92+ Hottest Female Clothes CC for the Sims 4 in 2023


Doll up your sims with these gorgeous and ultra-stylish clothing pieces that we curated for The Sims 4! In this article, we are bringing you only the most excellent female clothes CC for 2023. Go and check out our ultimate list!

sims 4 female clothes
It doesn’t get better than this list of female clothes for your Sims 4 wardrobe!

The Ultimate List of Female Clothes CC for The Sims 4

We have recently introduced you to our 100 Best Clothes CC for The Sims 4 in 2023, wherein we showcased the trendiest clothes for each and every sim. But this time, we are fully delving into female clothes for The Sims 4! Yep. In this grand list, we are presenting you our top picks of clothing pieces for your feminine-framed sims. Be sure to check out number 91—our favorite from the list—as this will become the new staple for your sims’ wardrobes!

Watch More of Our Favorite Picks from This Ultimate List of Female Clothes CC

We collated more of our favorite picks of female clothes CC from this ultimate list—which we are sure you’d also love! Watch the clip below!

Female CC Clothes for the Sims 4!

1. Strawberry & cloud Cardigan by dreamgirl

sims 4 female cc
Female Clothes CC Sims 4 by Dreamgirl

To start our list, check out these super cute strawberry and cloud cardigan items from CC creator Dreamgirl! The strawberry variant comes in 5 swatches while the cloud variant comes in 8.

sims 4 female cc

Here’s your download link.

2. September Clothes Mini Pack by astya96

sims 4 female cc

Take a look at the dainty offerings of the September Mini Pack launched by CC creatoe astya96. The pack includes ruffle tops and skirts, and long sleeve chiffon dresses. Each item is available in 40 beautiful hues! Here’s your download link.

3. Carla Dress by Blue Craving

sims 4 female cc

Are your sims getting all glammed up for a glitzy girls’ night out? Then let them slip into these glittery dresses! Here’s your download link.

4. Solay Two Piece lace dress by SUNBERRY

sims 4 female cc

If the sun is out and your sims are planning a pool party to beat the heat, dress them up in these super chic Solay two-piece lace dresses! These pieces, launched by CC creator Sunberry, are the perfect outfits for summer events. Here’s your download link.

5. Women’s vintage suit by LIN DIAN

sims 4 female cc

Having a vintage-themed party? Clad your sims into these classy vintage suits from CC creator Lin Dian! The suits, which feature multi-layered statement pieces, are available in 20 colors. Here’s your download link.

6. Wool hoodie by miiko

sims 4 female cc

Get your hands on these fluffy and comfy wool hoodies which are perfect for the snowy months! Created by CC creator Miiko, the wool hoodies come in 19 pretty colors and prints and are base-game compatible.

Here’s your download link.

7. April’s CC 2022 by GCS

female cc

CC creator Good Chills Studio, or GCS, came up with these frilly floral blouses for your sims! Called the Floral Applique blouses, these pretty pieces come in 28 swatches and are base-game compatible. Here’s your download link.

8. Sporty Collection by blue craving

sims 4 female cc

Going for a weekend sports event? Get your sims these athletic pieces—which are from the Sporty Collection of CC creator Blue Craving. The collection includes the Running Lydia Sweater and Running Lydia Leggings.

Grab the sweater from this link and the leggings from here.

9. DENIM DRESS P120 by busra-tr

female cc

Who says that denim is just for jeans? CC creator Busra-Tr came up with the Denim Dress—a perfect clothing piece for trendy sims. The Denim Dress comes in 10 colors and is for teens to elder sims.

Here’s your download link.

10. Teddy set by savage Sims

female cc

Get this Teddy Set from CC Creator Savage-Sims! The set includes the Teddy Hoodie and the Teddy Joggers, which both come in 10 swatches. Trust us when we say that the set looks extremely stylish! Here’s your download link.

11. Starry Night Set by kamiiri

female cc

The Starry Night Set is a stellar collection of hair, tops, boots, eyeshadows, and dresses! The Titania Dress, the Cressida Eyeshadow, the Ophelia Top, and the Gaia Hair are just some of the marvelous pieces in this collection. Here’s your download link.

12. bodysuits set by astya96

The one-piece suits in The Sims 4 never seem enough for our liking, so Astya96 gave us the Bodysuit Set! The set comes in 16 swatches, is HQ compatible, and fit teen to elder sims. Here’s your download link.

