70+ Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC: Best CAS & Build/Buy Objects!

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Horses, huh? Tell me, simmers, what’s better than buying a new Sims 4 expansion pack? It’s without a doubt downloading a chunk of correlating CC! Luckily for all of us, there’s already a great many Horse Ranch CC available on the internet, and it may get overwhelming to keep track of everything. So read on and stay in the loop of the top CC for your current favorite Sims EP! Have fun downloading!

horse ranch cc
Explore a variety of Horse Ranch CC for the Sims 4!

Giddy Up with these awesome Horse Ranch CC: Build/Buy Objects (Functional/Decor), Poses, CAS items & More!

Cats & Dogs was a dream come true, and it still is, to this day, one of the best expansion packs, for a whole lot of reasons. When the Horse Ranch EP news was leaked, I had that same gust of thrill and excitement. Our Sims can now have horse companions, and they’re fully customizable, with a great many Sim interactions.

All of that begged the need for horse CC, from build/buy objects and poses all the way to CAS items of all sorts.

If you already have the Horse Ranch EP, this list will print a smile on your face. We promise! And now without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

Have you seen our latest CC creation though? It’s a cool mix between Barbie and the Horse Ranch expansion pack. Click the image below to learn more!


Dressage Set – Double Bridle and Saddle for Horses

Dressage Set

This double bridle and saddle for horses are available in one plain and three bling swatches for the harness; the saddle pad is with 15 swatches.

Screenshot 2023 08 09 094407


Barbie X Horses Bedroom CC Pack


This is a very special bedroom set from all of us at SNOOTYSIMS. We hope you all come to like it. It’s a lot of stuff mixed into one big bedroom – but yeah, that’ll be your next cowboy Barbie’s comfy space! You get 15 different objects that make up the set.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Bed (2 swatches)
  • Nightstand
  • 3 Hats (2 of which come in 2 swatches)
  • Radio
  • TV (2 swatches)
  • Purse
  • Suitcase (2 swatches)
  • Leather Bag
  • 2 Rugs
  • Wallpaper
  • Guitar Case
  • Cowboy Boots


The Horse Ranch Simstagram Pose Pack (For Horses & Sims)

Screenshot 2023 08 02 160721

If you’re one of horse lovers, then you’ll like this pose pack. It’ll showcase the great bond between your Sims and their horse. Have a look at the image below to see the different poses included in this set.

Screenshot 2023 08 02 160737

Giddy Up Horsie Pose Pack for Sims, Toddler and Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 02 163526

This pose pack is designed for your sim, toddler, and horse to create the illusion of your sim teaching your toddler how to ride a horse.

Screenshot 2023 08 02 163547

Horse Ranch Bare-Up CC: Bareback Mounting Pose Pack for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 02 084249

This bareback mounting pose pack have about 8 Adult Sim Poses, 3 Adult Horse Poses. Works well enough with the English saddle as well.

Horse Ranch CC: Gradient Hooves Recolor

Screenshot 2023 08 12 173855

JellyPaws has been such a sweet pie for all of CC lovers. From lots of cool infant stuff to Horse Ranch CC now. This Gardient Hooves CC is the perfect recolor to satisfy the Simmer in us that loves having a ton of swatches for just about anything and everything. You get 5 gradient hooves swatches for your horses. Go on and take good care of them!

Hazelnut: Horse Ranch Themed Clothes

Screenshot 2023 07 14 111625

This Hazelnut set is such a gleaming dream come true! You can’t have an awesome horse ranch in the Sims 4 without some awesome horse-themed apparel! You get 12 items in total including a top, dress, boots, coats and more! If there’s anything I could tell you, it’s that you should NOT miss out on this set.

Screenshot 2023 07 14 112334

Speaking of awesome CC clothes? Have you yet checked our compilation of the best Sims 4 cc clothes? 

sims 4 clothes cc collection for ts4
Click me to explore these clothes CC!

