Top and Trendy Shoes CC for The Sims 4: Explore Over 46+ New Shoes!

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Welcome to the ultimate list of shoes CC for The Sims 4! Whether your Sims are craving for trendy boots, comfy flats, stylish sandals, or sporty sneakers, we’ve got you covered with all the hottest and trendiest shoes we included on this list. Yep! Explore all the must-have footwear for your Sims below, and make sure to check out number 47!

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Explore Over 46+ New Shoes!

The Trendiest Shoes CC For Your Sims This 2023!

In this list, we gathered the trendiest shoes CC for your Sims! We handpicked an extensive list of footwear—from stylish sneakers to elegant heels, these perfect pairs will surely upgrade your Sims’ looks and bring out their distinct personalities. Thanks to a pool of the best CC Creators, these shoe mods unleash a whole new level of fashion and variety for The Sims 4!

Chili Collection 03 by Jius-Sims

Chili Collection 03 by Jius Sims

If we’re talking about shoes, this amazing and trendy shoe collection by none other than Jius-Sims is the most popular! Chili Collection 03 provides a trendy look with a variety of heel designs to pick from. Get it here!

Isla Heels by Offline

image 153

We are thrilled to share this exquisite piece with you, called the Isla Heels. These stunning heels feature a selection of 28 colors, so you can mix and match the pairs with a lot of outfits. These Isla Heels offer both CAS base game and slider versions, and additionally, there’s even a decor version for your wardrobe clutter.

Give your Sims great style with these Isla Heels here.

Lola Platform Sandals by Bergdorfverse

image 155

Now, let’s move on to these fabulous Lola Platform Sandals, a result of a collaborative effort between CC Creators Bergdorfverse and POX, to create an effortlessly stylish loungewear look. With a diverse range of 25 colors, these Lola Platform Sandals offer two CAS versions (Slider & Base Game), along with a decor version for added flair to the wardrobe of your Sims.

Grab these attractive and colorful shoes CC here.

Stretch Chunk Boots by Miro Sims

image 164

These Stretch Chunk Boots are must-have shoes for your Sims. With their edgy and gothic appeal, these boots are a perfect fit for fashion-forward teens and those seeking a darker style. Available in 15 swatches, these versatile boots will add the perfect touch of attitude to any Sim’s wardrobe. Pro Tip: The black version will absolutely look good in any outfit!

Upgrade your Sims outfits, by downloading these chunk boots here.

Chrome Heartz Uggs by Merch Sims

image 165

Meet the Chrome Heartz Uggs, comfy yet stylish shoes CC for your Sims. With 15 swatches, these cute boots offer versatile options for your Sims’ wardrobes. These Chrome Heartz Uggs are available in the shoe category of CAS or as decor in Buy Mode. Also, these uggs are suitable for both male and female Sims and include a separate version for toddlers and children.

Give Sims’ looks a twist with these charming ugg shoes CC here.

Blossom Sandals by Offline

tumblr 49bada1ac40a745c5eaaa88c47788aca 4704ea4d 1280

This is the Blossom Sandals, another addition to your Sims footwear collection. You can enjoy the versatility of 28 swatches of the Blossom Sandals in the shoe category, and don’t forget to explore the included Blossom Sandals Add On, which also offers 28 swatches in the socks category (you can use these add-ons to customize the heart colors in the sandals).

Click here to add these lovely shoes CC to your game.

Elegant Woman High heels by Kikiw Sims

image 152

Sims should wear these beautiful and elegant high heels by CC Creator Kikiw. Called the Elegant Woman High Heels, this footwear will instantly elevate the appearance, enhance the posture, and exude grace and allure for your Sims. It also adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any outfits they wear! All in all, there are 8 colors available.

Add these cute sandals here to your game.

Idalia Shoes by SM Sims

image 172

With their versatile design and various color options, these preppy Idalia Shoes allow Sims to express their individuality and embrace their feminine side. Surely, your Sims would love to wear a pair of these to look adorably fabulous at events, parties, or everyday gatherings! The said Idalia Shoes come in 12 pretty swatches and come with 100% new, HQ-enabled textures.

Access these awesome Idalia Shoes CC here.

Pumps by Bergdorfverse

image 162

Called the La Riviera Collection, this set is a collaboration between CC Creators Berdorfverse and Kollections to bring you not just stylish shoes, but also fashionable bags, hats, and clothing pieces. But let’s focus on the shoes! The set provides the game with the Portofino Pumps and the Riviera Pumps, both looking extra glamorous and chic, perfect for fashionista Sims.

