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No matter what your Sim’s style is, a pair of beautiful earrings can help improve and complete their look. In this list, you can browse for many excellent earrings CC for The Sims 4!

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Wonderful Pairs of Earrings CC For Your Sims!

In The Sims 4’s Create-A-Sim (CAS) mode, we can use earrings to make the faces of our Sims pop or to sprinkle some charm to their otherwise dull outfits. These pairs of jewelry are available as studs, hoops, hooks, and dangles, and are made from materials like metals, plastics, and gemstones. But there is not a great variety in the game when it comes to earrings. Luckily though, there’s a plethora of excellent ones crafted by CC creators for The Sims 4! Check out the entire list below.

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Goth Makeup

Christmas Tree Earrings Accessory [ALPHA]

Christmas Tree Earrings Accessory

Bring the festive spirit of Christmas wherever your Sim goes, by letting them wear these Christmas Tree Earrings. This dangling accessory comes in 4 swatches and could be located in the earrings category of CAS.

Click here to download!

Princess of XIII Jewelry Set for Male and Female (Earrings/ Necklace) [ALPHA]

Princess of XIII Jewelry Set for Male and Female

Classic pieces of jewelry really never go out of style, even in The Sims 4! Let your Sims opt for timeless earrings such as the ones from this set, which boasts a total of 65 colors! Plus, all genders of Sims can wear these pieces.

Click here to download!

Stylish Star Ear Piercing [ALPHA]

elegant star themed earrings

These earrings simply just scream FABULOUS! Called the Star Ear Piercing, this fashionable piece comes in 4 swatches and is perfect for highlighting the overall style of your Sims.

Click here to download!

Orb Style Earrings and Necklace Set [ALPHA]

Orb Style Earrings and Necklace Set [ALPHA]

As part of the Simblreen last 2023, this Orb Necklace and Orb Earrings were given as treats by creator Giggle Coffin! Both are standout pieces that come in 11 swatches and are suitable for all genders of Sims.

Click here to download!

Traditional Korean Earrings for Female [ALPHA]

Traditional Korean Earrings for Female [ALPHA]

The Seong Mina Earrings is a simple yet incredible piece of Korean jewelry that will look good on your Sims. These alluring pieces come in 20 swatches and are available for Teen to Elder Sims!

Click here to download!

Bat Earrings for Male and Female [ALPHA]

Elegant Bat Earrings for Male and Female [ALPHA]

Sometimes, dark icons make really great statement pieces, such as these bat earrings from creator Katverse! These Halloween-themed pieces would be the perfect accessory for your Sims’ trick-or-treatin’!

Click here to download!

Acorn Earrings for Male and Female [MM]

Stylish Acorn Earrings for Male and Female [MM]

What better way for your Sims to show their love for the autumn season than by wearing the look on their face, literally? With these Acorn Earrings, they’ll get 4 swatches of Teen to Elder acorn pieces!

Click here to download!

Kaleka Accessory Set (Hibiscus Earrings/ Hibiscus Necklace) [ALPHA]

Kaleka Set (Hibiscus Earrings/ Hibiscus Necklace)

These beautiful Hibiscus earrings and necklace set, called Kaleka, look totally perfect for the Poolside Splash Kit for The Sims 4! You can get 5 swatches for this flower-themed summer piece.

Click here to download!

It’s Corn! Earrings

it s corn earrings nolan sims

The creator of this CC, Nolan-Sims was inspired to create a set of corn earrings after hearing a certain Corn Song. Well, thanks to that song, we now have this really adorable pair of corn earrings for the game!

Click here to download!

Pearl Earrings

pearl earrings twistedcat

Come and check out this cute set of earrings from creator Twistedcat! These little colorful pieces come in 20 swatches and have that “beaded and handcrafted look,” perfect for Sims of any age!

Click here to download!

Lover Earrings

7075 lover earrings jellypaws

If we’re looking for a bold piece of jewelry that will definitely turn all heads into our Sim’s face, we should get these Lover Earrings! These dangling, heart-shaped accessories would look ideal for Sims who have spirited personalities.

