Unique Glass Roofing and Upgrading Your Roof Builds in The Sims 4

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If you’re a builder in The Sims 4 then you know that the game offers many ways to add style and personality to each lot, with roofing being one of the most straightforward. Round shapes, diagonals, and adjustable features give a lot of freedom, but what if that isn’t enough? This list of glass roof CC will help you upgrade your builds even further!

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Glass roof styles make your builds better than ever before!

The Sims 4 has given players more building capabilities than ever before, and with CC you’re able to completely customize everything in your builds from the foundations up to the rooftops. In 2018 we got glass roofing options added to the game and since then CC creators have made some beautiful roof styles available, so there’s something for every kind of builder. If you’d like to add more roof options to your game or just want more roofing tips in general, check out these creations!

1. Solar Glass Roofs by Zora

image 155

This first piece of glass roof CC is a little different, as it focuses on function over form. The roofing works just like the solar panels from Eco Lifestyle so on top of the beautiful natural light shining into your sims’ houses, they get the added benefit of saving money on their electric bills! You can download this design as a standalone object or as an override to the glass roofs already in-game. Get this environment-friendly roofing here.

2. Glass Roofs White by MahoCreations

image 156

While the base game roofs have a decent range of styles, the color swatches are all dark and very similar to one another. This dreamy white recolor of each in-game pattern opens up a whole new range of options for using glass roofs in your builds. Get this swatch upgrade here.

3. Solid-Sheet Glass Roof by LaLunaRossa

image 163

Plain glass roofing in 6 fun colors. The simplicity in these designs is just begging for them to be combined into unique, funky roofing for an arts center or school space. With varying heights and angles you can basically create your own multicolor rooftop sculpture! Download them here.

4. Colorful Glass Roofs by Annett85

image 157

A colorful glass roof is an easy way to add more energy and dimension to a simplistic build. The additional beam details would work nicely on a variety of community lots in addition to residential builds, and are especially suited for single-color build challenges. If you want to add a bit of pop to the top of your house, get them here.

5. Glass Roof Pattern by MahoCreations

image 158

If you’re a fan of builds with a lot of greenery on the outside, these roof patterns will be your new favorites. There are four different swatches ranging from simple ivy vines to bright pink jungle botanicals, with enough range to compliment nearly every world in the game. Get these floral glass roofs here.

6. Stained Glass Roofing by faerieflower

image 159

These transparent stained-glass roof designs use the textures from Get Together‘s doors and windows, making this a perfect Maxis-match roof style. They would be great on a library or ancient cathedral nestled in the heart of Windslar. This roof comes in almost 50 colors including 10 surprise swatches that are all fantastic. Get these lovely recolors here.

7. Stained Glass Roofing Recolor by Standardheld

image 162

Another roof in those colorful Get Together designs based on faerieflower’s version, with fewer swatches but much more transparency. This would look lovely on a fancy greenhouse or solarium! Download them here.

8. Magical Roofing by Standardheld

image 160

These beautiful roofs are another Maxis-match creation, borrowing textures from the build mode items in Realm of Magic. No matter the occult though, your sim is sure to enjoy these colorful roof patterns atop a home library or dining hall. Get these gorgeous patterns here.

9. Dorian Leaf Skylight by Syboubou

image 161

And now for something a little different, these skylights are a modern take on the glass roof design that can be used on flat roof styles. They come in two versions and several colors, which you can arrange in all sorts of cool patterns. The skylights are found in Buy Mode under “Rugs” and can be downloaded here.

10. Skylights Part 1 – Floor Windows by Soulsistersims

image 164

If you want the look of open skylights without having to mess around with roofing tools or tutorials, these CC floor windows will be your go-to. There are 6 meshes in 7 colors so you can find the right shade for your build style with little effort! Download them here.

Getting Creative With Roof Shapes

Now that you have all of these lovely new roof options, you may be looking for ways to use them. Did you know that you can do more with glass patterns than just changing up a roof piece? Check out this short tutorial by the Sims 4 YouTuber Lilsimsie to learn how to make skylights on flat roofs using glass swatches. KrystinMyrieXo has a more advanced tutorial on making skylights with angled roofs, and Aveline takes it even further by creating skylights that can be opened and closed.

Final Thoughts

Adding a unique roof to a build is like the finishing touch, and with creative swatches and a few tricks you can really elevate your build mode creations. A glass roof or accent might be just what your lot needs to really tie it all together!

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