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Our sims know that there’s something about wearing lingerie that makes them look ten times prettier. There are definitely some lingerie cc that are classics and can never go out of style but there are also new lingerie custom content and mods out there that you should have your characters try out. Here are our picks of Sims 4 lingerie cc. So, buckle up, lingerie lovers!

Lingerie Custom content for the Sims 4

2021 Lingerie Set 06

image 2021 11 05 213039

This September collection is a stunner. You will find a piece for every taste in it with 36 swatches to choose from. It works on sims from teen to elder. Head over to this post to check it out. And check out maxis hair to match it all.

Bella Hadid’s Lingerie CC Victoria’s Secret 2018

image 2021 11 05 214301

Bella’s lingerie in Victoria’s secret 2018. It comes in 6 unique swatches. It only works on your adult sims though. You can install this one by clicking here.

Lingerie Set 02

image 2021 11 05 212644

This set is no less than the previous two. It’s well designed and is available in a variety of 30 swatches. You can check it out under full-body category. Your sims, whether teen, adult, young adult or elder can try it out. You can install this one by visiting this page.


Sims 4 lingerie CC

A stunning transparent bodysuit for your female sims. This collection includes 26 colors. You also get chains in 13 different swatches and 10 metal colors. Install from this page.

Astya96 Lingerie Set 03 * Recolors

image 2021 11 08 120544

Another gorgeous set of Sims 4 lingerie cc. You get 50 different color combinations from this set. Some are solids and others are patterns. Meaning, whatever the event is, your sim character will find a fitting suit. Head over to this page to install.


image 2021 11 08 122510

Black and white always rules all. This Sims 4 lingerie cc is base game compatible and is made of new mesh. Go on, check it out already.

The Sims 4 Custom Content Lingerie Set

image 2021 11 08 120935

If you’re looking for a much simpler, lingerie style, this set should be your go-to. It fits all sizes and comes in a variety of 20 swatches. Go ahead and check them out here. Also, make sure you stop by custom skin-blends for the Sims 4 here.

Nitro Panic

Sims 4 lingerie CC

This one is a bit unconventional we’d say, however it is definitely worth checking. Your female sims from teen to adult can try it out. Here’s your download-link.

In Bloom Body

image 2021 11 08 121305

This in bloom bodysuit knows its way around complimenting every body shape for sure. It comes in a set of 15 Swatches and your female sims from teen to elder can rock it. Check it out by clicking here.

Lingerie Recolor Dump

Sims 4 lingerie CC

We couldn’t love this set more! Each with a different naming but we can all agree they share one merit: stunning. Head over to this post for more info about this set.

We’ve come to the end our Sims 4 lingerie cc list and we hope you’ve found just the right pieces for your female characters. Feel free to head back to the main post for a bigger collection of underwear mods and cc. And you could also check out related content by visiting the links below. Enjoy!

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