Style up your Sims with these shoes CC here.

Ow Dunk Low Sneakers by Bergdorfverse

image 160

These are the OW Dunk Low Sneakers, highly requested shoes CC inspired by the Nike x Off White collaborations. Available in 5 colors for both males and females, this release is sure to be a hit to your Sims. Overall there are 5 swatches available for males and females, to offer every Sim versatility and style. Plus there’s also a decor version!

Add these super chill shoes CC to your game, by clicking here.

Love and Love Loafer by Miro Sims

image 157

Hey, these Love and Love Loafers should be a staple piece in your Sims’ wardrobes. Aside from looking really cute, these loafers are a fashionable choice that exudes sophistication and elegance, allowing your Sims to make a stylish statement wherever they go. The Love and Love Loafers are available in 10 swatches and could be worn by female Sims.

Freshen up your Sims’ style with these shoes CC here.

Sunday Pulp Boots by SM Sims

image 173

These super gorgeous Sunday Pulp Boots are the stuff of your Barbie dreams! Launched by CC Creator SM Sims, these boots are perfect for Sims who love to make a fashion statement wherever they go. And don’t worry if you think that it will make your Sims super tall, these boots are made to snap correctly to any Sim’s height.

These adorable and clunky boots are available here.

Air Jordan 8 Retro by Sailor24Love

image 158

With their cushioned soles and ergonomic design, the Air Jordan 8 Retro shoes provide exceptional comfort, allowing Sims to explore the streets with ease. Additionally, the iconic Air Jordan Retro shoes add a touch of nostalgia and excitement, bringing a sense of fun to Sims’ fashion choices. These shoes are available in 46 swatches, for male and female Sims from Teens onwards.

Download this incredible air jordans collection here.

Spring Time Heels Collection by BackTrack

image 174

Spring is a great season as it allows your Sims the freedom to wear open-toed shoes and sandals again! This Spring Time Heels Collection includes the following shoes: Emily Lace Up Heels in 14 swatches, Gardenia Buckled Heels in 10, Camellia Glossy Heels in 8, and Willow Heels Slippers in 12. Plus, the creator also threw in an extra accessory: the Ankle Chain with Heart Pendant in 3 swatches!

Elevate your Sims’ overall vibe with these spring shoes CC here.

Vacation Collection by Jius Sims

image 179

During vacation time, comfortable shoes are necessary for Sims as this support and prevent discomfort during various activities! These Vacation Collection 05 by Jius Sims ensures that Sims can explore, walk, and engage in adventures in and out of the city without experiencing fatigue or pain. The said set includes the Leather Heeled Sandals (15 swatches), the Flat Sandals (35 swatches), the Check Slingback Heels (18 swatches), and the Leather Loafers (12 swatches).

These bright pieces from the Vacation Collection are up for grabs here.

Ugg Gift Set 04 by Sunberry

image 193

Check out the Ugg Gift Set 04, a collection of snug and pretty shoes CC for your Sims, which will treat their feet to the ultimate cozy footwear. Created by the talented CC Maker Sunberry, these Ugg shoes offer both comfort and style for any event. With 14 swatches available in the gift set, you can find the perfect pair to suit your Sims’ outfits!

This Ugg Gift Set is available here.

Flats Collection 03 by Jius Sims

image 180

Indulge your Sims’ feet in the comfort and style of the Flats Collection 03, a comfy shoes CC set. Created by the skillful CC Creator Jius Sims, this collection features a range of soft and pretty flats, slippers, and sandals. Included in the set are the fashionable Platform Slippers 04, trendy Platform Flat Sandals 01, elegant Pointed Toe Flats 01, and chic Thong Flat Sandals 01.

This cute Flats Collection is up for download here.

Momentous Heels by Offline

image 168

Step into the spotlight with these fiery Momentous Heels, a one-of-a-kind shoe for your Sims. Made by the CC Creator Off-Line, this set features 15 swatches of hot, fire-styled heels to upgrade your Sims’ footwear gaming. The Momentous Heels are available in two versions, CAS and Decor, providing your Sims with nice items for both fashion and home decor.

Bring these hot shoes CC to your game by downloading them here.

Fold Over Platforms by Cece Sims

image 166

Discover the bombastic and edgy shoes of the Color Wave Collection by CC Creator Cece Sims. Highlighted in this collection are the Fold-Over Platform Shoes, which come in 14 colorful swatches. Complete your Sims’ fashion-forward look with the bonus items Color Wave Top and Wrap Shorts also included in this collection. Every item has its custom thumbnail in CAS.

