40+ Halloween CC: Have a Hauntingly Fun Time in The Sims 4!

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Trick ‘r treat! Prepare for the spooky season by delving into our handpicked selection of the best Sims 4 Halloween CC. We’ll share with you a list of spine-tingling costumes, delectable treats, and thrilling decorations!

halloween cc

A Spooktacular List of Halloween CC for The Sims 4!

It’s that time of the year again, Simmers! 🎃 The leaves are falling, the nights are growing longer, and the spirit of all things scary is creeping its way into The Sims 4. If you’re as obsessed with Halloween as we are here on SnootySims, then you’re in for a treat–or should we say a trick? In this spooktacular list, we’ll let you in on our curated list of Halloween CCs, where terrifying costumes, delightful Halloween treats, eerie decorations, and many other thrilling things await your game.

Oh and by the way, make sure to check out the last post on the list, it’s one of the hottest Halloween sets right now!

Wicked Fingertips for Female [MM]

Wicked Fingertips for Female [MM]

If we want to create downright creepy hands for our witches, we have to get these Wicked Fingertips! These are available in the Glove and Tattoo categories in CAS, and there are many swatches to choose from, with different lengths for each.

Click here to download!

Divinify Set ( Book/ Crystal Ball/ Mystic Box/ Candle/ Tarot Cards) [MM]

Divinify Set by Madlen

Some witches also love to gaze at what the future holds, using divination items. With this Divinify Set, you can let your Sims have these dark magic books, mystic boxes, ritual candles, and tarot cards as decor! But if you have The Sims 4: Paranormal stuff pack, you can also get the functional crystal ball. Super cool!

Click here to download!

Dark Delight Set ( Eye Contacts/ Earrings/ Eyeliner/ Dresses/ Eyeshadow/ Tattoo/ Necklace) [MM]

Dark Delight Set by Madlen

Click here to download!

Drink Up, Witches Tattoo CC by SNOOTYSIMS

tattoo cc

We created this special Halloween themed tattoo CC for your female Sims, which comes in one full body swatch. Below are a few in-game shots of it, called the Drink, Up Witches tattoo CC. If you’d like to explore more Sims 4 tattoo CC, head over to this compilation that we’ve handpicked for you. Enjoy!

Screenshot 2023 10 14 160156 Screenshot 2023 10 14 160058

Click here to download!

Gloria Nun Set

tumblr c8c12734bc448face4e92fd57aa8b4ee 7674eaff 1280

Have you watched The Nun 2? If not, that’s okay! And, if you want to create a less creepy nun in The Sims 4, use this costume from SM Sims! It contains 4 nun pieces including a dress, socks, gloves, and a headband.

Click here to download!

Royal Core Fancy Accessories

MYOBI royalcore fancyaccessories

Looking for fancy accessories to complete the royal costume for the Spooky Season? Look no further with this Royal Core Accessory Set. There are hats, chokers, necklaces, drop earrings, and flower aerrings which all look ultra regal.

Click here to download!

Abaddon Demon Set

tumblr 2496297b14b603f9f7642dff61329a21 da47d1d9 1280

Talk about a totally hot and gorgeous costume for your Sims! Called the Abaddon Demon Set, this perfect ensemble includes a winged blazer, tail pants, and horns. Your Sims will surely look jaw-dropping in these threads!

Click here to download!

Pheeto Costume

tumblr 4d484d7e33c496a05db443d8541cc5a9 d0ba6e6b 1280

Ever feel like being a crunchy little snack for Halloween? You can do this to your Sims 4 through this Pheeto Costume from creator PareSims! Your Sims will look like legit flavorful snacks through the 15 swatches available.

Click here to download!

Pilot Costume Set

tumblr 588c3bf57c11d5481b3d0b2d8fb6fa86 b329eec9 1280

Let your Sims fly high to the skies while donning this extravagant pilot costume. Including a hat and a dress, this Halloween CC pack comes in a new mesh and texture, all from the skillful SM Sims.

Click here to download!

Midsommar Eyes

tumblr f9c39de2a2adf52324d965a29f1f2aad fe4fd64f 1280

Midsommar is probably one of the most eerie films of all time! Creator Spiderwhims found a way to integrate the said film into The Sims 4 through this little treat, called the Flower Stuffed Eyes. It’s a totally creepy yet cute CC!

Click here to download!

Nails Halloween

tumblr 4f2b7668e950ac6679aa9e340068413f cc16c3ea 1280

On October 31, underneath all the frightening costumes are probably girly girl Sims who loves their nails! Yep! Let Sims complete their terrifying Halloween looks with these extra snazzy Halloween Nails.

Click here to download!

Angel Lingerie Halloween Costume

tumblr 778cf9ebea94cfab52d9412f86c1a6a7 e1368a8c 1280

Halloween is also a time for our Sims to dress themselves up in flirty and sexy costumes, such as this one, called the Angel Lingerie Halloween Costume! Available in 6 swatches, this Halloween CC is sure to make your Sims oozing with appeal!