13. Valley girls CC by Belaloallure

female cc

Remember the fashionable Bratz era? CC creator Bellaallure recretaed some pieces from the Bratz fashion, and gave us the Valley Girls Set which features skirts, crop tops, silk robes, stain dresses, and many others!

Here’s your download link.

14. Alexa Dress and Boots by MS Mary Sims

female cc

Dress up your sims in statement dresses and glamorous chunky boots with these items from MS Mary Sims! Surely, your sims will enjoy the fabulous combo of these items, which both come in 51 swatches. Here’s your download link.

15. Play Rabbit Set by Reina

female clothes sims

Garb your sims in these quirky and playful clothing pieces featured in the Play Rabbit Set from CC creator Reina Sims 4. These pieces look perfect for random street hangouts in the neighborhood!

Here’s your download link.

16. Autumn Look Set by Euno Sims

when the leaves start falling, you know it’s time to serve some autumn looks for your sims! Dress them in the Autumn Set by Eunosims, which includes denim jackets, tight skirts, wrinkle socks, flower knitwear, etc.

Here’s your download link.

17. Spring/Summer 2021 Collection by Sentate

female clothes sims
Photo credit: Emmibouquet!

Of course, your sims should also prepare for their spring and summer looks! With the Spring and Summer 2021 collection from CC creator Sentate, your sims are sure to walk the streets in these seasons, in full style. Here’s your download link.

18. venus spoiled by 1-800-CUUPID

female clothes sims

Another pretty female clothes CC pack is this Venus Spoiled Set from CC creator 1-800-Cuupid. The set includes cropped corset sweaters which come in 16 swatches and are HQ compatible. Here’s your download link.

19. Casual friday cC by Belaloallure

female clothes sims

CC creator Belaloalure really keeps coming up with super stylish pieces for our sims! Check out this Casual Friday female clothes CC that she released, which includes puffer jackets, leather biker jackets, and glossy and matte long coats.

Here’s your download link.

20. Alizee Denim Pants by blue Craving

female clothes sims

If you are a fan of fashionable, loose denim jeans that look ultimately perfect for street hangouts and casual dates, then check out these Alizee Denim Pants from Blue Craving! The pants come in multiple swatches, too! Here’s your download link.

21. basic underwear set by rimings

female clothes sims

To celebrate the milestone of reaching 30 thousand followers, CC creator Rimings released the Basic Underwear Set. This female clothes CC pack includes 48 swatches of a cropped long-sleeved top and panty combo. Here’s your download link.

22. two tops by san333

First top!

We could just never get enough feminine tops for The Sims 4! Luckily, we have lots of female clothes CC from CC creators that feature tops! Now, check out these charming tops from San333. The first top is available in 7 colors, while the second top is available in 5.

Second top!

Get your Sims the first top by following this link. Download the second by clicking here.

23. Euphoria highschool cC by Belaloallure

Get the Euphoria Highschool CC for your sims, because these outfits are just screaming in style! The items in this female clothes CC pack, which include a variety of leather skirts, zippered dresses, and belted corsets, come in 12 to 50 swatches.

Here’s your download link.

24. Yoga pants by dreamgirl

Celebrate fashion and comfort by cladding your sims into these ultra-chic yoga pants! These are perfect for those yoga classes that your sims attend. Get these pants in 8 pretty swatches! Here’s your download link.

25. Stranger Online Collection by goodChillsStudio

The Stranger Online Looks Collection, released by Good Chills Studio, features kawaii dresses, shirts in cartoon prints, cute wrinkled socks, and more! All items are base game compatible and come in 7 to 22 swatches. Here’s your download link.

26. TAROT by sondescent

Another great female clothes CC set is this Tarot Collection from CC creator Sondescent! The collection includes 6 versatile and stylish items, including the Vive Skirt, Agnes Corset, Super Sandals, Mwah Top, and more. Here’s your download link.

27. Knit sweater by busra-tr

Have a look at this chic Knit Sweater from CC creator Busra-Tr! This intricately-designed female clothes CC looks ultimately snazzy and comes in 10 colors. Here’s your download link.

