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Does your Sims deserve a relaxing vacation in a tropical paradise? Sure they do! Tropical Getaway Mod is exactly what they need to recharge, pamper themselves, and run away from routine and worries. If this sounds appealing, read on to find out what makes this mod so incredible and whether its the right mod for you!

tropical getaway mod
Tropical Getaway Mod for the Sims 4

what to expect from tropical getaway mod?

The Tropical Getaway mod is an extensive, free mod pack, released in 2018. It is a result of a group collaboration of Nando, and a few other amazing Sims 4 content creators. This is an extensive pack that features an entirely new destination world Sims can travel to. At the time of its release, it brought us many features in terms of places to explore, fun interactions, and actions, as well as new furniture, CAS features, and building features.

similarities between island living and tropical Getaway

Tropical Getaway mod was released about a year before Sims 4: Island Living, which was released in 2019. The mod offered us all that the original Sims 4 series didn’t at that point, which is something to be admired. Back in 2018, the Tropical Getaway pack was great for adding activities Sims couldn’t do with earlier extension pack releases, such as swimming. From that perspective, the mod was ahead of the time in the best possible way. Both the mod pack and the Island Living include:

  • tropical climate, including tropical storms, lightning, and heat waves. The mod also excludes snow for a real tropical feel
  • sunbathe, get tan, and even get sunburned
  • playing and swimming in the ocean
  • gloating lounges and the option to take a nap on them

To get more fun furniture inspired by exotic places, check out these Island Living CC Packs!

Features that add novelty to the game

The mod pack is centered around a beautiful world called Palm Falls, with new spots to check out and completely new scenery. This world is a one-of-a-kind addition you can’t find elsewhere. Some of the things you’ll get to enjoy with the Tropical Getaway mod:

  • a fully functional palm swing for two
  • new furniture and home decor
  • a functional travel bag you can use to pack stuff, change and plan outfits, or travel ) and keep in your inventory)
  • 15+ CC for the CAS panel for male and female Sims
  • 30+ CC for the build/buy panel with a few swatches
  • a functional ceiling cooling fan that can help you regulate the temperature when air gets too hot to handle
  • a banana costume
  • a transportable pool for kids you can carry around in your inventory

tropical getaway mod Requirements

For the mod to work, you will need to meet some requirements regarding game packs. So, before you download the Tropical Getaway Mod, make sure you have the Outdoor Retreat installed, as well as the Seasons and Jungle Adventure expansion packs.

Where to Download the Tropical Getaway Mod from

To get the Tropical Getaway Mod download file, go here. Once you get the file, make sure to unzip it. Extract the content from the .zip file, copy it, go to Electronic Arts > Sims 4, and paste it into the Mods folder.

If the Mod isn’t working, check if you have CC & Mods enabled. To do that, once you are in the game, go to Game Options, find the ”Other” tab at the bottom of the list on the left, and tick the ”Enable Custom Content & Mods” box if it’s not already checked. Voila, let the fun begin! 

Replacing granite falls with palm falls

Once you have the mod installed, you will gain access to a whole new world, with a new icon and a new map. However, this cool world comes with a price. Instead of the Granite Falls, the original Sims 4 world from the Outdoor Vacation, your Sims can now travel to Palm Falls.

The mod replaces Granite Falls with a new exotic world. This means that, with the mod installed, you will completely lose the world of Granite Falls. So, make sure to think about whether that’s something you are okay with.

On the other hand, if Granite Falls is not your cup of tea anyway, Tropical Getaway mod is a cool option. Besides Selvadorada, Sims 4 doesn’t have any tropical destination worlds. Palm Falls is a chance to add a destination that resembles a real vacation destination by the ocean, where Sims can swim and have leisure time.

If you want to try out a beach mod with real ocean waves, check out this mod!

what to expect from palm falls?

Now, Palm Falls World is a real gem if you love tropical environments. Stuff from the original game and Granite Falls is recolored, retextured, and redesigned to match the new exotic aesthetics. You’ll see plenty of palm trees, black volcanic rocks, dense tropical forests, and sandy coasts!

Everything in the Palm Falls world is functional. This applies to the map view, playable vacation homes you can rent, and explorable public areas, and everything is orchestrated just like in any original Sims 4 destination world. Just like in Granite Falls, Tropical Getaway mod gives you 6 lots, that you can adapt and change to your liking.

Palm Falls works like any other destination world, and you should be able to travel to it from any residential world. To go there, all you need to do is pick up your Sims’ phone, select the go on a vacation option, and select the ex-world of Granite Falls to enjoy the exotic scenery that comes with the mod! Just like with all other vacation worlds, your Sims can invite up to 7 other folks to go with them or go alone.


Tropical Getaway Mod is a nice addition to the game, full of cool CC and actions. It is especially great if you don’t have Island Living installed yet, or you are looking for a more tropical leisure destination world for your Sims. The mod is extensive and rich in fun CC, so you will surely make good use of them. However, the choice is always on you. Happy Simming!

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