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Are you a fan of the pink aesthetic? No matter if it’s hair, makeup, outfits, or furniture, for pink lovers this color is always welcome. If you’d like to enrich your gameplay with the finest details of this color, keep reading to discover the best Sims 4 pink CC you can find online.


Sims 4 pink cC: Furniture, hair, makeup, Outfits & more!

Sims’ aesthetic plays such an important role in creating perfect storylines. The Sims 4 expansion packs have offered us so much in terms of furniture, clothing, and looks. However, because we love exploring different themes and creating unique characters, good CC is always welcome.

The pink aesthetic is something special, and there never seems to be enough pink details in our favorite game. Because of that, we have selected some of the most showstopping pink CC for you. We have split them into two sections: Home & Furniture, and Clothes & Looks. If you are up for it, here come the best Sims 4 pink CC ready for you to enjoy!

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Home & Furniture

1. The Pink Victorian mansion by alexiasi

sims 4 pink cc

If you have ever dreamt of living in a pink Barbie-like castle, now is the time to move in! This Victorian home is all pink, from facade to interior details, floors, and walls. It’s spacious, luxurious, and has three floors for your Sims to enjoy! Get this fairy tale home on this page.

2. Luxurious walk-in Closet by cowbuild

sims 4 pink cc

Reserved for those who love luxury only, this CC walk-in closet has all your Sims need to look their best. If you chose to try it out, expect hangers with branded clothes to the golden mirror, p[ink details, and a big vanity set. Everything is beige and pastel pink, and you’ll even get Prada perfume, pearls, and a lux chandelier. You can get it for free on this page.

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3. Victoria’s Secret & Pink Retail Store

sims 4 pink cc

What screams pink more than Victoria’s Secret brand? Thanks to this CC you Sims can shop at one of the best lingerie shops across the globe – VS. The CC includes a whole store, with all the finest elements such as makeup, lingerie, and authentic VS logo details. Luxurious cars parked outside and clothing rafts ready for you to buy – what more can a shopping lover wish for? Check it out on this page.

4. Animal Lovers pink set by cowbuild

sims 4 pink cc

Your best animal friends can now enjoy the best furniture for cats and dogs, thanks to this pack of aesthetic pink pet details. A french pet sofa, a stylish macrame bed for pets, and a pink cat tree are just some of the details this CC set includes. With pieces like these, your pets will certainly feel like royals! Get them for your furry friends by following this link.

5. pink Bratz Themed Bedroom & Vanity Area

sims 4 pink cc

Bratz dolls were childhood highlights of many, and now they can shape the childhood of your Sims’, too! With Bratz logo sheets, posters, and pink details, this bedroom is girly heaven. You’ll get a set of girly teenage movies on a DVD, a light ring, and a hyper-detailed vanity corner! Get this Bratz heaven on this page.

6. Grace Vanity set by winner9

sims 4 pink cc

This CC is made for the gracious ladies of the Sims 4. With round edges and pink-bronze details, it is the most elegant vanity table you’ll ever come across. It comes in minimal and art deco variants, and with a matching chair. Besides pink, you’ll also get to pick a few other colors, all of which are equally elegant. To get this elegant piece of Sims 4 pink furniture CC for yourself, go here.

7. Alice House multiple rooms

sims 4 pink cc

This soft pink aesthetic with white details is here to help you create a modern Zen paradise for your Sims. The is a CC that includes all rooms you need, all with the same main theme – pink! You get a living room, a dining area, and a bedroom, which makes it an ideal starter CC pack. To get this soft pink interior, visit this page.

8. Y2K Set bedroom by Mechtasims

sims 4 pink cc

Now, this is something a little more urban. If you don’t like stereotypically girly stuff, but you still love pink, then this bedroom set is just right for you. A bubblegum armchair, messy bed with pink checkered and leopard sheets, and an MTV flag are all you need to have an interior that stands out. To check out this Sims 4 pink bedroom CC in detail, go here.

9. Pixel Vibes pink dining set

sims 4 pink cc

This one is the stylish, most sophisticated pink dining set one Sims can have. Soft velvet chairs are made of pink fabrics and are ideal for creating a luxurious interior. Gold details are a fine touch that makes the set look even more extravagant. To get this pink dining set, go here.

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10. Kawaii Gaming Chair in Pastel Pink

sims 4 pink cc

This chair is the epitome of kawaii furniture. If you need to elevate your gaming space in the Sims 4, this one will help you create an e-girl (or boy) vibe. You can change the seat color, as well as pick from 14 different pow options to customize the look of your pink room. Check it out here.