28. 70s retro cC by Belaloallure

Delight in the 70s era with this Kathy Set from Belaloallure! The Kathy Set boasts fashionable retro pieces which include mini skirts, vest tops, jumpers, and pants, that are sure to make your sims groove in style!

Here’s your download link.

29. mynx tights by ridgeport

Wearing tights definitely look so sexy for our sims! Good thing is that CC creator Ridgeport released these Mynx Tights, which include 7 pairs of semi-opaque tights for our sims. Now our sims will have more tights to choose from!

Here’s your download link.

30. cable knit & flower cardigans by dreamgirl

CC creator Dreamgirl keeps creating really cute female clothes CC for our sims! For number 30, check out her cable knit and flower cardigan items! The cable knit cardigan comes in 8 swatches, while the flower variant comes in 10. Here’s your download link.

31. SAENGCHUNG X REINA Daily-Korean Hanbok Collabo

Take your love for K-Drama even higher by letting your sims don these Korean Hanbok pieces as they strut through town! The pieces are a collaboration from CC creators Saenchung and Reina and come in 10 swatches. Here’s your download link

32. AxA ALT by aharris00britney

These female clothes CC includes hair, hair accessories, and clothes for your sims which explore the goth and alternative themes. These items will look great on your angsty high schoolers! Here’s your download link.

33. RANDOM Set 1 by miro

This Random Set 1 by MIRO features hip and grungy pieces of streetwear for your sims. The set includes 32 variants of dresses, 30 beautiful tops, and 15 stunning bottom pieces.

Here’s your download link.

34. Winter collection – Jazzy fur jacket by blue craving

Check out this Winter Collection from Blue Craving, which features the Jazzy Winter Fur Jacket in two variants—the first one has alpha layers and the other one only has a solid base. Both come in 16 colors! Here’s your download link.

35. af July Top & Skirt Set by MMSIMS

To celebrate her birthday, MMSIMS presented us with these fabulous tops and skirts, part of a collection named the July Top and Skirt Set! The pretty pieces both come in 30 swatches and are HQ-compatible.

Here’s your download link.

36. Wedding Dress Collection by mermalade

Number 36 in our female clothes CC list is this Wedding Dress Collection by Mermalade! Of course, on their wedding day, you have to ensure that your sims are in their best look! With these ultra-elegant pieces, you’re sure that your sims will be married in style!

Here’s your download link.

37. Walk On The Wild Side by pluto Sims

Next on our female clothes CC list is the Walk on the Wild Side Set by Pluto Sims. This collection features a recolor of the Paranormal dress, available in 45 fun animal patterns. The pieces are all base-game compatible! Here’s your download link.

38. Colorblock Outfit by busra-tr

The Colorblock Outfit, another female clothes CC creation by Busra-Tr, is a hot-looking top (paired with a little, dainty scarf), and patterned pants combo. It comes in 10 colors and could be worn by teens to elder sims.

Grab the top from this link and the pants from here.

39. Sweet Colors Collection by Balman Boutique

More female clothes CC coming for you! This one, called the Sweet Colors Collection, is from Balman Boutique. The collection includes leather skirts, dresses, sweaters, tops, bags, and long shirts, which are available in more than 10 colors. Here’s your download link.

40. DRAPED DRESS BD647 by busra-tr

For number 40, we have this Draped Dress from Busra-Tr. The Draped Dress is a stylish and silky body-hugging piece that comes in 10 colors. Here’s your download link.

41. Hearty – a short dress by Joliebean

The Hearty dress was created by CC creator Joliebean. It is a lovely, quirky dress that features cute little heart prints. The dress is base-game compatible and comes in 20 swatches. Here’s your download link.

Find more kawaii CC for the Sims 4 here!

42. La vie en rose by HuiEn

The La Vie En Rose is comprised of 5 enchanting female clothes CC, including the Kelly Dress, the Gina Corset Dress, the Rosie Blouse, the Rosie Pants, and the Rosie Hat. All are base-game compatible and come in plenty of swatches. Here’s your download link.

43. EXO-SC 1 Billion Views Set by Bergdorfverse

This set was inspired by Chanyeol and Sehun from the Korean group EXO. It includes leather pants, print jackets, crew neck, and other K-pop boy band essentials! Here’s your download link.

44. Loose Dress by fatal rose creations

For our number 44 female clothes CC, come and check this Loose Dress created by simmer Fatal Rose Creations. The dress is plus-size friendly and is available in 47 swatches. Here’s your download link.

