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We all want our Sims to look their best. For those searching for black haircuts for their male sims, there are several custom styles to choose from. And in this post, we have compiled a list of the best Sims 4 black male hair that we could find on the internet. Continue reading to check them out yourself. Enjoy!

sims 4 black male hair

Latest Black haircuts for Your Male Sims

The Sims 4 is a popular game that is played by millions of people all over the world. It has different aspects, but one of the most popular ones is customizing your character. You can change the facial features, hair color, and hairstyles and customize their clothes. There are many hair options in this game, but what is the best custom black hair for your male sim characters?

The game includes many different hairstyles, colors, and lengths, but there are some limitations in terms of what a player can do with a male sim’s hair. Well, luckily there are many different types of hairstyles for The Sims 4 so you should be able to find one that fits your needs. You can try out styles like a buzz cut, undercut, or textured crop for a more edgy look.

You should always consider your sim’s age and gender when choosing a hairstyle. We will go through the different types of hairstyles and discuss what they offer to your male sim. Black hair is one of the most common colors and can be used to make your sim look cool or give him a traditional look. The following list includes some of the most popular custom black hair for your male sim characters in the Sims 4.

lloyd hair by aladdin-the-simmer

sims 4 black male hair

Black hair that is both healthy and shiny! What else do you need? Take a look at this mid-parted short black hairstyle, with a slight twist at the hair’s ends. The right side of the hair seems thicker than the left side, and this is what defines the hair’s attractiveness! Meditate hair tufts in the front of the head!

These tufts of beauty hide a little of the right eyebrow! Doesn’t it create the impression that you as a sim are calm and trustful? Notice the headband which is a terrific way to dress up your sim’s hair! It highlights black hair and thickens hair in the front. What are you going to do now? aren’t you excited to download it!!

sims 4 black male hair bananahut jacob hair

sims 4 black male hair

The hair is short on all sides, although the sideburns are a little lengthy. This hair will not disappoint you, especially if you are a Life is Strange fan. This hairdo highlights your character’s full face’s features. And ethically demonstrates their goodness and politeness. Isn’t that adorable? Download

omari hair – the sims 4

sims 4 black male hair

Sims, who raps, would look great with this hairdo! Braided black African hair with a bun at the back of the head and extremely light hair on and around the ear. It is suited for sims of various skin tones, but especially for those with silk-like complexion. A dark black hue is ideal for sims who are over the age of twenty. Do you want to have it in-game? download here!

funke hair

sims 4 black male hair

A really elegant and never out-of-date male’s hairdo! Thick, silky black hair parted in the center, with two tufts at the front of the head hiding a little brow hair and ear from above. This hairstyle goes well with calm face characteristics, and Sims are most often wealthy and well-off. Sims in their late twenties or early thirties will definitely like it! Isn’t it lovely for your sims? Install!

mathcopesims tagas hair – the sims 4

black hair cc 4

Hair is just on the middle top of the head! And bald on the rest of the sides! Bald from above and around the ears, as well as the back. At first sight, it may appear to be a normal haircut, but we bet it would draw your sims as handsome, mature guys!

Especially the haircut from the front, when the hair is cut somewhat at the front of the head in the shape of an inverted bracket. This tagas hair is not thick in the center, but rather light. It appears to be completely natural for sims! To have it, go here.

sims 4 black male hair braids with beads for men

black hair cc 6

Unusual haircuts of this sort have an appealing look to them! This hair has been brushed in the center and has short thin braids that reach the middle of the head, as well as the presence of red beads at the ends of the braids.

This hairstyle reveals the face from the front while covering it from the sides. This black hair can be seen around the ear and on the back of the head. Sims with this hairdo have a generally tranquil attitude. Be unique here!

ponytail hair by revolution-sims – the sims 4

black hair cc 7

This long, lustrous black hair reaches under the neck! When you play with this haircut, you won’t be bothered by any hair strands! Your male sims can now get your ponytail done right here! This hairdo is unique in that it focuses on the full face! Not only the face but the ears, and neck as well. So, if you would like to highlight your sim’s face, this hairstyle is for you! People with this hairdo are often smart and intelligent, as well as athletic and serious.

old hollywood hair – the sims 4

black hair cc 8

This is a soft vintage hair that is thick in the center. It is also light at the ears, with a lovely twisted tuft on the front of the head. Black looks perfect but It comes in a beautiful set of hair colors. It appears to be appropriate for sims who are old-fashioned. But worry not as it works on all ages! It’s available now here!

runaway hair redux – Sims 4 Black Male Hair

black hair cc 9

Another creative cut that is short, thick in the center! If your sim is a teen or younger, this is one of the coolest haircuts for them. Some of the three tufts of hair on the brow can be seen. There is a little bit of blonde hair around the ears and above. Sims with this hairdo often have a strong and helpful disposition! Own it here!

blazez hair – the sims 4

black hair cc 10

Magnificent is what this hairstyle is! It is neither small nor particularly tall, it resides in the middle! The hair is long enough to reach the cheek. Smooth hair! The hair in the front is thick, and it covers the left eye! When you have a scar in your eye and wish to hide it, you can use this. In addition, by concealing the left eye, you draw attention to the attractiveness of your right eye. This is such a gorgeous cut. If you want a charming hairstyle for your sims, click here!

connor hair – the sims 4

black hair cc 13

This stunning short hairstyle is appropriate for Sims. This hair is thick from the center and front of the head. There is semi-baldness from the ears and all sides. As you can see, the hair has been combed from right to left. Another thing to note is the presence of a line on the north side of the head, which makes your Sims character even bolder! The most lovely aspect of this hairstyle is that it will fit any occasion or area! Take charge of it!


black hair cc 12

This is a set of hairstyles for the Sims 4 that we believe you must have in-game. These range in length and style; from short to long; from straight to curly. They work perfectly on both male and female sims. And honestly, the fact that they all come in black is great. But just in case you wanted to try more vibrant colors, you get 20 swatches to choose from. You can check it out by visiting this page.

Juuzou Suzuya hair + accessory

sims 4 black male hair

Male Sims can also have Anime Hair in the game and it is a lot of fun to customize this unique hairstyle and wear it the entire year. It looks great with a anime styled eyes or a more modern look with a contact lenses. And it’s free! By the way, both your male and female sims can try it out and it comes in a variety of beautiful swatches alongside the color black. Check it out from this page.


black hair cc 15

To create an optimal look for your male sim, you should go for something short and neat. It doesn’t have to be completely shaved, but it should look more like a number two buzz cut. The best way to do this is by choosing black hair color because it will suit any skin tone.

This hairstyle in particular is the perfect length. It is compatible with the base game and is maxis match in texture. With these shades of white, you sims will have a charming feel to them. Head over to this page to install.

The Sims focuses on building your perfect world and customizing your characters to fit into it. Kids can be put in school, adults can work in their careers and have dates at night or stay home and read a book with their family; there are endless possibilities.

One complaint among many players is that they do not like how limited they are when it comes to hair color options for male sims in particular as well as female sims. We hope this list of black male hair was as interesting to you as it was for us. Check out related content by visiting the links below. Have fun!

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