Camera Mods To Make The Sims 4 More Aesthetic

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Let’s talk about camera mods that both you and your sims can use.

Camera Mods

In 2023 The Sims 4 got a new camera with cool features like first-person mode and the ability to use Free Cam in Buy/Build mode. Unfortunately this broke a lot of camera mods developed before the update, and because of how much it changed some of those mods were even rendered obsolete.

A New Camera Mod For A Cinematic Experience


In late 2023 modder SimMatically released the Cinematic Live Mode Camera, which makes zooming all the way out activate a strategic blurring effect for both the foreground and distant background. This is a post-processing effect similar to those applied with shaders and the result is an image without jarring hard edges and better focus on the central subject.

As of right now this is the only functioning camera mod for The Sims 4 that you can use, but what about your sims?

More on SNOOTYSIMS: Want your Sims to dabble in the creative pursuit of capturing photos? Help them master the photography skill, which could let them turn photos into actual simoleons!

Photography Skill Header

Camera Mods For Photo-Worthy Sims

We might not get a lot of camera-altering mods to choose from, but our sims have a variety of options. Whether it’s a reskin of an in-game option or a whole new mechanic, let’s take a look at what the world of camera mods has to offer:

Instant Camera SWiU_02242022

Instant Camera SWiU_02242022

Part of the Poolside Lounge Pack, the Instant Camera SWiU_02242022 is trendy, colorful, and water-resistant. There are 8 pretty pastel swatches to choose from so you can perfectly match your vibe.

Click here to download!

Simmify Instant Camera

Simmify Instant Camera

Polaroid “Instant” Cameras have had quite a resurgence in the last decade after being the camera of choice for many people back in the late 20th century. Honestly though they make a lot of sense for The Sims 4, because the game instantly gives sims physical prints of the photos they take even though the cameras are digital. With this mod your sims can bring in the hipster aesthetic of an updated Polaroid camera that takes charming photos and comes with an unwarranted sense of superiority above other sims.

Bonus: Use Ravasheen’s Photographic Memory Mod to make your sim’s photos look like actual Polaroids!

Click here to download!

Don’t Lose Focus Cameras

Don't Lose Focus Cameras

This is a collection of new cameras that work perfectly from the get-go. Every photo is maximum quality, full zoom is enabled, and they’re guaranteed to repel smudges, fingerprints, and photobombing gnomes!

Click here to download!

Small Take Photo Overhaul

Small Take Photo Overhaul

A few small tweaks to the selfie-taking system, this mod allows selfies to be taken on other cameras besides the cell phone, and it increases the limit per “shoot” from 10 to 25 photos. There’s also an option to remove Emotional Auras from a photo, but be aware that the action is permanent!

Click here to download!

Less Restrictive Camera

Less Restrictive Camera

The option to take pictures in-game by your sims is a great way to grow their Photography skills and get unique artwork to hang in their homes, gift to others, or sell for simoleons. Selfies are a different story though. The addition of different facial & body expressions was a great upgrade to the selfie system but the camera remains stiflingly rigid in how much you can move it, and some poses don’t even center correctly! This mod by SimMattically increases the range selfie cameras can move around, so you can properly line up your shots and/or get some scenery in the background.

Because the mod makes cell phone selfies zoom out a bit, it’s advised to take them with a regular camera object instead. SimMattically suggests using LittleMsSam’s Small Take Photo Overhaul mod to enable the option.

Click here to download!

Final Shots

With the continuing changes to The Sims 4 after each game update we’ve shifted the focus of this piece to include mods not just for the gameplay camera, but for our sim’s cameras as well. So, if you’re looking for a new unit for your Photographers to try out or you want to transform how they capture their shots, there’s a mod here for you. And if you just want to make the game look a little nicer, there’s a mod for that too. Are there any camera-adjusting mods that you miss? Any favorites we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments, smile for the camera, and happy simming!

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  1. Hope that they will introduce a camera like in sims 3 and that you can record with it (duh) but then watch it on television, you had to have such a storage for it. Only you can’t walk yourself in sims 4, you could in sims 3.

    • Marco, that would be pretty nifty although with how much family-focused content has already come out for the game I’m not sure if there would be a place for that mechanic to show up in the future. I suppose if we got a dedicated Stuff Pack or Kit focused on photography or making memories? Considering the trailer for Get Together had what looked like a video-camera recording, if it didn’t appear in that EP I’m doubting we will see it in the future. Hopefully they can add something like this to The Sims 5!


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