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Summer is almost here! And if it’s not… at least for your sims, it can be Summer any time! Summertime means having some fun in the sun! If you’re tired of using the EA default swimsuits and you’re looking to download some more cute and sexy two-piece swimwear looks, you found the right place. This list will have the best Sims 4 bikini cc to download for your Sims to wear while they relax on the beach or jump in the pool!

Sims 4 Bikini

Bikini Custom Content for Your Female Sims

Sims 4 has come a long way since the initial release. The sheer number of clothing and accessories options has made the game more interesting and competitive. There are many different ways you can customize your character in terms of appearance, personality, and career choices.

If you are looking for the latest designs of Sims 4 bikini custom content, this post has got your back! From underwear to lingerie to swimwear, you can be sure that our Sims 4 bikini custom content list will have something for everyone. Ladies will always find it an easy way to get some attention and make a bold statement about their body shape with these bikinis. If you’re looking for custom content, these are some of the items that might be worth checking out!

The cool thing is, that there are so many different kinds of patterns that you can choose from, like lace, feathers, polka dots, and flowers. And with new meshes and textures being released regularly, it feels almost like a sim’s duty to keep up!

So, go ahead and check out all of these kinds of underwear clothes for female Sims that will make your character look adorable and cuter than ever. Enjoy!

1. The Vacanza Collection by Serenity-cc

The Vacanza Collection Swimsuit for Female (Swimsuit/ Hat/ Cover Up/ Necklace/ Earrings/ Slippers) [MM]

This CC Set is literally screaming vacation! This Vacanza Collection from Serenity includes different swimwear styles with soft pastels and cute patterns to choose from! Here’s your download link.

2. TianaBerrie – Swimwear Collection by Luxysims

Realistic Swimsuit Set for Female

This adorable swimwear collection is an epic result of Simstuber Tianaberrie and Luxysims collaboration. This collection comes with 6 cute swatches to choose from. Enjoy dressing up your Sims here!

3. Smoll Swim Set – NitroPanic

image 28

This Sims 4 tiny string bikini comes in 12 different colors to choose from. Teen to elder female sims can wear this bikini. You can also download the tops or bottoms separately if you need to! Download here from NitroPanic.

4. Berry Swimsuit new mesh – Sims 4 Bikini

image 29

Are you looking for fun prints? This Berry Swimsuit bikini cc comes in 30 different swatches to choose from! This bikini has a cute design with a tie in the front and criss-cross straps on the bottoms. I like the set with the anchor pattern on it the most. If you like this bikini set, click here to download it from Kenzar on Tumblr.

5. Butterfly Bikini – dreamgirl

image 30

This Sims 4 bikini is the cutest! It comes in 10 different colors and has a cute butterfly charm belt. If you love butterflies as much as I do, this is a must! This is a full-body set. Download here for free from Dreamgirl on their Patreon.

6. Burberry Bikini & Bucket Hat – J-Armoire

image 31

Burberry fan? Download this Sims 4 bikini set with a bucket hat included! Your sims can enjoy lounging on the beach in class. Each piece can be downloaded separately: top, bottom, and bucket hat. Download here from J’Armoire on Tumblr.

7. Pandawa Bikini Set – NitroPanic

image 32

This Sims 4 bikini set comes in five different colors! Another sexy creation from NitroPanic to add to your sims closet! Have some fun in the sun and have your sim feeling like a goddess with this bikini set. Download here from NitroPanic on Tumblr.

8. Erika Set – Kenzar

image 33

This Sims 4 bikini set is so cute! For those who like a little bling, this set has a belt with gold chains on each side of the hips. It also comes in 18 popular fabric textures. One in the picture is a pink LV, looks expensive! Download here from Kenzar on Tumblr.

9. Bikini Swimsuit – Lazy_Eyelids

image 34

Here is a Sims 4 bikini that is super cute and comes in so many variations! Not only do you have 28 different swatches with both patterned fabrics as well as solid colors, but there is a strapless version as well! There are so many options to pick from with this set, and all the patterns are cute and summery. Download here for free from Lazy_Eyelids on their Patreon.

10. Ready For Summer Bikini Set – demondare

image 35

This high-waisted bikini set is adorable. It also comes in 35 different patterns and colors so you will for sure find the perfect one to match your sim’s personality and style! To get this Sims 4 bikini set: Download here from Deomondare-sims on Tumblr.

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11. Bikini Set #2 – demondare

Sims 4 Bikini

This is the second Sims 4 bikini set by Demondare with even more patterns to pick from in a traditional bikini waist style! These patterns are very trendy and stylish, with the popular pink with red strawberries is a popular pattern right now! There are in total 31 different swatches so that you can make sure to pick the right one for your sim. Download here for free from Demondare on their Patreon.

12. Sania and Melody – Manueapinny

Sims 4 Bikini

In this Sims 4 bikini set, you can pick many different options to download. Sonia is the first set which has a high-waisted bottom, and Melody is the second set with a short bottom. With both, you can either download them with the tops and bottom separately, or you can download them together. The Sania set also has the option to download a strapless version if you want! The mix and match colors and patterns are so fun! Download here from Manueapinny on Tumblr.

13. Thea Bikini Cover Up – Trillyke

Sims 4 Bikini

If you have found the perfect bikini for your sim, now they just need a cute cover-up for when they’re taking a walk on the beach! This Sims 4 bikini cover-up has 18 colors and 7 patterns, both solid and sheer. Be sure to look for the correct download link, there are many other clothes in this post! Download here for free from Trillyke on their Patreon.

These are some of the best body mods for your sims 4 characters.

14. Mermaid Bikini – Trillyke

Sims 4 Bikini

This Sims 4 bikini is another creation from Trillyke. If you like their bikini cover-up, you might like this cute and fun mermaid bikini! The top has a zipper front with starfish, and the shiny high-waisted bottoms have a fish scale pattern. There are 10 swatches of color combinations to pick from. You can use this for your mermaid sims as a funny little on-the-nose joke! Download here from Trillyke on Tumblr.  

15. She Swells Seashells Bikini – Deetron Sims

Sims 4 Bikini

This is my favorite bikini on this list. This Sims 4 bikini set has a seashell top with 20 gradients and 10 pattern swatches for a total of 30 different swatches. You can use this bikini for ages teens through elders. This is also a great choice if you are looking for Maxis match! I want one of these in real life! I guess my sim will have to wear it for me. Download here from Deetron Sims on their blog post.

16. Inna Bikini Mod – Redhead Sims

Sims 4 Bikini

This Sims 4 bikini has a cute and ruffled asymmetric design with 43 colors to choose from. You can pick from solid colors, polka dots, floral patterns, animal print, and plaid – just to name a few! Download here from Redhead Sims on Tumblr.

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17. Summer Fruits favorite Swimsuits – Gaby Me Love

Sims 4 Bikini

These Sims 4 bikinis are so colorful and fun! The designs are based on 7 different fruits: Watermelon, banana, pineapple, mango, lemon, pink lemon, and coconut. This set is perfect if you have a sim with the foodie personality type! Download here from Gaby Me Love on their blog post.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to spice up your female Sims with some new bikini content, be sure to check out the websites listed above. They offer a variety of different bikinis for your Sims to wear, and they’re all available for free download. So go ahead and give them a try – you won’t be disappointed! We hope you enjoyed these pieces of cc packs and see you in a different post!

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