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Welcome to our post on the best graphic mods for Sims 4!

Have you ever felt that the Sims 4 just isn’t that great when it comes to graphics? Don’t lie, we have all felt it! The game’s feel is way too cartoonish sometimes and it feels like it was made for children. But, we adults also enjoy this amazing game, and we want it to be up to par with our expectations. That’s why we have made a list of the best graphics mods for the Sims 4! Check them out, you’ll surely find one that you’ll love!

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Our list of the best graphics mods for the Sims 4


ReShade isn’t exactly a mod, but it’s a graphics injector. Through it, you can add ambient occlusion, real depth of field, and much more to your favorite games! That includes the Sims 4 of course. You can play with it yourself to make your own presets for your game! But that program can take a long time to master. That’s why we recommend that you download it and find custom presets from other simmers. We have even included some on our list! We also don’t recommend that you use this to run your game for longer than 10 minutes. It might cause your pc to crash! Use it for a few minutes at a time, preferably for taking screenshots.

Pixelore – Drama

This simmer has created a preset for ReShade that we just love! It’s called Drama and it includes ambient lighting, lots of bloom, and most importantly, depth of field. Now, your game will look completely 3D and incredibly realistic. This preset also comes with some extra settings that you can apply. You can choose to have your game full of grain, or even black and white. We bet that this preset will help you take some awesome screenshots!

Pictureamoebae – Clear Bloom

Another preset for ReShade and this time it’s Clear Bloom. Clear Bloom is an amazing preset because you can make it work in any kind of scene. It comes with some handy hotkeys so that you can make all the tweaks that you need. All you have to do is download the preset and put it in your game’s bin folder. Check out Clear Bloom’s screenshots and we bet that you’re going to fall in love with it as well!

HQ Mod Switch

This is the ultimate mod for all simmers out there. This mod basically enables a switch in your game that allows you to use 4K textures on your sims! It’s called HQ Mod Switch and you’ll find it under your game’s graphics options. However, enabling that option will show non-HQ items in the game as black. You can find HQ base game and expansion files in Alf-si’s blog.

K 505

Speaking of textures, have you ever noticed that the ground looks so…dull? With K 505 you can bring your game’s terrains to life! It is constantly updated to keep up with the game’s new locations. So, you’ll never have to worry that some places will still look dull! All you have to do is download the appropriate files and place them in your mods folder!

K 707

If this name reminds you of something, it’s because it was created by the same modder as the one above. But, this time it’s all about trees and bushes. No more cartoonish-looking flora in your game! K 707, however, is still in progress, so not every single tree and bush will look HD. Don’t fret though, as the modder constantly updates it, and we can’t wait to see it finished!

Will graphics mods slow down my Sims 4 game?

Graphics mods are safe and great, and they will rarely cause any conflicts. However, they will definitely slow down your game. But, that depends on your PC build and how well it can respond to all of these mods. We hope that you found something that you like on our list! Are you enjoying your brand-new game? Let us know down in the comments!

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