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The Most Beautiful Maid Uniform for The Sims 4

The maid uniforms have been around for a long time. Different cultures and eras have worn them differently, but the fact that they one of the most recognizable outfits still remains. Inside The Sims 4 you can’t find much choices and that is why people have turned their attention to CC. Take a look at our favorite maid uniform mods and see which one you like the most!

Sims 4 Maid CC Finds

Classic 1930s Maid Uniform Set

We begin with this classic uniform from the 1930s. It is perfectly long, with short sleeves and cute maid cap. Also, it can be used with or without the apron and in a few color variants, so you can choose the one you like best! We found this mod at but for download you can use this direct link.

maid uniform

3 Historical English Maids Uniforms

While we’re talking of historical maid uniforms – take a look at these ones as well. A bit more in the English side, these ones are longer and closed up to the neck. If you’re setting up an old fashioned household, then these uniforms would be a perfect match. You can download them quickly from here.

maid uniform

Sexy Amanda Maid Outfit

Now let’s continue with this modern maid uniform. No more long dresses and boring tops – this is the ultimate sexy maid outfit and it is here for the taking! Everything is short, compact and in place – and plus it comes in 6 different color variants! Don’t waste even a minute without this CC and download it quickly from this page.

maid uniform

Unconventional Maid Outfit By Flovv

This maid uniform has left many positive impressions on us when we first saw it, simply because of its originality in style. Flovv has created a truly wonderful outfit and we believe that it deserves everyone’s attention. You can find more info about it at The Sims Resource or this link where you can download it as well.

maid uniform

Japanese Style Maid Short Skirt Version

And if you want to add some Japanese inspired maid outfits – check these out! Whether in the black and white version or the flowery and colorful ones, they will appear absolutely lovely inside the game. The whole CC is creation by Arikasa and you can download it from here.

maid uniform

Traditional Japanese Style Maid Uniform

Elegant, graceful and honorable! If you ask us, you won’t find a better Japanese maid outfit! All of the three designs are wonderful and we use them regularly in The Sims 4 too. There is something so lovely about them that we just can’t get enough. And if you are like us – download them quickly from here! You won’t regret it!

maid uniform

Brilliant Kawairi Maid Dress In Custom Colors

Okay, now follows something truly special! This fantastic CC holds an important place in our hearts because of its freshness, brilliance and innovation! The design is marvelous but the custom colors is where this outfit shines. is the place where such mods are discovered, so don’t wait to visit it. And for quick download, follow this link.

maid uniform

Ideal Maid Outfits for Males And Females

Here is a whole set of male and female maid uniforms! The female one is with a short skirt, small apron and in overall modern appearance. The male is compact, with pants and shirts in a serious tone. Both come in 3 other color variants besides the black and white one and they look extremely good! The awesome maker is Snaitf and you can download his mod from here.

maid uniform

Seductive And Stormy Maid Uniform V1

To become seductive and truly tempting – this is the right mod to use. The ultimate short skirt is provocative enough, but in combination with the revealing top… it is a thing of dreams! It’s unquestionable whether you should possess this outfit or not, so thank Sstormyy for creating it and publishing it at The Sims Resource. And to download it quickly, follow this link.

maid uniform

The Charming French Maid Uniform

Finally here is the popular French maid uniform for The Sims 4! But its wonderful creator Cocobuzz has designed it in a way to be so charming that we can’t help but use it in almost every household that we create. It has almost 50,000 downloads and you must give it a try. Use this link to download it directly.

maid uniform

Waitress & Maid Dress With Apron

And we’re finishing this fantastic collection with a classy maid uniform. Perfect length, a nice white apron and a variety of colors to choose from – this mod really makes for unavoidable outfit. Our favorite is the pink and white one, what’s yours? To find out more visit but if you want to download the CC quickly, follow this link.

pigtails mod

You love uniforms in The Sims 4?

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