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Welcome to our post on the best Sims 4 School Uniforms! To wear a uniform means to belong somewhere. Being a part of something greater is an awesome feeling and we love it when we are in the right place. When that feeling comes from our schools, we know that we’re on the right path too. And the uniform is the mark with which we show the world that that’s the case. So, without further ado, we present to you the best school uniform mods for The Sims 4!

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Sims 4 School Uniform Children

Pants for A School Uniform

From Bukovka we have these pants which can complete any school uniform! If you’re designing your own dress code for your school, then you might find these absolutely necessary when choosing the bottoms. The CC is available at this page for a download. 

school uniform

Ideal School Uniform Set for Boys And Girls

Bukovka has also created a fantastic pack of school uniforms. It contains two versions for boys and girls each, all of which can be worn by the other gender as well (with the exception for the skirt for the males). But with vest or a shirt, you really can’t go wrong here so hurry up and download the CC from here.  

school uniform

Plain Skirt for A School Uniform

A plain skirt is always a great piece to have, simply because you can combine it with almost anything! This particular one comes in 4 darker shades, but even those are more than enough to find it a great match for the rest of the outfit. The Sims Resource is the place where we found this cute mod, but for a direct download, click here.

school uniform

Male School Uniforms

Perfect Sims 4 School Uniform for Teen Males

And here is the male version too! Even now with pants instead of a skirt, the mod remains as handsome as ever. The different color variants can serve you to distinguish the different years or even classes in your school, so don’t miss out on it! Hurry up to The Sims Resource or download the cc quickly from here.

school uniform

Female School Uniforms

Ideal Magic School Uniform

And we start with this magical one! No matter if you enjoy Realm of Magic or not, this school uniform is a perfect clothing addition for every wondrous Sim. It is a truly unique look in 30 custom color variants and it can be used on Sims of all ages! To download it quickly, follow this direct link.  

school uniform

PLAYFUL KISS – School Uniform Jacket – Perfect Patio Needed

In the classic style of the school uniforms we have this wonderful mod. The brown jacket goes extremely well with the red and gold tie, but also with the little grey skirt too. It’s a great look for any of you who want to implement some style in your school. For a quick download, visit this link.

school uniform

Perfect School Uniform for Teen Females

Hands down, this is one of the most beautiful school uniform mods for The Sims 4. Everything about it matches and fits perfectly with each other. From the colors and shades to the textures and design! It’s also highly popular on the internet – over 90,000 download on The Sims Resource. The creator is Margeh-75 and you can download this CC from here.

school uniform

Plaid Skirt for Sims 4 School Uniform

If you’re choosing your sims 4 school uniforms separately, piece by piece – then have a look at this lovely skirt! It’s a standalone item and it can be used to break the monotony of a given outfit. The plaid design is really unique and we love to use it on our Sims. And if you want to try it as well, follow this link.  

school uniform

Sexy School Uniform

But if you want to turn that short plaid skirt into a sexy weapon – use this sims 4 school uniforms mod! Here the skirt is a bit more revealing, more into focus and all the 10 swatches go amazingly with the white shirt. The tie is a nice touch as well and we love it! Why wait to try this one? Download it directly from here. Have a blast!

school uniform

Gentle Sims 4 School Uniform With Dress

In a similar tone, we have this fantastic mod by Cherryberrysim. The gentle white shirt suits the gorgeous skirt in a wonderful way. But the little silk bow tie is what has truly has held us mesmerized here. The CC also comes in 5 custom variants and you can download it from here.  

school uniform

Stormy Sims 4 School Uniform

To start some school romance you’ll absolutely need this stormy skirt! It’s made to make heads turn when you walk by and the cute white crop top is the perfect way to create mystery and attraction. Sstormyy is the maker of this CC and you can find him at The Sims Resource. To download this particular mod, follow this link.  

school uniform

Teen School Uniforms With Skirt

And to conclude this incredible compilation, we present this modern school uniform. It’s compact, classy and it can fit the ambience of any school! It’s also well known within The Sims 4 community and it is downloaded more than 47,000 times! The designer is Zitarossouw and you can download his mod at this link. To find out more info about this mod, visit The Sims Resource!  

school uniform

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