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The camera in The Sims 4 is not ideal!

Why do you need the Sims 4 Camera Mod? It should be apparent to anyone who has spent even a minute in The Sims 4 that the camera situation isn’t ideal. And we can’t help but highlight how difficult at times it is to navigate to the angle you want. You miss spots when building, you miss important interactions between Sims and you miss some unique sights when trying to rotate, zoom in or zoom during your gameplay. And if there wasn’t the pause button, where would we be?

But why does this happen? Why is the camera the way it is?

Well, we can’t advocate for Maxis, The Sims Studio and their decisions. But we know for a fact that for many players, and most of the time, the Sims 4 camera is a counter-intuitive feature that they have to deal with. It is present there for 100% of your playtime, and naturally, it can sometimes make you really mad.

We also know that the camera mode can be a real turn-off for many new players, just because it makes it so damn hard to play the game! The majority of the Sims 4 community advises that we all should play with The Sims 3 camera mode, and they aren’t all wrong.

The Difference Between TS4 and TS3 Camera Modes

What will strike you most immediately is the freedom. Yes, The Sims 3 camera is a lot more freeing, and in a way it’s a contrast to The Sims 4 camera. As nearly a completely opposite tool, the TS3 one is without much of the limitations that come along with The Sims 4.

Also, it allows more options and a lot more control over the movements of your camera. The only issue is that if you never played The Sims 3, it might take you a bit of time to get used to it. But once you do, it’s a lot better!

The TS4 camera on the other hand, generally feels like it is designed to be used on a laptop. The touchpad goes extremely well with it, and all the options seem a lot smoother. The only problem is that not a lot of people access the game through a laptop…

The First Person View

For those of you who don’t know, it’s possible to switch into a first person mode in The Sims 4! That is done through the SHIFT + TAB combo on your keyboard. The game then takes place from the point of view of your Sim, but as you can imagine, it only increases the limitation.

The first person mode is a great way to witness many interactions in the game and also to check closely some of the items in your household, but you can’t use it all of the time. The gameplay is structured in another way and for that you need a stable and quality tool!

Sims 4 Camera Mod

The Sims 4 Camera Mod by Buckley

Buckley has done something amazing! She has taken both the TS3 and TS4 cameras as inspirations to create this mod, and solved most of the problems we talked about above. Her extension feels a lot more natural to the hand and it’s much easier to use!

What you will find most welcoming is the smooth change between the build/live mode camera and tab mode one. Now it transitions quickly and without the additional “fluff” which only slows you down.

Another thing that is changed is the ranges of both cameras. You can zoom in or zoom out to much greater lengths. That is truly awesome when you want to scale down and watch your toddler or your pet do something adorable from up close!

When installing, you have the option to choose if you like the changes for only the default camera or the tab mode camera as well. Whether you pick for one or the other or both, it’s totally up to you! Just don’t forget to enable the mod in your Game Options, in Controls & Camera menu in order for the mod to work!


The Sims 4 Camera Mod by Buckley is a wonderful tool that everyone should give a try! The natural and the smooth touch of it is really invaluable. It helps a lot during playing and it completes the simming experience for many people.

This mod has got a lot of attention by the Sims 4 community, and rightfully so. You can find it for download at ModTheSims, where it already has 133,000 downloads! Head over there to get it for yourself and give your thanks to the amazing creator! Happy simming!

Check this site to find more creat Sims 4 mods! 

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