Upgrade your Sims’ image with these striking boots here.

Amaya Bunny Ugg Boots by SM Sims

image 167

Dress up your Sims’ feet and bring a touch of cuteness to their winter wardrobe with the Amaya Bunny Ugg Boots which feature charming bunny ears! These boots were launched by SM Sims. In addition to these adorable boots, the set includes a delightful knit sock accessory. All genders of children, teens, and adult Sims can enjoy these stylish and snug boots.

Let Sims make a lasting impact with their Ugg Boots, available here.

Humming Derby Shoes by MM Sims

image 188

Take a peek at the sleek and dapper Humming Derby Shoes by CC Creator MM Sims, which is the ultimate addition to your Sims’ wardrobe. With 10 swatches to choose from, these shoes are perfect for both formal occasions and casual wear and can be worn by all Sims from teen to elder age. Available in two versions, these shoes will add a touch of sophistication to any outfit!

Start your makeover with these charming Derby Shoes CC here.

Sneakers Collection 3 by Jius Sims

image 178

Do you need some sporty sneakers for your Sims? Take a look at the colorful and cool-looking Sneakers Collection Part 3 by Jius Sims. Each sneaker style, including Low Top Suede Sneakers 01, Low Top Leather Sneakers 01, Low Top Sneakers 03, and Low Top Chunky Sneakers 01, comes in 20 to 30 swatches, offering a wide range of sneaker options for your Sims.

Have some glam-up fun with this set of sneakers here.

Camille Heels by SM Sims

image 175

Check out the sweet and feminine Camille Heels, a super chic addition to your Sims’ wardrobe. Created by CC Creator SM Sims, these heels come in two swatches: a plain sea green and a vibrant red pattern. Whether your Sims are attending a special event or simply want to dress up at home, these heels are perfect! Plus, the Camille Heels set includes a slider-less version.

Stylize Sims with these glamorous Camille Shoes CC here.

Converse Sneakers by Serenity

image 192

More great shoes are coming your way, such as these good ol’ Converse Sneakers! Created by CC Creator Serenity, this set offers a timeless style that never goes out of fashion, proving that it’s suitable to be worn by any age and for any occasion. There are 30 vibrant colors to choose from for these Converse Sneakers, which are designed for both male and female Sims.

Unpack charm and street cred with these adorable shoes CC here.

Almost Monday Slippers by Bed & Musae

image 182

Treat your Sims to relaxation and fashion with the Almost Monday Slippers, the perfect slip-on for lounging around the house all day. Launched by CC Creator Bed & Musae, these chunky, hip, and youthful slippers are available in 12 swatches and were designed for ultimate comfort. As an added bonus, the set includes cozy socks to keep their feet warm and snug!

Download these shoes CC here.

Men’s Shoes Collection 03 by Jius Sims

image 186

Take a look at these stylish shoes designed for men. The Men’s Shoes Collection 03 by Jius Sims features various styles, including Leather Loafers 03, Suede Trainers 01, Leather Derby Shoes 01, Suede Ankle Boots, and Leather Slip-On Sandals 01. With plenty of swatches available, you can find the perfect pair for any occasion. Plus, the set’s custom thumbnails make it easy to browse through the collection!

This exquisite men’s shoes CC is available here.

Himdureo Sneakers by MM Sims

image 185

For your outdoorsy Sims, these shoes are a delightful fit! These are called the Himdureo Sneakers and were launched by CC Creator MM Sims. These sneakers offer a chunky, colorful, and cool style and give your Sims lots of street cred! With 20 swatches to choose from, these sneakers are available for all genders in both slider and non-slider versions.

This gorgeous shoes CC pack is available here.

Esme Boots by SM Sims

image 177

Trendy and versatile, these Esme Boots are a must-have for the adventures and inter-neighborhood trips of your Sims. These boots were from CC Creator SM Sims, and these offer comfort and style for your Sims with the eight available colors. The texture of these shoes is 100% new and HQ-enabled, ensuring your Sims look their best all the time in the game!

Get these shoes in your game by downloading them here.

Moonlight Sneakers by Trillyke

image 194

Check out another chunky shoe option for your Sims, through these Moonlight Sneakers! Yep. The Moonlight Sneakers by CC Creator Trillyke make sure to bring out that stylish *oomph* to any outfit. With 16 original swatches to choose from, these colorful and hip sneakers are perfect for any occasion for your male and female Sims.

