The Sims 4 Copy Outfit Cheat – How To Copy Your Outfits To Other Slots?

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Skip the drudgery of manually duplicating outfits in CAS and streamline the process with the help of the Copy Outfit Cheat!

Copy Outfit Cheat

Though it’s fun being able to play “dress up” with your sims by giving them an entire wardrobe of outfits, if you play for realism that might not necessarily seem practical. For most people, there are articles of clothing or even whole outfits that are worn for multiple occasions—as an example, there are probably Everyday outfits of yours that double just fine for Hot or Cold weather looks.

If you feel similarly about how your sims dress, or just want an easy way to duplicate outfits without fiddling around in CAS much, the Copy Outfit Cheat will be a useful tool for you!

Do You Copy?

Now this cheat can be a little tricky, but before you even try it you want to be sure to have TestingCheats enabled. Once you do that, you’re ready to give the Copy Outfit Cheat a go. This cheat gives you a lot of control over what outfits you copy and where, though it can be a bit confusing due to all the different numbers used. We’re going to break it down step by step so you can become an outfit copying pro in no time!

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The Copy Outfit Cheat

The basic layout of the Copy Outfit Cheat is as follows:

outfits.copy_outfit [X] [Y] [Z]

[X], [Y], and [Z] all correspond to different pieces of data which you’ll need to know in order to get the cheat working properly.

[X] is the outfit category in which you want the outfit copied to. This is the destination of the copied outfit.

[Y] is the outfit category where the outfit to be copied is located. It’s the area that you’re copying the outfit from.

[Z] is the outfit category slot you’re copying from. You can use this variable to tell the game to pull an outfit from a specific slot in your sim’s wardrobe.

The Outfit Categories for [X] and [Y]

Every outfit category has its own corresponding number:

Outfit CategoryCategory Number
Hot Weather10
Cold Weather11

Please Note: not all categories are accessible in CAS and it’s advised that you don’t copy any outfits to those categories, such as Bathing/Nude and Situation, because you will have no way of removing them. Keep reading for more information on accessing the Career Outfit category in CAS.

Slots For Category [Z]

This is the part where things get kind of finicky. When you give your sim multiple outfits in a single category, they’re numbered from 1-5.

image 70

When entering these numbers into the [Z] portion of the cheat though, the game is programmed to list the slots from 0-4.

image 71

So, when you’re choosing the digit for the outfit slot you’re copying, you want to subtract 1 from whatever the corresponding slot number is.

Unlike the numbers for categories [X] and [Y], this section of the cheat is actually optional. If you choose not to enter anything for [Z] the game will automatically pull the outfit in the first slot of the category.

Putting It All Together

Now that you have all the background information, let’s create a few examples to help things solidify in your mind.

  • To copy the outfit from the second slot of the Everyday category to the Cold Weather category, enter the cheat:

outfits.copy_outfit 11 0 1

  • To copy the outfit from the fourth slot of the Swimwear category to the Sleepwear category, enter the cheat:

outfits.copy_outfit 3 9 3

  • To copy the outfit from the fifth slot of the Party category to the Everyday category, enter the cheat:

outfits.copy_outfit 0 4 4

  • To copy the outfit from the first slot of the Hot Weather category to the Career category, enter the cheat:

outfits.copy_outfit 4 6 0
outfits.copy_outfit 4 6

As you can see, it’s easy to get confused when entering the Copy Outfit Cheat because of all of the different numbers involved. Take your time and refer back to our explanation here, and before you know it you’ll be coordinating outfits with ease!

Copying the Neighbors

If you want to go even further with this cheat, you can also use it to copy the outfits of other sims! You will need to know the Sim_ID for the sim whose outfit(s) you want to copy and said sim will need to be on the same lot as your active character. Once you have the Sim_ID, place it at the end of the Copy Outfit Cheat.

For Example, here’s how you would copy Mortimer Goth’s outfit from the second slot of the Formal category to your own Formal outfit category:

outfits.copy_outfit 2 2 0 351581883034697990

Making A Career With It

Unlike the Bathing/Nude and Situational outfit categories, you can gain the ability to modify Career outfits in CAS with a cheat. Learn more about Change Career Outfit cheat here. With some of the outfits that The Sims 4 generates for certain careers, having the ability to copy over or edit Career outfits in the game is a must!

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Buttoning It All Up

And that’s all there is to know about the Copy Outfit Cheat! This might be one of the trickiest cheats to know for The Sims 4, but anybody can do it with some patience and practice. Use this cheat to quickly & easily duplicate outfits across multiple categories for your sims, or even steal the looks of someone else! Good luck, have fun, and happy simming!

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