The Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge

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Are you up for a Sims 4 legacy challenge that leaves all rules to chance? Random Legacy Challenge Buckle up, and let’s learn how to play it from start to finish.

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What Is The Random Legacy Challenge For Sims 4?

Greetings, simmer, and welcome to the Random Legacy Challenge! Being a legacy challenge, it invites you to play for 10 generations. However, unlike many other Sims 4 challenges, this one leaves all rules to chance – hence the name! All major aspects of your Sim’s life will be determined by a special dice roller, and your job will be to meet those random requirements for every generation to successfully complete the challenge. Every new generation will be completely unpredictable. You will need to roll with the punches and adapt to new rules for every generation as you go. The challenge was originally created by tigger89. Let’s go over the main rules and discover how to play it, step-by-step!

General Challenge Rules

To complete the challenge, we must play by the rules! There are more details about the challenge in the original post here, but you can also find a lot of info and an alternate roller here. However, we will highlight some main rules you should keep in mind while playing every generation:

  • Career – Sims can only earn a living from a career assigned to them by the dice. If their career requires them to make or sell something, they must collect, and they must do so without anyone’s help. They are not allowed to make simoleons from what their ancestors have made (e.g. sell their paintings or plants).
  • Mods – Mods that can help you meet challenge objectives aren’t allowed. MCCC is allowed.
  • Cheats – are not allowed.
  • Aging – Must be set to normal and turned on for inactive households.
  • Playing other households – Not allowed in the world you are playing, while you play the challenge.
  • Aging up – Your Sims must age up naturally when it’s their actual birthday.
  • Re-rolling the dice – You are allowed to re-roll the dice if you get the same generational goal, career, or fun for two Sims or generations in a row.
  • Customizing partners and helpers – You are allowed to create partners and helpers for every heir, but can’t move them into your household, and you must randomize their traits. Your heirs have to woo and ask them to move in organically. You are not allowed to transfer their funds, so you can make an exception and use money x cheat to set their simoleons to zero.

Now, let’s play!

1. Roll The Dice To Get Started With The Challenge!

Random Legacy Challenge

To start the challenge, create a new game. You will need to use the Random Legacy Roller to get your rules for the first generation. Remember to use the ”Filter” button to rule out all DLCs you don’t have installed to make the dice roll work for you! Once that’s done, just click on the ”Roll” option, and the dice will reveal all you need to know about the Sim from your first generation. You will get info about their:

  • marital status
  • number of children
  • career
  • miscellaneous fun
  • main challenge objective for the first-generation

These will be your guidelines, and the objectives for the first generation that you have to meet to proceed with the challenge.

2. Create The Founders And Move Them In

Once you have all the info, go to CAS to create the founders – the first generation. Every generation has one main Sim (the heir), and they have to be a young adult. The dice will let you know what secondary characters (spouses or helpers) are, so you can roll the dice to get info for these Sims as well if listed.

Play with their looks, gender, and personality all you want, as long as it aligns with what the dice gave you. Because the number of kids is a part of the challenge goals, you have to get them organically in the game, so don’t make children in CAS. Once the household is ready, move them into any empty lot or empty home.

3. Meet Goals For The First Generation

The challenge has just started, and you are in the live mode. Your goal for this, and all other generations, is to meet the objectives the dice gave you in step 1. For example, if the dice roll says your Sim needs to work as a programmer, have 5 kids, stay single, have two helpers, and have a home library, you must meet all objectives for this generation to be successful.

4. Choose The Heir

Random Legacy Challenge

Choosing the heir can be completely random, but it’s important to pick a child that is a direct hair (biological or adopted) from the previous generation. They also have to be one of the kids that counted towards the kid number when you rolled the dice for that generation. For example, if the dice say you need to have two kids, and your Sim ends up having four, you have to make one of the first two kids an heir.

If you have helpers and they happen to have kids, their kids also count towards the total number of kids in a generation. However, only kids from the main Sim (the hair) can become heirs. You can use a random number picker to choose the heir, and succession laws can be helpful, too!

5. Start Playing The Next Generation

The next generation begins once your chosen heir becomes a young adult. This is when new rules come into play. You can roll the dice for the heir as soon as they are born, to blend the two generations well.

Previous generation rules apply until you complete them. If Sims from your previous generation have some unfinished business (like aspirations), you are allowed to complete those until they die. This means that heirs from the previous generation (the parents) can stay in and live with them for a while, but you can move them out once they have completed all their goals.

All Sims who are not the chosen hair, as well as helpers, must be moved out, and you have one day to do this after your heir becomes a young adult.

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6. Continue The Cycle Until the Challenge Is Complete

When playing the Random Legacy challenge, your job is to complete all goals the dice roller assigns you for 10 different generations. This means you will need to roll the dice for every generation, so 10 generations – 10 dice rolls, and 10 unique sets of rules! Fail to meet the objectives of any generation, and you’ve failed the whole challenge. 

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t roll the dice for all 10 generations at once, as the rules for the next heir must be generated only after they are born.

  • The Random Legacy Challenge is officially over once the 10th generation meets all their goals and their heir (11th generation) becomes a young adult. 


The Random Legacy challenge is for all simmers who like a healthy dose of unpredictability. Sometimes, the dice rolls will generate more demanding rules, so you can never know what’s ahead! There are so many dice roll combos, and each will challenge you differently. Have fun and happy simming!

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