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The Best Shoes Mods for The Sims 4

Boots, shoes and heels aren’t just protection for your feet, but an essential part of every outfit. You’ve gotta make the right choice when considering them and if they don’t match, well, you’ve got to start over, right? To help you out with your picking, we’ve put all our favorite footwear mods for The Sims 4 here. Let’s have a look at them!

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Madlen Bradford Boots Recolors

High heels boots are always fashionable and you can’t go wrong with any color in which they come! Every Simmer who is into bright and colorful items should have this CC in his collection! It is created by Annett and you can download it from here.

shoes mod

Madlen Cute Cosette Shoes

There are rarely more realistic sneakers CC for The Sims 4 out there! The tremendous popularity of these cute ones speak for itself – over 800,000 downloads on The Sims Resource. Countless thanks go to Mj95 who created the mod making it available for download from this page.

shoes mod

Madlen Lace-up Doha Shoes

To achieve the irresistible is not possible without these lace-up boots! They’re covered in leather of 9 different colors, but the heel is what truly makes them overpowering! We’re happy to share this popular mod which you can download from here. Go wild!

shoes mod

Madlen Modern Eris Boots

For a modern and compact outfit – we suggest this leathered boots! Whether at work or on a night out, your Sim will look all in place. Tidy in all of the 6 variants – you really can’t miss with these shoes! Thank the maker Mj95 at The Sims Resource and download his CC from here.  .

shoes mod

Madlen Sleek Febris Shoes

The art of capturing your love pray includes these shoes as well! The overall sleek look is seductive on its own, but in combo with the golden touch… Simply wonderful! Get this CC from this site and become truly unavoidable!

shoes mod

Madlen Sexy Gorgias Shoes

In the line of extremely sexy shoes, have a look at these ones too. A little bit more revealing than the previous ones, they’ve already broken download records – nearly 700,000 on The Sims Resource. If you want to have them in your closet too, use this download link.

shoes mod

Madlen Gorgeous Jasmine Shoes

The perfect night can’t happen without the perfect outfit, right? But the perfect outfit doesn’t exist without these gorgeous shoes! We love them because they reveal much but they are also able to remain high-class and elegant. If you agree with our taste, download the mod from this link and try them for yourself!

shoes mod

Madlen Cool And Fresh Kelly Shoes

For a complete refresh, we have these new and amazing high boots. They come in 2 white variants and one black, but no matter which you choose – you’re going to appear absolutely cool! The designer here is Mj95 as well and you can download his CC from here.

shoes mod

Madlen Irresistible Makahari Shoes

Get ready to become irresistible again! We believe that every female closet should possess these for the most special occasions! These shining shoes are beloved by everyone and the proof is in the half a million downloads from The Sims Resource! To get them for yourself, click here.

shoes mod

Madlen Thigh High Mitra Boots

The thigh high boots have just knocked at the door and here they are in all their glory! The leather texture is what makes them tempting and seductive, so if you’re composing a charmer’s outfit – you must have them! The direct download link is here.

shoes mod

Madlen Popular Piacenza Boots

This whole list could be dedicated to Mj95’s talent for shoes. The Sims 4 could really use his creation and here is a proof for exactly that! This one has nearly a million downloads at The Sims Resource and screams for attention! We recommend them as well and you can download them using this link.

shoes mod

Madlen Enthralling Stella Shoes

When you put yourself on the right heels – you’re just one step away of conquering the world! That is what we offer you with this fantastic mod. These shoes come in 5 different colors and are able to enthrall anyone! To test them out, download them from here.

shoes mod

Madlen Sweet Novara Sandals In 67 Recolors

Yeah, you heard it right – 67 unique recolors for these babies! We absolutely adore these sweet shoes and they are our go-to footwear whenever we send our Sims on a holiday. Find your own favorite variant and after you download them all from this site.

shoes mod

Madlen Knee High Paris Boots Recolors

Up to the knee and in all the shiny colors you want! These are the ideal feet addition for every Paris boots lover, because you can get them in a classy or relaxing variant. We found this treasure at but you can use this link to download them quickly. Don’t miss out on them!

shoes mod

Madlen High Sneakers Recolors

If you’re a fan of high sneakers, then get ready to download the heaven! In countless recolors and designs, these sneakers are something you’ll never get tired of. Every next version is like putting on a totally new pair of shoes, so they are definitely a must-have. To get them, visit this page.

shoes mod

Neroni Sneakers Recolors for Males

And if you liked the previous mod, then here is the right version for your male Sims as well. Now they can also enjoy these fresh sneakers and switch between the different models on daily basis. For more info you can check and to download this CC, use this link.

shoes mod

Marigold Combat Boots Recolors

For all fun-chasing Sims, we have these colorful boots. The design changes into 20 versions and we’re sure that you’ll find an outfit for every single one of them. We have to thank Annett for creating the mod which you can download from here. And if you want to follow the creator for more CC, check her Instagram page.

shoes mod

Marigold Ribbon Wedge Heels Recolors

Preparing for a little visit to Sulani? Then you must have these! The summery vibes of these shoes is why we love them, but the 66 custom colors which make them truly exceptional mod for The Sims 4 are here too! To download them quickly, use this link.

shoes mod

Realm Of Magic Boots Recolors

And something special for the end! If you have Realm of Magic and you enjoy it – then you must have these for your witch! In dark or bright variant, they are really unique type of shoes that only the rare Sims wear. All the credits go to the amazing Annett who did an awesome job with the mod! To download this one, follow our direct link here. Adieu!

shoes mod

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