How To Reset Your Bathing Outfit In Sims 4?

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About the Bathing Outfit in Sims 4

One of the most common problems in The Sims 4 is getting your Sim stuck in an outfit that you don’t want, while they’re showering. Don’t worry, this happens to nearly all of us, especially if you’re using custom content. In reality, it’s a simple problem that requires a simple fix, but the issue can be really tricky when you encounter it for the first time. So, let’s learn how to reset the Sims 4 bathing outfit.

But first of all, let’s explain what is this problem and why does it happen.

Sometimes when you send your Sim to take a shower, you might notice that they have their clothes on. The game still covers their body with the squared pixels, but you can clearly see that they wear their clothes. And changing your outfit doesn’t really solve the bug.

This happens more often when you dress your Sim in CC. And so, when they take a shower, they won’t take off their tops, bottoms, makeup, or whatever it is. This can be extremely frustrating for obvious reasons and makes the whole experience pretty unrealistic. 

So, here’s how to fix the bathing outfit problem in Sims 4 and reset it.

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How to Reset Bathing Outfit in Sims 4?

Keep in mind that you don’t need to use a “reset bathing outfit cheat” in order to solve this problem. In fact, all you need to do is have MC Command Center installed in your game. The MC Command Center is one of the best tools for Sims 4 overall, and I’m sure most of you have at least tried it out.

And if you have it, here’s how to reset the bathing outfit using MCCC.

The first thing to do is open the MCCC in your game. Then, navigate to MC Dresser and click the option to Blacklist items. The idea here is to remove all items from appearing when your Sim is showering by blacklisting them. When you blacklist a specific item, it means that it won’t appear when the Sim is wearing that outfit.

And so, if your Sim is wearing her top while taking a shower, blacklisting their top will stop that from happening. Instead, you’ll have your Sim completely in the nude. You can repeat this step for all items and parts of the outfit you might have a problem with.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the bathing outfit equipped first before you even blacklist an item. Blacklisting is limited to the current outfit, so all other outfits remain unchanged.

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And that’s how you can change the bathing outfit in Sims 4 and reset it using MCCC. MC Command Center is the ultimate tool to use in this situation, so I recommend it 100%. It’s the best mod in 2021 if you want to reset your bathing outfit without causing any additional problems. 

And if you’ve ever asked yourself “Why is my Sim wearing clothes in the shower” I hope I explained and helped you figure out this mess! That said, good luck and happy simming!

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