15 CC Creators You Should Check Out If You Love Maxis Match Hair!

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Custom hair content comes in a variety of styles to suit the look you’re going for. One of the most popular styles is Maxis match, which is when CC is designed to mimic the art style of the Sims 4 vanilla game. But vanilla doesn’t have to mean boring!

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Stand Out While Blending In With maxis Match Hair

Maxis match hair creators make meshes that blend seamlessly with the game while adding stylish new content to your CAS catalog. With so many creators out there though, it can be tricky finding reliable sources of good MM content. Check out this list of some of the best MM creators that the internet has to offer!

1. Marso

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Marsosims is one of the best examples of Maxis match hair creators, as many of her styles are amalgamations of existing EA meshes that have been blended together. There is a good variety of lengths and hair textures and a few male meshes thrown in too. You can find Marso’s downloads collection here and her patreon page is here.

2. Sheabuttyr

image 257

The Sims 4 unfortunately suffers from a lack of good hair for POC sims, and Sheabuttyr is the Maxis match hair creator you want if that’s the content you’re looking for. Her POC hair comes in lots of textures including locs, braids, and afro styles and it’s all so high quality and beautiful. I honestly might have every single one of her files in my game. See her catalog here and her patreon here.

3. aharris00britney

image 258

Aharris00britney is an EA Game Changer who has been making amazing Maxis match hair for a while, and the thing that really stands out about his catalog is that he has a good section of young Millennial styles—hairdos that would have been popular in the 90’s or 00’s. If you’ve been playing the Sims franchise since the very beginning, you’ll love this mix of old-school nostalgia with modern graphics. The downloads page is here and his patreon is here.

4. Nolan-Sims

image 256

Nolan’s hairs primarily focus on longer styles with many including ombre add-ons if you want your hair colors to have a little more pizzazz. He also makes a good selection of content in non-hair categories that is also Maxis match, and lovely. His downloads page is here and his patreon is here.

5. Joliebean

image 271

Joliebean is the creator whose CC you’re going to want if you like graceful updos and other formal-appropriate hairstyles. She’s got gorgeous styles for every hair type and will make your sim the star of whatever wedding, prom, or party they might attend! See her downloads page here.

6. Simstrouble

image 264

This creator makes a little bit of everything so you are bound to find some Maxis match hair styles that suit your taste. Long hair? Short hair? Male styles? Celebrity styles? 90’s hair? 70’s hair? All can be found in her downloads, and all are fantastic. Check out her catalog here and patreon here.

7. Simcelebrity00

image 259

With a main focus on sleek styles for women, simcelebrity00’s offerings will add some glam to your game. His styles are a necessity if you plan on giving the Caliente sisters a makeover to return them to their former glory! Take a look at the chic styles on offer here.

8. Wistful Castle

image 260

If your male sims need some attention, Wistful has you covered. Much of his content is modifications to vanilla meshes, so they blend seamlessly into the game. The styles are incredibly useable and you might just end up giving every one of your male sims one of his ‘dos! Download them here.

9. Johnnysims

image 261

While it’s less common to see hairstyles for children, Johnnysims hasn’t forgotten them. A large portion of his Maxis match hair is for boys and adult male sims, although there are a few unisex and female styles hiding in his offerings as well. Check out the downloads here and see his full patreon here.

10. ImVikai

image 263

This Maxis match hair creator has a bigger focus on shorter female hairstyles than many other CC hair makers. A lot of the looks include extras like split dyes, beads, bandanas, and clips so if you’re all about accessorizing, you’re sure to like their stuff! Download the goodies here.

11. Daylife Sims

image 265

The highly stylized preview shots may look deceiving, but these are Maxis match hair styles! There’s quite a mix of styles with this creator, including celebrity styles and some very edgy haircuts in their recent creations. The content can be found on patreon.

12. Marvell

image 266

Marvell makes beautiful Maxis match content for the Sims 4, including a selection of pretty hairstyles. She’s great at taking EA meshes and modifying them to be more manageable or just realistic looking. See the downloads page here and patreon here.

13. Feralpoodles

image 268

Feralpoodles has dozens of fantastic hairstyles for female sims. She takes elements of EA meshes but remixes them in some fascinating and completely adorable ways. Curlers and cat ears? Sign us up! See her funky collection here.

14. Kiara Zurk

image 270

Another creator who makes a little bit of everything, you can find hair for all genders and ages from Kiara. She does a lot of conversions of adult hair to children which is as close to Maxis match hair as you can possibly get! Her website is here and her patreon is here.

15. Quirky Introvert

image 269

While a lot of the more recent CC is child conversions of adult hairstyles, Quirky has also made several lovely long hair styles for adult female sims, with lots of high ponytails and braids. His website is currently under construction, but his downloads can be found here and his patreon is here.


It’s easy to find MM hair to add to your Sims 4 game if you know where to look for it, as there are lots of CC creators out there who excel at it. Hopefully this list of links will get you started, introduce you to a new creator you haven’t seen, or has enough content to satisfy all your Maxis match hair needs. Happy simming!

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