Stunning Collection of Nose Piercing Mods for the Sims


Let’s all come to terms with the fact that we love a nose piercing for its aesthetic effects. We all admire beauty and nose piercings definitely add an extra layer to our sims’ character and style. So, for that reason we’ve compiled a list of the top 30 nose piercing mods and custom content packages for you. You could check out even more custom piercings for the Sims 4 here.

Random Piercing Mix

Nice Nose Ring

Hellraiser Nose Ring

Pearl Sims 4 Piercing CC Set

Nose Ring Piercing

We know what you’re thinking: simple! Yes. Sometimes, all we need is one simple touch, a butterfly effect that could alter the course of everything. Check it out by visiting this page. And if you’re into trendy glasses, you’d better head over to this post for some of the coolest accessories for the Sims 4.

Jupiter Piercing Set

I personally love this one! This nose piercing comes with bright gemstones. It works for characters of all genders and ages. To download, click here. Make sure you have a look at awesome makeup mods for the Sims 4 ‘cuz why not!

Astue Nostril Piercing Studs

We can never recall a time when Pralinesims have disappointed us. This is one of their best works for the simplicity of the design. Here’s your download link.

Unisex Nose Piercings

Simple yet perfect. You can find this one under Accessories. Oh and you get both a small, delicate version and a bigger one for the left and right sides of the nose. It’s available in 20 swatches. Download from this page.

Leah Lilith Glory Nostril Ring

This beautifully designed nostril ring comes in 7 color variations. It can be found under Rings. Head over to this page to grab it yourself.

Pear Piercing Set

Double trouble! It definitely knows its way around an esthetic look, it isn’t over the top nor too basic; just the right amount of perfect. Install from this page.

Playboy Nose Ring

This playboy nose ring is brought to you by Bknysimz. It works from teen to elder and comes in a set of four colors: silver, gold, black and pink. Here’s your downlead link. Check out awesome hairstyle mods.

TROUBLE Piercing Set

I bet you haven’t seen braided piercings before because neither have we. You get three versions in 10 unique colors. Oh and both your male and female sims can wear them, from teen to elder. To download, visit this page.

Twisted Nose Ring

Nath Set

Moon Nose Studs


Heart Shape Nose Clip

Opal Nose Studs

Daisy Nose Rings

Cuore Nose Piercing

Roseanne Nose Studs

Dambi Piercing Nose

Mashia Face Jewelry

Nat Set V2

Nath Set V3

Pearl Piercing Set

Stella Nose Piercing

TS4 piercing 02 by Glaza

Nose Ring Set V1

Nose Ring Set V2

Nose Ring Set V3



Labret Snake bites Piercing

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