45. Knit Collar Mini Dress by RIMINGS

The Knit Collar Mini Dress, created by RIMINGS, is a great piece for the autumn season, especially when paired with thick tights and boots. You can get the dress in 20 printed and solid designs!

Here’s your download link.

46. KK Pajama by KK’s Creation

Throwing a pajama party anytime soon for your dear sims? Then get them this posh and cute KK pajama set from KK’s Creation! The set comes in 20 swatches and is a top and shorts combo.

Here’s your download link.

47. fairycore by babyetears

Take a look at these cool outfits from the Fairycore Set! This Fairycore Set features the Nemesis Skirt, the Magystral Sweater, the Fairycore Street Pants, and the Strike Sweater. All are HQ-compatible. Here’s your download link.

48. N Sweat Suit Set by RIMINGS

Gain more street credibility for your sims by letting them sport these female clothes CC from RIMINGS! The set, called the N Sweat Suit Set, is comprised of a hot-looking top and baggy bottom.

Here’s your download link.

49. Vest Dress S180 by turkSimmer

For number 49, we have this vest dress, which is a sporty female clothes CC for your sims! The vest dress is available in 10 swatches and is compatible with your teen to elder sims. Here’s your download link.

50. ever spring collaboration by RIMINGS X BERGDORFVERSE

Drape your sims in the LV Ever Spring Collection, a collaboration set from RIMINGS and BERGDORFVERSE. The collection includes elegant and charming pieces of female clothes CC for your sims.

Here’s your download link.

51. EMMA dress by JINTI

The Emma Dress is a fashionable and sexy full-body outfit for your sims, perfect for casual spy missions! Created by simmer JINTI, the body-hugging dress comes in 12 swatches and is HQ-compatible.

Here’s your download link.

52. FE Shoulder Wrap Square Neck Top by Charonlee SIMS

The shoulder wrap square neck top is a clothing item that we definitely need more of, in the CAS of The Sims 4! This ultra-chic item looks attractive and graceful, perfect for feminine sims. The item is available with and without the sleeve.

Here’s your download link.

53. Sweater Saturn by babyetears

For number 53 of our female clothes CC list, we have this Sweater Saturn from CC creator Babyetears. This cute piece is a turtle-neck, long-sleeved striped shirt that comes in 17 colorful variants. Here’s your download link.

54. needlepoint overalls modified by euno Sims

The Needlepoint Overalls is a female clothes CC recently modified by Euno Sims. The outfit is comprised of printed and plain sweaters topped with jumper overalls that feature a cute, graphic print on the chest.

Here’s your download link.

55. aurora by boonstow

female clothes sims
Sims 4 Female Clothes by Boonstow

The Aurora Set was launched by CC creator Boonstow. It is comprised of 5 items, including pearl sandals, bow dresses, mini bow skirts, and others. The stunning pieces come in a variety of 4 to 7 swatches per item!

Here’s your download link.

56. wrap dress by euno Sims

female clothes sims

The Wrap Dres by Euno Sims is another female clothes CC item that should become a staple in your sims’ wardrobes. This piece comes in 24 varieties, featuring a plethora of shapes, and flower and fruit prints.

Here’s your download link.

57. crop off shoulder sweater by NURIbatsal

These cropped, off-shoulder sweater pieces will really look good on your sims, what with their snazzy and modern take on the ordinary sweater. Get the piece in over 15 swatches for your sims!

Here’s your download link.

58. Ceren Dress by couquett

female clothes sims

The Ceren Dress by Couquett is a super large, comfy sweater dress that features interesting graphic and calligraphy prints. It looks perfect for casual events at home or street parties with friends! Here’s your download link.

59. April 2022 set by amelylina

female clothes sims

The April 2022 Set from Amelylina features timeless-looking pieces that are both elegant and stylish—perfect for your classy sims. The set includes the Aisha, Lilia, Zenith, and Norn ensembles. Here’s your download link.

60. choi sora set by seoulsoul

The Choi Sora Set is an exquisite combo, seemingly inspired by Korean Streetwear fashion. The combo includes a long coat paired with pants. Both of the items come in 16 stylish swatches. Here’s your download link.

