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Not all Sims are created equal, and the same can be said about their package. Players with a keen eye surely have noticed the lack of a proper The Sims 4 bulge slider when making new characters. While some items of clothing can make that omission relatively easy to overlook, when it’s time for bathing or things start getting heated, it’s impossible to ignore the bulges.

The Best Sims 4 Bulge Slider

To help your Sims get a package that fits their billing, we’ve highlighted two excellent mods by community creators that solve this problem in a nice and elegant way.

Watcha Packin Unisex Bulge Slider, by hi-land

The talented hi-land keeps it nice and simple: you want a bulge? You’ll get a bulge. This slider allows you to expand or diminish your Sims’ bulge size as you see fit. This Sims 4 bulge slider comes with two versions – v1 adds it exclusively for male Sims, while v2 makes it available for both male and female Sims.

To use the slider, zoom in on the Sims crotch area. Upwards will expand the package, while downwards will downsize it. According to the author, this bulge slider mod works with most pants and underwear, regardless of them being custom content or part of the default set. It’s worth noting that in a select few pants the slider might not appear properly. As for shirts, those of them long enough to rest over the crotch area might be raised by the bulge depending on the shirt cut and package size. Keep this in mind when picking your size, as there are times where this won’t look very good.

This mod can be downloaded at hi-land’s Patreon page, go check it out here!

Hands, Neck, Bulge and Height Sliders plus Gradual Height Change and Randomized Height by simmythesim

Yes, you’re here for a bulge slider. Community creator simmythesim has provided a pack that can only be described as a Swiss army knife of sliders, jamming a total of four plus two very exciting mods for Sims heights.

Before we get to bulges, let’s get the rest out of the way. It’s important to note that, while being from February 2016, this mod pack is still officially a testing release. Most users have not reported any major issues arising from using this mod, but it’s important to understand that it is not a full-fledged release. That being said, the community at Mod The Sims has kept this pack’s thread very active into 2021, with over 40 pages of tips, tweaks and solutions to problems some users encountered.

The Sims 4 bulge slider included in simmythesim is as straightforward as bulges can be. It controls the size of the bulge just like the previous one, but unlike hi-land’s solution it has a limitation where a Sims crotch size is only permanently affected when wearing clothing that comes from certain categories. These are:

  • ymBottom_EF01SwimBriefs
  • ymBottom_EF01SwimTrunks
  • ymBottom_EF01SwimShortsBoard
  • ymBottom_GP02SwimMid
  • ymBottom_GP02SwimShort
  • ymBottom_SP02SwimMidTrunk
  • ymBottom_UnderwearSexy
  • ymBottom_EF02ShortsBoxerValentine

As for the other sliders which come in this pack, let’s start with the Height Slider. Additions incorporated to the game are the ability to edit a child’s height, and compared to previous versions of height sliders this removes the infamous leg lock problem, which made Sims legs too stiff or too bendy. The Hand Slider is self-explanatory: you can now resize your Sims’ hands! The Neck Slider allows you to lengthen or shorten the necks on your characters. The width of it will still be determined by a Sims’ weight, which you can learn more about here.

One of the most interesting features included in this pack is the Gradual Height Change mod. By default, characters in The Sims 4 have a pre-set height for their age, and go through instant growth spurts when transitioning between age brackets. With this add-on, every day at midnight they grow a little bit, making the aging process look a lot more realistic. Additionally, it comes with an NPC height randomizer to add a more individual touch to other Sims in town.

You can download this sliders pack and see its support thread at Mod The Sims.

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