Latest Halloween Custom Content for the Sims 4


We all appreciate Halloween for what it brings, and with all the anticipation that comes with it and the work that we put into making the perfect costume, it would be a shame to leave the Sims 4 out of it. So, we’ve come today with a collection of Halloween custom content for your male and female sims. Let’s check them out!

Halloween Costumes for Your Male and Female Sims


Halloween custom content

We’re starting off with a set of ten different costumes for your male and female sims, and they are all breathtaking! You have to work around choosing the perfect skin tone and add a few scars here and there top it all. Download from this page.

Trendy HALLOWEEN CUstom Content

Halloween custom content

You get nine full-body costumes for both genders. The set also includes accessories, so be sure to check them out too. To install, click here.

Arachne for all ages

Halloween custom content

I mean, Halloween is first and foremost for kids and we found just the perfect costume for your kid sims. It’s categorized as pants. Head over to this page for easy download. Check out dreadlocks.


An extraordinary vampire-fitting costume. It’s perfect for your sim couples -they are definitely going to be the talk of the show. To download, click here.

Doa 5 Halloween Pai Chan Outfitt

You get five swatches from this set and it’s compatible from teen to elder. Be sure to check out Hats to complete some of the outfits -your sim doesn’t want to miss out on anything. Here’s your download-link. Oh and check out awesome hairstyles that are sure to appeal to your liking.


Hands down, our favorite! You get eyeshadows, lenses, costumes, masks and gloves -all in one set. Download from this page.

DSF Enchanting Suit

A few gothic outfits are all your sim characters need as a Halloween custom content. It is ideal for dressing up vampires, elves, witches, nymphs and more. Download.

DSF Dress Potio Noctem

This short dress is a perfect Halloween choice. The structure of the skirt has an asymmetrical cut and it comes in a series of unique colors as showcased. Download here.

More Event Costumes for the Sims 4

We hope you enjoyed this list of Halloween outfits. Be sure to check out more on Cyberpunk, Sci-Fi and Lolita. Happy modding!

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