61. Transparent Net Dress by cool content star

female clothes sims

Channel your sim’s inner Kardashian by slamming them up and letting them don this Transparent Net Dress from Cool Content Star! The revealing dress comes in 10 colors.

Here’s your download link.

62. belted jeans by dreamgirl

We can never get enough of the denim style, as denim effortlessly fits with a lot of fashionable ensembles! These pairs of Belted Jeans from Dreamgirl are new denim pieces that are sure to add more charm to your sims’ style.

Here’s your download link.

63. Daily Spring by seoulsoul

More into Korean fashion for our female clothes CC list! This time, we have the Daily Spring Set by SeoulSeoul, a short-sleeved knit top, and a long see-through skirt combo for our sims. The top comes in 15 swatches and the skirt comes in 8.

Here’s your download link.

64. apple pocket pijamas by euno sims

If you want more sleep-themed female clothes CC, then check out these Apple Pocket Pijamas! Launched by Euno Sims, this sleepwear not only looks cute and comfy, but it also features an oversized pocket to fit all of your sim’s needs! Here’s your download link.

65. serenity dress by beto_AE0

Here’s your download link.

66. Dresswater by babyetears

Here’s your download link.

67. Boss suit by HELGATISHA

Here’s your download link.

Suit up with more amazing CC packs here!

68. Ribbon cC by Belaloallure

Here’s your download link

69. VIP cC – 125 & 119 by mila smith

Here’s your download link.

70. Aesthetic Shirt x Jeans Smile Butterfly by whimp 1337

Here’s your download link.

71. Diamond Supporter Request by new_en092

Here’s your download link.

72. heatwave jeans by jellymoo

Here’s your download link.

More on SnootySims: 30+ CC jeans for the Sims 4!

73. blackpink lovesick girls MV Outfit by new_en092

Here’s your download link.

74. Wanna be a good set by new_en092

Here’s your download link.

75. Complicated Top by evellSims

Here’s your download link. By the way, this top would be perfect to start the Rags to Riches challenge with – or even if your Sims is homeless heh!

76. VIP cc – 39 by Mila Smith

Here’s your download link.

77. Fishionably Late by oydis

Here’s your download link.

78. In Your Dreams by B0T0XBRAT

Here’s your download link.

Discover some of the coolest Y2K CC clothes for the Sims 4 here!

79. Nara Jacket by Madlen

Here’s your download link.

For similar cool jackets for your Sims wardrobe, click here!

80. Rosemary Outfit by madlen

Here’s your download link.

81. Karina Set by 2 AM Entertainment

Here’s your download link.

82. Two outfits by GCS

Go to this link to download the first dress, and click here to grab the second dress.

More on SnootySims: Designer CC Pieces for TS4 That Will Rock Your World

83. Bluelish Gown I, II, III & IV by Rusty’s

female clothes sims

Grab the first two blue dresses from this link, and the two below from this link.

Fancy some long sleeved dresses for your female Sims? This CC collection will blow your mind!

84. tucked-in collar pocket t-shirt by 4w25

Here’s your download link.

85. YEONA Coat Dress by Simpliciaty

Here’s your download link.

86. Collection 122 by slayClassy

Oh, this collection has a lot more than just this pretty cool jacket and choker! Here’s your download link.

87. Last Summer Collection by Ikari Sims

Dress up your female Sims in these clothes and get them on their own tropical getaway with this mod.

Download this clothing set from this link.

88. playlist set by fukkie mon

Here’s your download link.

89. VIP cC – 96 by mila Smith

female clothes sims

Here’s your download link

90. Two sets by slay classy

Grab the first set from this link, and the second from here.

91. Natalia Top by korkassims

If you liked this top, you’re going to love this collection of crop tops! Here’s your download link.

92. Mila Dress by blue craving

Here’s your download link.

93. Delirium Cropped Hoodie by SM Sims

Here’s your download link.

94. Rainbow Collection by 2AM Entertainment

Here’s your download link.

Find even more pride cc for the Sims 4 here!

Final Thoughts

We hope that we made you more excited to play The Sims 4 with this ultimate list of female clothes CC we gathered just for you. So don’t hold back, and just keep downloading those items! No judgment here—we totally understand how you want to keep making the styles of your sims more fabulous with these super chic pieces. Have an awesome time, and happy playing simmers!

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