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We believe that The Sims 4 can be a gateway to thousand different worlds! And it’s possible when you consider all the amazing mods and CC that the community has come up with through the years. The medieval ones, for example, are a tool kit for creating a totally different experience in the game. From clothes to furniture – if you’re a fantasy or even a history fan, then you’re in for a treat! Enjoy!

The Best Medieval Mods and CC for The Sims 4

Female Medieval Warrior Skirt

Some say that women in the past have been true warriors – strong and fearless representatives of the human race! And if you take a look at this skirt by Robertaplobo, you will see the warrior within! So, if your Sim has the qualities needed to wear it proudly, then hurry up to The Sims Resource to download it.

medieval mod

Medieval Bakery Cart With Hay

Transportation with horses has been a common thing in the medieval times. Every day you could see wagons and carts wobbling through the streets or just being left out in the corners. If you’re constructing a household from those times, then you will absolutely need this CC when decorating around. Big thanks to Kiolometro who created the cart with hay and made it possible for download at The Sims Resource.

medieval mod

Medieval Bakery Cask

Casks are in a similar position. To back our arguing, this CC has gotten nearly 70,000 downloads, making it essential when decorating in the fantasy style! You can use it in the kitchens, the cellars the dining rooms… literally anywhere! To download it, follow this link.

medieval mod

Medieval Bakery Logs

In the past, wood was used for everything! People were building houses and carts out of it, and they were crafting weapons and handles, sparking a fire… So, it was quite natural to see piles of logs scattered here and there. That’s why Kiolometro’s mod is great for enriching that medieval tone of your home. You can download it here.

medieval mod

Medieval Bakery Shelf With Dishes

In the inns, taverns and bakeries, the walls were covered with shelves of food and drinks! There you could see everything that the owner had, much like the glass displays in our time. But even if you don’t want to run a tavern and just want to enjoy your medieval home, you could hang these in your kitchen! Head over to The Sims Resource to find out more and make a download.

medieval mod

Medieval Bakery Shelves

Because you can never have too many empty shelves in your household, we featured these ones too! They’re also extremely popular on the internet, having reached over 65,000 downloads at The Sims Resource. If you like their look and want to have them in your collection, follow this download link.

medieval mod

Medieval Bakery Tub With Water

Tubs have also played a vital part in the everyday lives of the medieval people! For bathing, cleaning and storing, their value has always been extremely high. And that value has also been preserved in the mod you’re seeing now, so if your even thinking about downloading it, we assure that you totally should! You can do so here.

medieval mod

Medieval Fashion,Winter Maiden

The fashion in the old times hasn’t progressed rapidly, but rather slowly. But that also means that some trends have stayed for a long while before they were changed by another. Such is the case with this gorgeous winter maiden dress we’re showing you here! In 7 color combinations, you can download it at The Sims Resource.


Medieval Middle Class Crib

The newborns were always welcomed in a little wooden crib, with wobbly base to lull them easily to sleep. At we discovered the perfect example for that: in 4 beautiful recolors to match every medieval ambient! It’s available for download at this page.  

medieval mod

Medieval Peasant Dress for Adults

Anni K from has also created a simple peasants dress that you can use for you or your maids. It covers nearly the whole body with that honorable elegance from the past, and it also comes in 9 gentle recolors. To download it, click this direct link.

medieval mod

Medieval Peasant Dress for Girls

The little girls didn’t have much freedom when choosing their clothes. Instead, they were just given smaller versions of the adult outfits. But, that never meant that children didn’t wear them more adorably than the grown-ups. If one thing is 100% sure, it’s that the colors suit the kids better! To give this pack a try, make a download here.

medieval mod

Men Medieval Sleeping Tunic

Something similar we have with the sleepwear. Neither men nor women had a whole assortment of colorful pyjamas, but that didn’t stop them from having comfortable sleeps. The proof is right here with this simple tunic for men, where everything is loose and relaxed. To get them for your male Sims, follow this link.  

medieval mod

The Small Kingdom In 3rd Period With No CC

Hands down, this kingdom household is one of the most gorgeous creations we’ve ever had! We’re talking about breathtaking exterior, fantastical wall decorations, glorious halls and heroic galleries that will make you lose your mind! We can’t tell you how many magical moments we’ve had inside these restrooms and libraries which are just magnificent! We owe it all to Artrui who created the building with only base game models! His genius work can be downloaded here

medieval mod

Medieval Dress for Girls

If you’re not satisfied with the simplicity of the previous medieval dress for girls, we promise you a little bit more variety with this one! It has 10 color options, all with unique pattern and feel. We personally love the grey and pink variant, but the choice is up to you! The dress is available for download at ModTheSims.

medieval mod

Historical Novel Off-shoulder Blouse

These blouses were a common top piece for many ordinary women. They’re designed to be primarily practical, but they’re also pretty in their own way! Kiara24 has put 10 color options to achieve just that, so head over to ModTheSims to give this blouse a try!

medieval mod

Popular Festive Dress – Medieval Times

The medieval times are also famous for their balls and ceremonies! There, every woman needed to appear as beautiful as she could be. That meant hairstyles, makeups and yes, dresses! Well, these are the most glamorous ones that the CC and mods scene can offer. They are made by Nikova in many versions and colors to match every festivity! You can download them here.

medieval mod

Fantasy Paintings By Donika Nikova – ShaynART Part 2

Paintings were the main decorative pieces in the medieval period, being valued a lot by both the esteemed lords and ladies. Here you will find an entire pack of them, each with unique and high quality imagery that could warm up your fantasy home! Visit ModTheSims to download them and check them in detail.

medieval mod

Vain Trait for Medieval Sims

Ah, beauty… it can really blind our minds! But hey, if you think that your Sim is the most gorgeous creature in the world, then the whole worlds need to know it! That’s what this mod offers and that’s what you need to get in order to make your little narcissist the happiest creation ever! We have to thank Twilightsims who designed the mod and made it available for download at ModTheSims. Don’t hesitate for too long and give it a try! See you!  


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