Click here to download!

KIKIWxASHwwa Halloween

tumblr ecc86427e52d0622558ed36138277be0 0e9863df 1280

This one’s another collaboration between two talented creators, KIKIW and ASHwwa. They launched a Halloween CC set that includes tops, bracelets, and hats in 17 swatches. All of the pieces are unisex and use HQ meshes!

Click here to download!

Bloom Outfit

tumblr bc31864addb383ebcece733ce703b33d f337dcb2 2048

Allow your Sims to bloom like exquisite flowers with this Halloween CC from Korkassims. Called the Bloom Outfit, this is a top and skirt combo that comes in two alluring swatches, perfect for any Sim!

Click here to download!

Disney Dark Set

tumblr 000bf2093cae2cca1f16cd99c3b02ea6 ac916dad 1280

Disney is not all about fairy tales and Prince Charmings, sometimes it’s also about dark, glamorous costumes and cunning, little princesses. With this pack from Guemarasims, your Sims will exude a different Disney vibe through these grim Ariel, Snow White, and Belle gowns.

Click here to download!

Cheerleader Costume

tumblr 29db0c4b1860898fb42524d69f53ac12 1f7278a0 1280

Get the pompoms out, our Sims are cheerleading! With this Cheerleader Costume from creator Korkassims, your Sims will surely have a cheerful time trick-or-treating on October 31st.

Click here to download!


tumblr a65ec621d308be8e576c487fe2eae022 84436c0b 1280

Planning to don your Sims in cowboy attire for the season? Look no further and download this Halloween CC pack which is a collaboration between Slay Classy and King Black Cinema. You’ll get tops, skirts, belts, hats, and boots which will complete your Sim’s looks as they shout “Yee-haw!”

Click here to download!

Halloween Witch Choker

tumblr 26e4a1cbaec0ac986ed43637f7f0ada3 d86c1e92 1280

Of course, witches are one of the staple costumes for our Sims during Spooky Season. But, don’t let Sims just wear some witchy hat and dress, add some witchy bling too, such as these Witch Chokers from GrafitySims! There are over 23 colors for this gem.

Click here to download!

Tink Set

tumblr 2f810c30b14e86ea97354f438948e53e b4f4a248 1280

Sprinkle glitter and pixie dust all over The Sims 4 while wearing this lovely Tink Set from SM Sims. The Halloween CC includes a dress and wings in four shades of green.

Click here to download!

A Very Poxclassy Halloween

tumblr 412bd280e21947041f1fb14967df8d6c 496c8780 1280

Bring the hotness of Halloween up a notch through this Halloween CC from creator Slay Classy! The set boasts of a sequin dress, mesh gloves, devil wings, thorned crowns, and sequin capes that are sure to make any Sim look excellent!

Click here to download!

Weekend One Set

tumblr 9e33506686f79c34448705fabbaffb18 1cb48945 1280

Scream your lungs out because this Halloween CC pack is such a steal! As a gift to followers, creator Simdertalia launched this Weekend One Set, which includes amazing stuff like Witch Dolls, Candy Corn Crowns, Hanging Skulls, Mummy Decorations, Wall Decals, and many others.

Click here to download!

Fall Random Set

tumblr f0f494d72b2ae4354acdca1be471fabb 1d930cd0 1280

Ah, the autumn season feels nice not just because of all things Halloween, but also through the warm pumpkin lattes and creamy fall cups that everyone gets to enjoy. Bring this feeling to your game through this Fall Random Set from creator Pink Baddie.

Click here to download!

Halloween Cat & Pumpkin Pot

tumblr 400f1bd95b1b26f230e604b6be2de1d7 5569f354 2048

What a pretty, witchy find we have here! To make your Sims’ Halloweens extra special, incorporate these adorable items into the game. These Halloween Cats and Pumpkin Pots will surely spice up the eerie vibes in any house.

Click here to download!

The Incredibles Costume

tumblr 6852a3d7965e03a27c379aaec1e2e16c c2cdc260 2048

Bring The Incredibles to The Sims 4 through this Halloween CC pack from creator Makemysims. Bodysuits and masks are available through the said pack, and the pieces come in high-quality textures.

Click here to download!

Pinkloween Hot Mom Costume Set

tumblr 7be5b7d14c1c55caba15e58a1f3f589b 4dba2b5d 1280

Hot moms unite! In time for October, give your Sim moms a bewitching makeover using the items from this Pinkloween Costume Pack. There are over 5 costumes which will make all mamas sizzling!

Click here to download!

Spellbinding Set

tumblr 6da88c319626494ed0798925c11c0d66 4a0f4475 1280

Ah, what a cute Halloween CC pack~ Known as the Spellbinding Set, this is a collab between creators Leosims and Sims41ife. They’ve created a bunch of cool stuff such as cauldrons, witch cats, crystal shelves, bull skulls, geodes, and plenty of other thrilling items.