Elevate your Sims’ fashion in the game with these new shoes CC here.

Chunkyy Set v2 by Madlen

image 195

Chunky platform heels like these are a must-have in your Sims’ wardrobes. Called the Chunky Set V2, these heels by CC Creator Madlen offer a bold and elegant style that will make your Sims feel like they are Barbie or a part of the Bratz girls. With six items available, including two heel shapes and three various heights, you can find a suitable fit for any of your Sims!

Visit this site here to get these captivating shoes CC.

Rich Boots by Cece Sims

image 196

The Rich Boots by CC Creator Cece Sims bring a fabulous touch to any outfit. These shoes look popping and are definitely suitable for night outs and glamorous events for your Sims. With 11 swatches to choose from, you can find the best match for any outfit. These boots are also compatible with sliders and have their own custom thumbnails for easy browsing in CAS.

Click here to get this shoes CC pack for your game.

Sneakers Collection Part 02 by Jius Sims

image 183

Take a look at these sneakers perfect for simple hangouts or athletic events. The Sneakers Collection Part 02 by Jius Sims offers a variety of styles, including the Low Top Suede Sneaker 01, the Low Top Leather Sneaker 01, the Low Top Sneaker 03, and the Low Top Chunky Sneakers 01. With 20-30 swatches available for each style, there’s something for each and every Sim. These sneakers are also suitable for all genders!

Get ready to impress with these shoes CC here.

On The Ground Boots by MM Sims

image 184

Now, take a look at these boots that are incredibly versatile and can be paired with a variety of outfits. Called the On The Ground Boots Glossy by CC Creator MM Sims, this is a glossy version of the original boots. With a single swatch available, these boots offer a straightforward sleek, and stylish piece for all genders, from Teen to Elder Sims.

Infuse a dark vibe onto your Sims’ looks by getting these shoes CC here.

Over The Knee Suede Boots 01 by Jius Sims

image 189

Let’s shift our attention to another top-notch footwear that you can add to your Sims’ shoe collection. These Over The Knee Suede Boots 01 by creator Jius Sims are great for adding a dash of elegance to any glammed-up event or party. With 20 swatches to choose from, these boots not only elevate your Sims’ style but also create the illusion of longer legs.

Have more fun shoes CC for your Sims here!

Rhyton Shoes by MM Sims

image 197

Add another must-have set to your Sims’ sneaker collection with the Rhyton Shoe Set by CC Creator MM Sims. These sneakers offer the right blend of comfort and fashion, allowing your Sims to stay snug all day while still looking stylish. With 36 swatches to choose from, including plain, patterned, two-toned, and bold colors, there’s a pair to suit every Sim’s taste.

Click here to access this shoes CC pack.

Aeternita Set by Bergdorfverse

Step into the world of high fashion with the Aeternitas Set by Bergdorfverse. These exquisite heels are designed for your trendsetter Sims who want to make a bold statement! With 40 swatches available, including 20 leather and 20 fabric versions, you can customize these sandals to match just about any outfit. Plus, the set also offers an Aeternitas Sandals with Socks option.

Get these cool shoes CC for your Sims here.

Cottage collection 01 by Jius Sims

Let this refreshing Cottage Collection 01 by CC Creator Jius Sims boost your Sims’ shoe style. This collection includes the Espadrilles Sandals 01, Rain Boots 03, High Top Ankle Boots 01, Ankle Strap Clog Sandals 01, Floral Sheer Socks 01, and Rain Boots 03 with Socks. With 8 to 32 swatches available for each style, there’s a suitable fit for every Sim’s taste.

Level up your Sims’ getup with these shoes CC here.

The Escape Nike Air Shoes by Bed & Musae

image 199

Acquaint your Sims with these fabulous Escape Nike Air Shoes created by Bed & Musae. These dapper-looking shoes are what your Sims need for any occasion, as it is not only very comfortable to use but also add to their street style effortlessly. With 15 swatches available, you can find the ideal color for your Sims’ getups.

Click here to add these awesome shoes CC to your game.

Fila Fluid Trainers by Becky Sims

image 200

Proper sports shoes provide the right amount of comfort, support, and durability for Sims of all ages, promoting foot health and enhancing their performance in athletic activities. Good thing that there is the Fila Fluid Trainers, a sports shoe set for both young and old Sims! The said set comes in 6 colors and is HQ-compatible.

