Top Yeezys Shoes & Clothes Your Sims Will Love Rocking!

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Looking for authentic Yeezys shoes and clothes for your Sims? Look no further if you are up for the latest designs! Keep reading to discover the hottest pieces from Kanye’s collaboration with Adidas and more.

yeezes sims 4 cc
Yeezys Shoes & Clothes for the Sims 4!

Refresh your wardrobe: Yeezys Shoes, Clothes, and Merch for Everyone!

Keeping up with trends matters to some Sims! Sometimes a few fresh details can completely revamp the Sims 4 wardrobe. If you are a player who enjoys experimenting with fashion pieces and wants your characters to always look up-to-date than quality CC is a must.

If a fashion combo called Kanye West and Adidas rings a bell, and you love Yeezy, we have some quality CC pieces for you to check out.

Here come the best Yeezys shoes, clothes, and Kanye’s merch for all Sims, from toddlers to adults, that will help your Sims feel trendy! Enjoy the fashion journey with us!

Top Yeezys shoes:

1. adidas Yeezy Slides by kikovanity

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Any Sim who wants to be trendy simply has to have a pair of these! Kanye’s summer design is sleek, minimal, and ideal for creating effective outfits. There are 2 sets and 6 swatches in nude colors, and they are made for male and female Sims, teens to elders. To download this Kanye West CC, go here!

2. Yeezy boost 700 ”wave runner” shoes by simLocker

Let’s be real here, the 700 Wave Runner model is a beast among sneakers. Men of Sims can now enjoy the benefit of wearing them. No matter if they are headed for a gym, or to grab a drink with their buddies, they will be the ultimate boss with these on. These yeezys shoes are available for download here!

3. yeezy 700s shoes by hardswae

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Now, onto the classic sporty look. This set includes both sneakers and shoes from Yeezy’s collection. Sneakers come in 2 swatches, while slides are available in 8 swatches. Have fun experimenting with different looks, the quality of this CC piece is so on point! Check out these yeezys shoes here!

4. SUPERMOON Yeezy Season 6


We haven’t forgotten about ladies, of course! The collab with Adidas has blessed shoe lovers with incredible chunky pieces, and now our Sims can enjoy them too. They are available in 3 colors, and will be an effective fashion detail for both gents and gals of Sims! Check it out here!

5. yeezy 700 Inertia male & female shoes by hypeSim

Here comes another unisex piece from Yeezy’s Season 6 collection. The 710 Inertia model is sporty and fashionable. One thing is certain: These white beauties from yeezys shoes collection will be an asset in your Sim’s closet! You can download them on this page!

6. yeezy 350 v2 pack Keavizz1

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Looking for a handful pack of Yeezys shoes CC? If that’s so then this is the set of shoes you’ve been looking for. This is a 350 v2 pack with 10 different models. Your folks can opt for a few showstopping designs, from cream white and zebra print, to minimal black ones. Check them out here!

7. Yeezy 2 shoes by chunkySims

Who is the main character at your local school? Your Sim, of course! This set includes not only Yeezys shoes for all male Sims, from toddlers to adults, but also a few other wearables that complement them so well! These outfits and shoes are rocking. You can find more info here!

Top Yeezys Clothes:

1. kanye west Wyoming merch by HypeSim

Yeezy, aka Kanye, or Ye, is also known for his Wyoming ranch. While this is not a Yeezy collab with Adidas, this merch just has to be on the list, because, well, it’s Kanye! Plus, these 3 hoodies combined with some of Yeezys shoes will be a match made in Heaven! For info, go here!

2. yeezy inspired menswear collection by simsrunaway

This one is a total Kanye West cc package. If you love Kanye’s designs, then you will be thrilled to add these bomber jackets with Yeezus print on them, sweatpants, and shirts to your Sims 4 wardrobe. The set just screams class and style! Get meshes for these showstopping pieces here!

3. Yeezy Season 6 Kim Clones By TitleSims

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Kim K and Kanye might be separated, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the Yeezy Season 6 collection! Sporty sweatpants and crop tops in nudes and grays are the essence of clean aesthetics, and will help you dress up your Sims dolls like real Insta models! Download it here!

4. yzy season 7 collection by plasticsimz

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Last, but not least, here comes a set for ladies who are not afraid to show off curves and be themselves! These pieces are from Yeezy’s 7 collection. There are 25 trendy pieces, including glasses, Yeezys shoes, and fancy leggings and tops. If you love this look, find more info here!

5. Saint Pablo Yeezy sweater by bergdorfverse

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Everyone loves a good hoodie! Saint Pablo sweater is for those who want to show attitude. It comes in a few minimal variations, so feel free to experiment! Get this superb Yeezy’s piece here!

Final Thoughts

This was our cherry-picked collection of Yeezy’s stuff for Sims 4. We hope you found something you are thrilled to try out. We are sure your trendsetters of Sims will love such pieces. With such pieces, your Sim will be in high demand wherever they go. Happy simming!

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