Click here to download!

Sariel Angel Set

MYOBI sariel angelset

Want to create a pure and angelic being in The Sims 4? Go and get this Halloween CC from Kleos Sims. The pack includes halos, wings, robes, necklaces, and bracelets–charming pieces that will complete the innocent look of your Sims.

Click here to download!

Jason Collection

tumblr 0b4c82859231b4ca2dd7df46a60f77f1 be3efded 1280

If you liked the Friday The 13th film series, you’re probably familiar with the character Jason. Well, with this Halloween CC, you can bring Jason’s character to the game! Called the Jason Collection, this incorporates all-new tees, jeans, boots, and masks in The Sims 4. Plus, it also includes a chainsaw and a baseball bat!

Click here to download!

Lola Bunny Set

MYOBI lolabunny set

Dribble, dribble, pass the ball! This Lola Bunny Set is a basketball-themed costume pack for your Sims. There are crop tops, shorts, gloves, and tails available in this sporty Halloween CC pack.

Click here to download!

Autumn Dress Halloween Edition

tumblr cafec183d90a7a011f3c2aa97861bea1 ddfee221 1280

These Autumn Dresses are super chic, and look extra stylish—perfect for your Sims who love creepy designs! The swatches include skulls, cobwebs, eyeballs, crosses, bats, and black cats among a hundred others!

Click here to download!

Vintage Halloween Posters


Planning to stick some Halloween posters on your Sims’ walls to complete decorations? Get them from this Vintage Halloween Posters Pack from creator Nekochansimmer. There are over 10 swatches of vintage Halloween paintings.

Click here to download!

Citrouille Halloween Set

Citrouille New preview 1

Ramp up the thrilling spirit of Halloween with this Halloween CC from Syboulette. The set includes 12 awesome items such as wooden crates, autumn wreaths, pumpkins, and lanterns.

Click here to download!

Halloween Treats Set: Cake and Cookies


The fall season will be nothing but perfect if you serve up these Halloween CC treats for your Sims! With goodies such as the Pumpkin Chocolate Cake and Sugar Cookies paired with some nice hot tea, your Sims are bound to have a cheerful and cozy time during the season.

Click here to download!

Halloween Set 22


Jazz up your Sim’s house with fine decorations using these Halloween CCs from Platinumluxesims! The set contains metallic BOO signs, rhinestone skulls, glam pumpkins, grungy skulls, and many other thrilling finds.

Click here to download!

Halloween Collection


You’ll drool over this gorgeous autumn-inspired set, which looks totally perfect for the Halloween Season and includes pretty pieces such as sweaters and overalls. The CC pack includes 12 items all in all.

Click here to download!

Infinity Space Outfit & Backpack

tumblr 929f2e4c2777e4f6d7a23a381171584d 1a92a99b 1280

Channel your Sims’ inner Buzz Lightyear spirit with this amazing Infinity Space Outfit + Backpack! The set comes in high-quality poly and looks totally stellar on your Sims!

Click here to download!

Boschiana Halloween Set


Will your Sims be good or bad this Halloween Season? Well, with this Halloween CC from creator Boschiana, you can choose to mix things up! The set includes 38 swatches of costumes, 3 swatches of horns, 3 swatches of wings, and 3 swatches of halos.

Click here to download!

Black Magick Halloween Tattoo

tumblr phhef1WYsd1v17h9oo1 1280

Not only can we decorate our Sims’ houses for Halloween, but we can also decorate their bodies, with these Black Magick Halloween Tattoos! These come in 2 full body swatches and can be used for all genders.

Click here to download!

Maxis Match Halloween Loading Screens

MTS QuietPriestess 2121248 2022 09 25 17 22 21 754 LACIEXII

Make your loading screens in The Sims 4 a little bit scarier with these Halloween-themed loading screens from creator QuietPriestess! You’ll get four selections of new screens, including witch hats, gravestones, ghosts, and pumpkins.

Click here to download!

Halloween Desserts Set

MTS RobinKLocksley 2057001 Cover

Delish in yummy goodness during the Spooky Season with these treats from the Halloween Desserts Set! There are Jack O’ Lantern Macarons, Creepy Eyeball Macarons, Red Velvet Vampire Cupcakes, and Chocolate Orange Black Cat Cupcakes to enjoy!

Click here to download!

Spooky Treat Buckets

tumblr 9a9dd7616f8c705d9657aa7410581ff9 e4fd13b4 2048

If you’re no longer happy with the old and regular Trick ‘R Treat buckets from The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff, add these cute little ones to your game! They come in 2 swatches and can be found by searching for “CSXO Spooky Treat Buckets” in Buy Mode.

Click here to download!

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