Make a statement with these stunning shoes CC here.

Norae Loafer by MM Sims

image 203

Grab a pair of the Norae Loafers for your Sims’ wardrobes. Not only are they incredibly classy, but these loafers also bring a touch of elegance to any outfit. With 10 swatches to choose from, there’s the right pair for every occasion. Whether your Sim is young or old, male or female, these loafers are a versatile choice that adds flair to their style!

Let Sims look great with these shoes CC, by downloading them here.

Marshmallow Collection 02 by Jius Sims

image 190

CC Creator Jius Sims really knows how to make the prettiest and most creative shoes that our Sims will enjoy. This time, take a look at the Marshmallow Collection 02 from the said creator, which includes cute little pairs like the Star Fuzzy Boots 01, the Crocs Clog 02, the Bowknow Platform Loafer 01, and the Double Strap Platform Sandals 01. There are so many swatches available!

Have fun with these shoes CC here.

Woods Boots by Simsplify

image 204

Equip your Sims with these Woods Boots from Simsplify, and let them conquer the great outdoors in style and confidence. These durable and reliable shoes are specially designed for hiking adventures and are catered to both male and female Sims. Crafted with a natural wooden aesthetic and with sturdy construction and smooth finish, the Woods Boots provide optimal comfort and support on rugged terrains.

Get your Sims’ groove on with these shoes CC here.

Bless Block Heel Sandals by Miro Sims

image 207

Get ready to fall in love with the adorable Bless Block Heel Sandals by Miro Sims. These ultra-chic shoes are a must-have for any fashionable Sim. With a wide array of 26 colors to choose from, you can easily match these Block Heels with any outfit in your Sim’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a casual day out or a special occasion, these sandals are the perfect finishing touch!

Get your Sims’ groove on with these shoes CC here.

Luna Shoes by Simmer Addiction 83

image 218

You’ll definitely like these extravagant-looking Luna Shoes! Styled as shining apple green pump heels with straps, these shoes will be perfect for evening parties or night outs with the girls. The Luna Shoes are available in 32 swatches and could be worn by female Sims. Just take note of the required mod as stated in the post, for these shoes to work in the game.

Style up your Sims with these shoes CC here.

Color Bomb Platform Boots by Backtrack

image 215

Fill the lives of your Sims with so much color by incorporating this shoe CC into their footwear collection! This set by CC Creator BackTrack called the Color Bomb Platform Boots, will deliver that much-needed colorful upgrade to their shoe wardrobe. The said set features two versions of the boots, which are both available in 10 swatches.

Upgrade Sims’ wardrobes with these fabulous boots here.

Naked Wolfe Vergie Hot Heels by Ruchell Sims

image 216

Let your Sims make a bold fashion statement with the Naked Wolfe Vergie Hot Heels, ensuring all eyes are on them wherever they go. Launched as a collection from Ruchell Sims, this exquisite assortment features an array of eye-catching high heels in 13 captivating swatches. With their irresistible charm and allure, these extravagant heels are the best choice to boost the confidence of your Sims!

Make a fashion statement in The Sims 4 with these shoes CC here.

Under The Blue Sea Platform Shoes by Bed & Musae

image 213

Take a moment to check the Under The Blue Sea Platform Shoes collection by Bed & Musae. These crisp and swag sneakers offer a range of 12 swatches that will add a splash of color to your Sims’ wardrobes. These Platform Shoes are such an excellent choice for Sims, providing a nice touch to their everyday adventures.

Add flair to your Sims’ look with these trendy shoes CC here.

Boots Collection 04 by Jius Sims

image 220

Check out the delightful Boots Collection 04 by Jius Sims, as we dive into number 47. This collection showcases a range of colorful platform and ankle boots that exude a pretty and chic vibe. There are over 18 to 25 swatches available for each style. So go ahead, and step up the footwear game of your Sims with these trendy boots set!

Explore fashion possibilities with these amazing shoes CC here.


Well, we hope you’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring our handpicked collection of shoes CC for The Sims 4. Here at SnootySims, our goal is to always bring you the best custom content, and in this article, we’re thrilled to have shared with you this exciting selection of footwear for your Sims’ diverse styles. From sleek boots to casual flats, and chic sandals to trendy sneakers, the extensive shoes CC we handpicked for you above will allow you to customize your Sims’ style with ease. Please stay tuned for more exciting CC recommendations from us! Happy playing simmers!

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