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Who has the time to write out a bunch of funky cheat codes? Install a cheat mod or two for The Sims 4 so you can skip the keyboard and get back to playing!

Cheat Mods

Players of The Sims 4 have a lot of power outside the regular confines of the game, thanks to a number of cheats the developers left in for us. The thing is, these cheats weren’t made with the player in mind so they are often long, tedious, and sometimes confusing to remember/enter. Even as a writer for the game, I often have to come back here to SNOOTYSIMS and look up the cheat codes I’m after!

Luckily there are creators out there who also feel this way, and a number of them have created programs and cheat mods we can use to skip some of the tedium and get back to playing the game. Whether you want cheats automatically active, easier to toggle, or are looking to restore cheats that aren’t working anymore, we’ve got a cheat mod to help with that.

Before The Cheat Mod: User Startup Files For The Sims 2

The Sims 2 had a pretty awesome system for making cheats easier to use, no cheat mod needed. It was called a userstartup.cheat file and with it, players could set cheats to be active on game start and even give cheats an alias that was easier to remember.

Some of the cheats I had in my userstartup.cheat file included always allowing 45 degree/diagonal rotation (believe it or not, you used to be very limited in the way you could rotate objects), and giving an alias to the MoveObjects cheat to activate with “m” and deactivate with “m-” which is much faster to write and easier to remember. Other popular cheats people used were things like affecting the volume of sims’ TVs and increasing the number of sims that could visit a given lot.

It was a pretty neat system, and you can learn more about it here.

More on SNOOTYSIMS: While most of the lots in the Sims 4 can be edited on-demand via the Manage Worlds option, there are a few instances where this isn’t the case. The Edit Lot Cheat is beneficial to know in these circumstances!

edit lot cheat sims 4

The Best Cheat Mods For Use With The Sims 4

While we don’t have the ability to make a userstartup.cheat file for The Sims 4, PC and MacOS players can make things easier for themselves with any of the following cheat mods.

UI Cheats Extension

UI Cheats Extension

We’ve talked about this cheat mod a lot on SNOOTY because of how helpful it is. There are over 65 different things you can do to the game with the UI Cheats mod including but not limited to:

  • Changing your sim’s needs by right clicking + dragging the needs bar to the desired length
  • Change your sim’s point in their aging progress
  • Easily add or remove Traits
  • Add or remove Milestones
  • Alter relationship levels or delete them completely
  • Promote/Demote sims at their job
  • Fulfill Aspirations
  • Get more money
  • Change the time of day, season, weather, etc.
  • Instantly solve sims’ needs

And so much more! If you’re someone who can’t learn the cheats codes easily or have trouble typing them out for one reason or another, this cheat mod will be an absolute game-changer.

MC Command Center

MC Command Center

Even if you’ve never used a mod in your life, you’ve probably heard of MC Command Center. MC stands for “master control” which should give you an idea of the kind of things you can do with it.

In addition to the base mod, there are a number of modules you can download & add to the cheat mod to give you even more power, without bloating up your mods folder with things you don’t need/aren’t interested in. Some examples:

  • MC Cheats contains a number of misc cheats not bundled with other modules for things like jobs & buffs
  • MC Career helps you stop non-Active played households from job hopping and can prevent job progression/demotion for Active sims
  • MC Occult allows you to manipulate Aliens and Vampires. Control who can get impregnated by Aliens and the type of offspring they’ll have, slow down Vampire skill progression, make them age beyond Young Adult, and more
  • MC Woohoo gives you more flexibility with more non-traditional Woohoo behavior, such as disabling jealousy and enabling polyamory, risky Woohoo, and even a Woohoo skill!
  • MC Population lets you set Households as “Ancestral” like you could in The Sims 3, which helps keep legacy families in their homes even if they get married to keep the family name going as long as possible

These are only a few of the things you can do with the MC Command Center cheat mod. Check out their website for even more information!


All Cheats

This one is a little different in that it doesn’t change any existing cheats, but instead adds back old cheats that have since been disabled. For some reason after the launch of the Seasons EP, many cheats were disabled that players had grown to use and love. Some examples of cheats that were disabled include “pets.toggle_selectable_pets” which makes pets playable, “sims.remove_all_buffs” which removes your sim’s current buffs, and “households.autopay_bills” which pays bills automatically so you didn’t have to worry about your sim’s utilities being shut off.

You can find a lit of the cheats that were removed in this 2018 article by SimsVIP to use with the AllCheats mod.

Other Cheat Mods By TwistedMexi

TwistedMexi Mods

In addition to the AllCheats mod, TwistedMexi has a whole collection of cheat mods that can make The Sims 4 even more enjoyable to play. Instead of doing an entry on each, here’s some of the highlights you should check out:

  • Toggles for Aliens, Mermaids, Vampires, & Werewolves which allows you to easily change your sim to/from an Occult species.
  • BetterBuildBuy is a Buy/Build mode enhancer with an expandable catalog, better filters & search, unlocks for LiveEdit, Debug, and goal-locked objects
  • Full House lets you add more than 8 sims to a household
  • Set Age Cheat adds a new cheat to choose your sim’s Life Stage with a cheat (doesn’t need AllCheats)

You can find these cheat mods (and lots of other useful mods) on TwistedMexi’s Website.


Say goodbye to tedious typing and long codes, and say hello to cheat mods that will streamline the process. With a few clicks, maybe a little dragging, and a touch of typing, you can master your sim’s destiny and take full control of the world around them without worrying about misspelling or removed cheats bungling things up for you. PC and MacOS users rejoice, and give one or more of these cheat mods a try! Have you used any of them? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and happy simming!

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