

After months of anticipation, the new kitty wallpapers are finally here! Based on Sanrio’s beloved and iconic cat, Hello Kitty, your Sims can now decorate their kids room with these adorable wallpapers.

They’re available in 20 different patterns and colors, so you can match it to the rest of your design. If you’re looking for something whimsical and sweet for your Sims room, the new Sanrio Wallpapers are the perfect Here’s your download link.

Nova Wall Wallpaper – sims 4 wallpaper

sims4 wallpaper cc 8

With these different designs, you can transform your Sims house in just minutes! Whether it’s a dining room or bedroom, this set has the perfect pattern for your home and personality. All of these wallpapers have detailed textures and are utterly chic. Best of all, they’re available as a single design or in a bundle. Download from this sims resource page

Beadboard Wainscoting Wall

sims4 wallpaper cc 9

The boards have intricate cutouts for perfect application. You can select any wall or ceiling in your sim’s home and apply the wallpaper, or you could mix and match. The design is seamless, so you don’t have to worry about seams from one board to the next.

There are 8 color swatches in this set, so you’ll find one that matches your needs. This cc will make your sim’s house feel cozy and welcoming just like real life. Install this CC pack from tsr into your mods folder.

Christmas Wallpaper Collection -sims 4 wallpaper

sims4 wallpaper cc 10

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a house like the McAllister’s? The Christmas Wallpaper Collection is your chance to make your room feel like you’re right there with Kevin. The set has every kind of design that you would ever need. So, now you can add that extra touch to your house with this top quality, lovingly hand made Christmas Wallpaper set.

Get into the holiday spirit this year by downloading our Christmas Wallpaper Collection. We love to have fun with the holidays and we hope that you will too. Here’s your download link.

We want to take this time to thank you for checking us out and we hope that you found something that suits your needs. We know how hard it can be to find quality, wallpaper-worthy content and we are happy to share our favorites with you. See you soon!

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