Click here to download!

Pikachu Earrings

7081 pikachu earrings jellypaws

Whether we’re fans of Pokemon or not, we can all agree that Pikachu is such a charming modern icon of the Millenial generation. If we want our Sims to display Pikachu’s youthful vibe, let us let them wear these chunky earrings!

Click here to download!

Lovwww Earring & Fingernails

7308 lovwww earring fingernails mmatteog

Sometimes, it looks great when our Sim’s jewelry matches with their nails. With this CC pack from creator Mmatteog, our Sims can get these matching earrings and fingernails set that both come in 14 swatches. Sweet!

Click here to download!

Starry and Mystic Earrings

4231 starry and mystic earrings ikari sims

For that much-needed magical glow, our Sims’ faces could use these Starry and Mystic Earrings! These small pieces come in 8 metal swatches each. We can’t help but marvel at the mystic variant!

Click here to download!

Universe Drop Earrings

3924 universe drop earrings grafity cc

We can’t help but be amazed at these Universe Drop Earrings, statement pieces of jewelry that look so simple yet so eye-catching! Our personal favorite is the yellow-gold variant.

Click here to download!

Nessa Earrings

3479 nessa earrings overkill simmer

Minimalist pieces of earrings are also very much in style nowadays, as these lowkey pieces look fabulous even in their simplicity. The Nessa Earrings are an example of these minimalist pieces, which your Sims should have!

Click here to download!

Nails / Earring R1

2794 nails earring r1 chih

Creator Chih really knows how to craft stunning pieces of CC for The Sims 4, and this nails and earring CC set is no exception! The nails come in 6 colors, while the earrings come in a single swatch.

Click here to download!

Rosevine Earrings

2782 rosevine earrings chih

The Rosevine Earrings is a minimalist jewelry made of gold and features two ornate variants. Creator Chih made 3 swatches available for this piece.

Click here to download!

Silver Sword Earrings

2769 silver sword earrings chih

If you want show-stopping pieces of jewelry, get these Silver Sword Earrings! These exquisitely crafted ear accessories will make any Sim’s face look lively and well-polished.

Click here to download!

Triangle Silver Earring

2761 triangle silver earring chih

Your Sims will certainly exude a different level of confidence with these spicy Triangle Silver Earrings! Wear these at any party or at events night and watch as your Sims steal the looks (and hearts) of their surrounding Sims.

Click here to download!

Inspired Gold Earrings

Screenshot 2023 07 19 115934

Your Sims’ faces will exude some serious shine with these majestic trinket gold earrings from creator Glitterberryfly! The said accessory comes in three swatches: gold, silver, or rose gold.

Click here to download!

Heart Lock Earrings

Screenshot 2023 07 18 144536

This charming earring CC is going to make your Sims’ appearance unique and make them pop out in any events they attend. There are 5 swatches available for this! Screenshot 2023 07 18 144558

Click here to download!

Pendant Earrings with Gemstones

Screenshot 2023 07 17 171235

This earrings CC will make our sims more elegant and stylish than usual, making them stand out at parties and events. This CC has 6 different swatches in it.Screenshot 2023 07 17 171252

Click here to download!

Lucky Horseshoe Pendant Earrings for Toddlers

Screenshot 2023 07 17 094813

These earring accessories for your toddler Sims will surely feel appropriate with the Horse Ranch EP! These cuties are available in 4 swatches: yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and black-plated.

Click here to download!

Wrapping It Up: Let Your Sims Wear These Pieces

Selecting a great pair of earrings is important because these little jewelry pieces can help make your Sims‘ faces stand out from the crowd. We hope that with this list, you were able to find a nice pair or two of earrings that will fit your Sims’ styles. If you’re looking for more great content, keep visiting SNOOTYSIMS! We often share tips, tricks, and ideas for all things The Sims. Please follow us on our social media profiles that we linked below and don’t forget to leave us your thoughts in the comments. Happy simming, Simmers!

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