These Sims 4 cheat mods will make your life easy

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Welcome to our post on the best Sims 4 cheat mods

Have you ever just played the Sims 4 only to constantly Alt-Tab to find that cheat you need? Yeah, we have too, and it’s incredibly annoying! But, we at SnootySims aim to make your life easier. Whether that is through our cheats like the “Unlock All Items“, or mod posts like the one with the elevators for the Sims 4. So today we gathered up the best cheat mods around for the Sims 4! Gone are the days when you had to keep all those codes in your mind. Let’s check them out and see what each one can do.

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Our list of the best cheat mods for the Sims 4

These mods weren’t entirely made to help you cheat the game. Sometimes bugs just happen and they won’t resolve on their own. I mean, that’s why the Reset Sim cheat exists right? That’s why modders have created them. So that they can solve complex issues in a simple way!

MC Command Center

This by far the most convenient cheat mod made for the Sims 4. MC Command Center just controls everything that can be controlled. It will rid your game of various issues while you sit back and enjoy your time playing with your new Burglar mod! But, you can take action with it too. Through it, you can kill sims, give yourself money, and give your sims the career that they always wanted! Careful though, it doesn’t include our Job and Career mods!

Through it, you can also change things up in CAS as we mentioned in our Sims 4 Fat Mod post! You can also dress up every sim you want, you can even magically make them pregnant! Pretty cool right? That’s why it’s probably one of the best mods around for the Sims 4 overall! It’s really worth giving it and all of its modules a try.

UI Cheats Extension

When it comes to cheat mods on the Sims 4, this one isn’t too shabby! It’s much more simple than the MC Command Center, though. But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing for all of you minimalists out there! It’s based on just clicking things in the game in order to change them. For example, if you need some extra money to buy some of our Furniture CC, all you have to do is click on the money counter! Simple right?

You’ll find all those interactions on the page of UI Cheats Extensions on Patreon. You don’t need to become a patron to download it, but it’s nice to support creators! Keep in mind that this mod is well taken care of, as it is constantly updated. Right now it’s available for the latest game patch! To learn more about the UI Cheat, head over to this post at SnootySims.

We hope that you liked today’s mods! It’s nice to get some quality of life upgrades here and there, isn’t it? What else would you consider such an upgrade to be on the Sims 4? Let us know down in the comments!

More cheats are listed in our main sims 4 cheats page.

Happy Simming!

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