25+ Elegant Slicked Back Hair CC You Need to Try

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Are you a fan of swept-back hair? Let’s be real, who isn’t? Slicked back hair is one of the most elegant options you can opt for. No matter if you are looking for an everyday look, or need something to make your Sims feel put together, keep reading to find the hottest slicked back hairdos available online!

sims 4 slicked back hair cc

slicked back hair: CC for males and females of all ages!

Hairstyles are a huge part of our Sims’ identities. Although we all have some favorite ones, the more families we create, the more styles we crave. While Sims 4 has so much to offer in terms of different looks, it’s always good to add more fun to the game and experiment with new hairstyles. Custom content hairstyles help us get creative in CAS and personalize every character to a T, just as we planned.

This is why we have browsed, cherry-picked, and made a list with the best slicked back hair custom content for both males and females. Some are neat, some messy, some long, and some short. Enjoy!

1. ”david” hair slicked back style


Short and neatly cut hairstyles are never out of fashion. This look is available for all male Sims, from teens to elders. Besides being super clean and stylish, it also comes in 16 hair colors, including neon blue and green, to add extra spice to your guys’ appearances! Plus, it’s compatible with the Base Game, so you can play with it even without extensions. Check it out on this Patreon page!

2. ”ahn” hair by syaovu

It’s time for Sims ladies to show up boldly and authentically! Now your ladies can look as cool as Tilda Swinton with this sophisticated, yet quirky hairstyle. The look is available for teens, adults, and elders. It is fully compatible with hats and comes in 18 variations, including ombre styles. To look this sophisticated, download this slicked back hair female style into your mods folder.

3. cassius male & female hair


Do you love mystery and long slicked-back hair? Look no further, as these slicked back hair looks will fulfill your expectations. It is designed for all Sims of both genders, from teens to older. There are three versions of the hairdo available and up to 57 gorgeous hair colors to try out! Check it out on this page!

4. ”lorenzo” hairstyle by simstrouble

PSD Preview copia 1

This slicked back hair is an edit from Cottage Living. It is messy, alluring, and will instantly turn your Sims guys into heartbreakers. The best part about it is that it’s compatible with hats, so you can also create an effortlessly bohemian look. It comes with 24 swatches. This exotic look is available for download on this page!

5. slick it back ponytail by leeleesims1

tumblr 3e137d7432aee7b1a1f93f22c3d727ed d0c39dee 1280

Slicked back look for girls is a definition of elegance, and this ponytail is no different. The roots are neatly slicked back, while the ponytail is curly, messy, and voluminous – a style for real divas. You can wear it with or without bobby pins, and experiment with 18 hair colors. To get this luscious slicked back hair CC, download it here!

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6. short undercut hair by Hoanglapsims

tumblr 6de92575f902d620bdab56ab3a07f301 b17f3c40 400

Now, this is something you have seen guys wear in real life. A short undercut with a swept-back top has never looked better. This is a long slick-back style that any suave gentleman would love to rock. It’s neat, it looks nice, and it’s shiny. In fact, it’s so shiny that any woman would be jealous of how glossy it is! Check out this stylish slicked back hair male look here!

7. less slick hair by simwolf

tumblr 0c360b9924a7dbb04e04c0078acba59b 114734b0 1280

No matter if you are getting ready for your best friend’s wedding day, a celebration, or a red carpet, this gorgeous slicked-back hairstyle is just what you need to shine. It’s nicely poofed, yet elegantly swept back. It has 24 swatches, and although it requires Moschino Stuff Pack. So, if you have it installed, don’t hesitate to get this stunning look! Check it out on this page!

Would you like to earn your simoleons by giving makeovers? Now you can, with Shear Brilliance Mod!

8. sleek & swept hairdo by Peacemaker_ic

tumblr oez8puGY3M1s4yxajo1 1280

Sleep and swept, this sexy look is here to make your gentle truly stand out. It not only comes in natural hair colors but also includes a range of unnatural dyes, such as blue, pink, green, or red. It comes in 18 color variants and is a base game compatible CC piece. Not to mention it is also fully compatible with hats! Check it out here!

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9. anto Tommy slicked back hair for kids and toddlers

tumblr pju5sdANoC1tkoqb2o1 1280

Your Sims boys and toddlers can now be the most sophisticated kiddos in town. This fine slicked back hair is designed for the youngest masculines and textured so fine that you can easily see individual hairs. A voluminous and trendy style like this is a great choice for both formal and casual outfits. This fabulous hairstyle is available for download here!

10. summer hair by ImVikai

summer hair

Who knew you can look elegant and edgy at the same time? This slicked, long bob for ladies is all you need to stand out in the sea of boring hairstyles. It’s suitable for all ladies who are teens or older and comes with 24 hair color options, including unnatural tones. It’s both base game and hat compatible. The download is available here!

11. slicked back conversion

MaleHair B

If you love simple but effective looks, this one will surely do! It comes in a few textures and a few different hair colors. This is a smooth look available for everyone, from teens to elders. Plus, you’ll get a chance to play with 16 different colors, so have fun! To get the look, follow this link!

12. pressure hairstyle for Him & her by SilverSims

Pressure F

Look edgy and rebel against norms, with this showstopping slicked look. No matter if your Sims are male or female, this one will help them express who they are. It is compatible with hats, and suitable for Sims as young as teens. There are 24 incredible swatches it comes with, so you’ll never lack unique looks. To get this slicked back hair for your ladies and gents, go here!

