Latest Mohawk CC Packs for the Sims 4!


Simmers, the mohawk haircut has come a long way and it still rocks and lives on. This list of mohawk CC packs includes short, long, curly and exotic designs by different custom content creators. There are futuristic and classic ones, all serving the same rebellious goal. Keep reading to download them!

sims 4 mohawk cc

Get rebellious with these mohawks!

A mohawk haircut is definitely one of the most bold and edgy hairstyles that you can try out in the Sims 4. It’ll give your sims a whole new makeover, and you can choose between the different Mohawk hairstyles for both male and female sims.

So if you’re looking to add a bit of edge to your Sims’ lives, then be sure to check out the packs we have for you on this list. Enjoy!

1. Wild Mohawk

Sims 4 mohawk

Here’s a Sims 4 mohawk that brings home 108 swatches! It can’t get bigger than that. There’s definitely a color for every taste and it works on all genders from teen to elder. Check it out by visiting their page.


This stunning mohawk hairstyle is brought to us by Redearcat. It’s made with completely new mesh but it is compatible with the base game. Your sims from teen to elder can try it out in a variety of different color swatches. Have a look at this mohawk CC here.

3. Hellchild Hair

We all desperately need a spiked hawk like this one. And it’s maxis match and comes in the regular EA swatches, plus Ombre options. Your sim characters from teen to elder can rock this hairstyle. Go on now, and download it from their page.

4. Nightcrawler-Strong (HAIR)

An alpha look from top to bottom. If you’d describe your sim as cool, this mohawk cut is probably the perfect hairstyle for them. It is beautiful and unique. Head over to this page for easy installation.

5. Jarvis Mohwak

Sims 4 mohawk

A top-notch hair design by BadSimblr. It is available in 18 EA colors and is maxis matchy. However, you do need to have Island Living for it to work. Download this hairstyle here.

6. Edgy and Stylish

Sims 4 mohawk

There’s always room for a big and bold hairstyle. This one is an awe-inspiring, bad-boy mohawk. It is available in the normal 18 Maxis Match colors. Try it out with edgy clothing to top your sim’s look. Here’s a link for easy download.

7. Mohawk haircut by ENFP

A dope hairstyle by ENFP for both genders. Your sims won’t probably be using hats but just in case they wanted, this mohawk is hat compatible. And it comes in the regular EA colors, in addition to a few extras. Download from this link.

8. Undercut Mohawk

If your sims are looking to do things a little differently than the masses, this hairstyle in these color combinations is their shortcut. Have a look at it here.

9. Hawks for Everyone

This one is a classic mohawk for all your sims, male and female. It works on all ages from teen to elder. And comes in a variety of cool and dark colors. Check it out here.

10. Masculine Frame Island Living Mohawk Recolors

This one is a recolor collection of 30 swatches. There are at least two different opacities, so some sides are darker than others. Most of EA colors are included for the top bit. You do need Island Living for this hairstyle to work flawlessly. Click here to install.

Final words

The mohawk hairstyle has been around forever in the Sims 4 and is going to remain popular for as long as we can imagine. We hope you enjoyed this list of Sims 4 mohawk custom content. Visit the main post for a collection of different hairstyles for the Sims 4. Enjoy!

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