11. Kids Study space by cowbuild

sims 4 pink cc

This study space is so adorable, it makes you want to be a little kid again. The dreamy house shape with the stuffing desk in the middle resembles something you’d see in dreamy animated kids’ movies. Besides a desk, you also get a tiny butterfly chair for kids to match other pink details and take the cuteness of your kids room to a next level. To get it for your Sims youngsters, go here.

12. Pastel Pink piano by lazerly

08 pastel piano sims 4 cc

Play piano with style and give your Sims an instrument worthy of unconditional admiration. This Pastel pink piano is made only for Sims with style. Plus, besides pink, you can also opt for four other pastel colors. It will look great in the hallway, the diner, the living room – or anywhere else you put it. Get one for yourself on this page.

13. Candy Covered Nursery & Kids room


Soft pink is always associated with gentleness, childhood, and babies, which is why this pink room is a perfect pick for any Simmer who pays attention to details. The CC includes a pink cradle, sofa for nanny, carpet, walls – pink everything. To get this pink dreamy space for your youngest Sims, go here.

Clothes & Looks

1. hair for Kids, Male and Female Sims

MTS kellyhb5 1522158 Update

How pink can you possibly get? Well, with this CC, you can get pretty pink, and have all your Sims family members become pink, too. This custom content includes hair, facial hair, and brows for Sims of all ages, from children to the elderly, male or female. Make your family pink and get these Sims 4 pink hair CC looks here.

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2. juis lather ankle boots


Chinky boots are in this season, and now your Sims can rock them big style – in a stylish pink variant! You’ll get a few pairs of ankle boots and get a few colors swatched to mix things up a bit. Either way, rest assured that these pink boots will make you feel seen, wherever you go. To get this effective piece, go here.

3. Pink toddler barret & dress by casteru

03 sweet dress and beret sims4 cc

Get ready to be smitten by the cutest pink dress ever. Your youngest Sims will love this elegant little dress. Every little girl loves wearing pink, and this pink tunic with a cute Parisian pink hat is an absolute must-have. It’s cute, it’s girly, and your little girls will love it as much as you do. Get this combo for Sims cutie pies here!

4. high heels chili collection by Jius-sims


Ladies, brace yourselves, as you are about to see the hottest pink heels on the market. They are coming in four different versions – elegant heel, chunky elegant, bold anklet boot, and deep pink suede heel. With a set like this, rest assured that all eyes will be on you. Dark pink sims 4 CC sandals from the set are especially poppin’. Get these fancy pieces on this page.

5. The Pink color full look for Females

IMG 20200812 231016

Now you can get pink from head to toe, thanks to this incredible pink CC lookbook. This one includes pink clothes, pink hair, shoes, nails, and makeup – all you need for a complete look. The style is dreamy, and so is everything else, so your Sims will look like a fairy tale character. If this is your cup of tea, check it out on this page!

Pink and green are an incredible match. To get fun green hair for Sims 4, go here!

6. soft pink aesthetic full look for females by Egrrrl

tumblr pnd6y26Grs1vbz0i5o1 1280

What would this list be without some pink e-girl stuff? This aesthetics includes all the soft pink details you need to complete an outfit. You’ll also get a pair of chunky pink crock sandals, cute pink two-tone hair, thigh-high socks, and soft pink makeup to complete the look. To download it all for free, go here.

7. Stephanie’s PJ Belaloallure Night wear


Look like Victoria’s Secret model when you are getting ready for sleep, with these silky PJs for Sims ladies. This satin pajama set is ideal for elegant Sims ladies with style. It’s soft, feminine, romantic, and most of all, super realistic. If you love nightwear like this, you are free to get this alluring CC here.

8. Pink gown Brandon maxwell

tumblr e83aa6cba0c3ec821948d5d67ff4ad3e aed679ab 1280

This pink gown is one of the most beautiful gowns a girl can have. Made for gentle hearts who love luxury and dream of the red carpet, this CC can easily become your favorite formalwear. It includes an elegant crop top and a flowing satin skirt part that together make it a dress girls dream of having. To get this luxurious gown, click here to download it into your mods folder.

5. Pink pajama set for male sims

tumblr 2bf11e1efea5678ae03edd8cede30db4 26aeda7e 500

Last but not least, let’s not forget our gentlemen who can also look incredible wearing pink! This pink pajama set is reserved for Sims gentlemen with style, who knows how to appreciate a good detail, even if it’s just nightwear. There are 45 swatches of this PJ, so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from if you like the model. Here’s your download link.

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This was our selection of hottest pink items for Sims 4 you can download online and include in your game. The list has included all kinds of pink essentials, from pink details such as a bed or a piano to a completely pink home. We hope you enjoyed the ride and have found some CC that clicks with you.

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