The Best 2 Sims 4 Prom Mods Out There!

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Have you been wanting to send your teen Sims to prom? Maybe you already have some beautiful CC prom dresses installed, that are just waiting to be used… Well then, you better keep reading this article, because here we will go through the top 2 Sims 4 prom mods on the internet! Yes, we said prom mods. You can finally send your teen Sims to prom, so let us check it out!

Sims 4 prom mods

The Sims 4 Prom Mods: Send Your Teens To Prom!

According to pretty much every teen movie ever made, going to prom is a big deal. Possibly THE biggest event of a teenager’s life. This is why it is pretty sad that EA has not included this event in Sims 4. But luckily for us, the internet has presented us with a few magical mods, which allow us to send our teen Sims to prom.

Indeed, the Sims 4 finally has prom mods! And we could not be any more excited about it. So, get all of your cc prom dresses, hair, and makeup installed, and get ready to boogie! Okay, maybe not boogey – we are not going to a prom in the 80s. Unless you want to? You know, that would be a cool idea! Anyway, enough joking, let us check these 2 prom mods out!

1. The Prom Event Mod – KIARASIMS4MODS

Sims 4 prom mod

The Prom Event Mod is created by KIARASIMS4MODS, and requires The Sims 4: Get Together game pack. During this event, the main goal is to dance. While other goals include:

  1. Having 3 Sims Dance
  2. Chatting With a Friend for 1 Hour
  3. Talking to a Guest
  4. Telling Jokes
  5. Flirting with Someone
  6. Asking Someone about their Day
  7. Complimenting Someone´s Outfit
  8. Eating Something
  9. Grabbing a Drink
  10. Taking a Selfie
  11. Telling a Story

After the prom, your Sim’s reward will be a sweet little rose. Download into your mods folder from here.

2. The Prom Custom Event Mod – BRITTPINKIESIMS

Sims 4 prom mod

The Prom Custom Event Mod is created by BRITTPINKIESIMS. It is base game compatible, and houses up to 40 teens, plus chaperones! Fun facts about this mod include:

  1. You get custom goals to complete
  2. You get custom rewards for bronze, silver, and gold parties
  3. Sims obtain buffs from the rewards
  4. Sims get custom buffs from their prom experience
  5. Teens get a custom whim called “go to prom”

Furthermore, BRITTPINKIESIMS made an awesome prom venue! But it requires The Sims 4 Luxury Party Stuff, Get Together, and Get To Work. Get this mod here!


To sum it up, these 2 prom mods are both amazing, and we cannot wait to test them out some more! Have you attended prom in real life, or are you going to soon? Let us know in the comments down below!

We would also love to know what sort of prom CC you have installed, and (if you attended prom in real life) what color was your outfit? If it was green…you get extra Simmer points! Just kidding, we know you all looked stunning in whatever color you wore – or will wear.

Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by today. Hope this post could help you discover some of our favorite Sims 4 prom mods. And well… Happy Simming!

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