If you love quirky looks and unnatural hair colors, check out these Green Hair CC!

13. ”richard” hair by vevesims

tumblr 22ce443d7125d327ed339e4124ba45bb e2332dde 1280

Are you ready for the coolest retro-slicked look? Well, this one will make your gentlemen feel like modernized Sims versions of Elvis. The look comes with 18 color variations and is designed to match the base game, so no worries if you don’t have extensions installed. To get this suave hairdo for your Sims 4 gentlemen, go here!

14. wings swept back hair for kids & toddlers

tumblr owfeby8Q301tkoqb2o1 1280

If you love textured hair, you will love this custom hairstyle. Made for the youngest gentlemen of Sims, toddlers, and kids, this slicked back hair is great for sporty types, but also trendy kiddos. It includes 18 swatches and is compatible with most hats. To get this slicked back hair, go here!

15. ”chloe” hair set by miiko


Make way for romance and glamour! This dreamy look includes two versions – gently slicked back hair, and a slicked look with a ribbon. If pastel orange isn’t your color, you can always change the shade of the ribbon. Both looks come with a few swatches, so you will love every minute of styling your Sims. To get this lovely look, download it here!

16. unisex slicked back hair by ginkosims

preview2 P

If the word mysterious was a hairstyle, it would be this one. Mystical and suave, this slicked hairstyle with a bun is something different. It is perfect for Vampires, artsy Sims, and those rich folks who love elegance. Both male and female Sims can wear it, and it is available in 18 hair colors, some of which are pastels. Your character will look just like Karayle Cullen! This sleek look is available for download here!

17. slicked back hair for toddlers

tumblr 8baf5110931da6c2ff2bf29b2f2fb2e5 daedeef5 1280

Do you have a baby boy and you’d like to style his hair in a slicked-back way? If you do, this timeless look is all you need to do makeover for the little gentleman. The look is compatible with 22 hair colors, including some fun unnatural colors. With a style like this, they are guaranteed to win the hearts of other Sims and become the most adorable cutie pies in town. Download here!

18. slicked back hair with braids

tumblr a58fcfe183406562e05b8383b0e72493 7fa3dc56 1280

Made for fearless, brave, and captivating ladies who are unafraid to disturb the status quo, this hairstyle brings freshness and authenticity to the CAS hair menu. It’s elegantly combed, and voluminous, with a quirky side braid. This look is unisex slicked back hair, and suitable for all adults, elders, and teens. As a cherry on top, it comes with 18 EA hair colors! To get this unique hairstyle, go here!

19. hair back man hipster slicked back style

tumblr a206bc567283428ed99dbb87b804e4f6 cb618b24 1280

Would you like to look like a Viking God? Look no further, as this slicked back hair with shaven sides is all you need for a bold look like that. It just oases masculinity and attitude so your men of Sims will love it! So, if this is the look you can see your Sims guys rocking, check it out on this page!

20. slick wavy for boys

Hair 1

Now your boys can look just like Steve Harrington from Stranger Things. These are long swapped-back hairdos, ideal for kids with style. They can show it off or wear a hat, or change hair color and texture. The look is so versatile that it suits both farm boys and posh kids. Check out this stylish slicked back hair here!

21. parker hair unisex by lucassims

tumblr odfuinv0lz1u3i5p8o2 1280

Punk is not dead – not if bold punk-rock girls and guys are concerned. This unisex style is real hair anarchy, and it pushes the limits of those afraid to experiment with hair. It’s slicked back and slightly to the side, and fully compatible with hats. You can choose colors like electric blue to add some extra shock effect. Check it out on this page!

22. the lancer hair

tumblr ory3jrW7571ujaylfo3 1280

This set is a blend of hair from Bowling Night Stuff and Get to Work Pack. It has a subtle razor blade cut on one side and hair slightly swept to the other side, to help you create a bad boy look, and is compatible with 18 hair colors found in the game. To get this badass hairstyle, go here!

23. moschino slicked back hair by marvell

tumblr px9b96CBlm1uv32m1o2 1280

Now you can create your Sims version of a Hollywood diva with this majestic wet hair look. Sensual and smooth, this look will help you seduce everyone without even trying. It will not only make your ladies look graceful, but it is also compatible with all standard Sims 4 hair colors. The Moschino set also includes a red dress and a pair of shoes. To get this slicked back hair, go here!

If you’re lookging for some long hair CC packs, you have to check out this list!

24. slicked back and shaved hairstyle for boys

MHair A 1 1

Brace yourself, as a future rock star and prankster is coming to get you! This chic slicked back hair is ideal for courageous and adventurous spirits. It’s base game compatible, it’s cheeky, and it comes in a few color options. Daredevil spirits are going to love this one! Click here to download this CC pack.

25. ”jacob” hairstyle by simstrouble


Take this hairstyle, chose dark hair, and you have a Sims version of Zayn Malik. Parts of the hair are free flowing, so his style will be both nicely put together and casual. The look is versatile, so it will look good on both male fashion icons and business tigers. It’s compatible with hats and has 24 color variations. This slicked back hair is available for download here!


Fine swapped-back hairdos are what our Sims deserve, no matter if they are quirky, eccentric, sporty, or diva characters. This was our list of finest slicked back hair looks for Sims of both genders and all ages. Some were super short with shaven sides, some were longer, while others were short, elegant, or casual. We hope you have found your ideal style and got inspired to create more fun characters. Happy Simming!

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