EquiStyle Grooming Kit for Horses

Screenshot 2023 07 19 152203

There’s great joy in taking care of the people you love in real life. This goes for pets too, even in an abstract world like that of the Sims 4. For that reason, this grooming kit by Objuct is definitely a must-have. Oh and by the way, the set is BGC, though we’d both agree that if you’re downloading it, you most likely have the Horse Ranch EP!

Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC: Horse Farm

Screenshot 2023 08 01 153818

Nothing could ever compete with a maxis match set that just has it from A to Z. Creating your next farm can now be much easier, and a more fun endeavor. This Horse Farm CC pack consists of 32 items in total (yes, lots of bonus items), in lots of unique swatches. Everything included is base game compatible.

Fun fact: the items included are converted from the Sims 3! Feeling nostalgic yet?

Speaking of Sims 3 conversions, have a look at our compilation of the best Sims 3 to Sims 4 conversion CC

sims 3 to sims 4 conversions


Hanging Horse Ranch Bridle Decoration

Screenshot 2023 08 07 110403

Ah, more awesome horse ranch decor! Though this is a pretty simple horse bridle decoration, it’ll surely give off the equestrian vibes of the perfect horse ranch/house. If you hold down ALT, it’ll snap freely to walls. Go ahead and download it by clicking the button below.

No Border Natural Horse Hay Beds

Screenshot 2023 08 01 161455

If you’re not screaming at the fact that this is an existing CC, you should be. No borders there, just your natural hay beds. This is going to bring about some uniqueness to our gameplay. And yes, it’s completely functional. Try it out by following the link below. Huge thanks to Sass and Freckles for creating it!

Screenshot 2023 08 01 161517

Rustic Patterned Saddle Pad Recolors for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 01 100408

Recolors are simple CC but they can seriously alter the look and feel of an object. How could you not want these rustic patterned saddle pads? They’re available in half sepia-toned and less vibrant swatches. Check them out by clicking the button below.

Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC: Countryside Set

Screenshot 2023 08 01 134129

There’s nothing you’d want to change about this Horse Ranch countryside set. You get a grain trunk, water bucket, bell and saddle stand with string lights. It’s going to be one hell of a ranch, I promise!

Modern Horse Ranch Style Home SHELL (No CC)

2032 modern ranch style home shell chewybutterfly

This perfect shell of a house has no CC whatsoever, and almost everything used in it is BGC, except for a few Cottage Living stuff. It was created before the release of the Horse Ranch EP so feel free to honor it with your own personal touch.

You can either download its tray files by clicking the button below, or you can download it from the gallery (chewybutterfly). Have fun!

Screenshot 2023 08 13 120841

Simple GP01 Vest Recolor

Screenshot 2023 08 16 182018

Who wouldn’t want to have a riding vest like this one? It’s a very simple recolor of Outdoor Retreat’s vest.

Screenshot 2023 08 16 182107

Equine Chic: Sims 4 Horse Ranch Wallpapers

Screenshot 2023 08 10 112053

What an astonishing set of horse ranch wallpapers we have right here in this set! There are 14 recolors in total, including 2 patterns. Just make sure to apply two of the same wallpaper to have the full image appear.

Screenshot 2023 08 10 112117

Here are some of the wallpapers included in this set:

Screenshot 2023 08 13 122144

Black & White Mane, Forelock and Tail Set

Screenshot 2023 07 31 124701

This is a set of black and white mane, forelock and tail for your horses. It reminds me of those old Disney movies and of every horse I had seen in them. Go ahead and download it from the button below.


Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC: Glittering Skies, Shine Stencil

Screenshot 2023 08 08 124159

A little glitter never hurt anyone! Our horses can be more realistic than ever now with the glittering skies effect that Kebbe Sims has done! The stencil can be found under the stencil tab in paint mode.

Screenshot 2023 08 08 124213

Horse Hair CC: Wavy, Wrapped, & Braided Tails

Screenshot 2023 07 31 144147

You don’t have to be limited by the options of the Horse Ranch expansion pack. With these horse tails CC, you get some new wavy, wrapped, and braided (floor-length long) tails for horses. You can also find black and white versions of the wrapped and braided tails in .Objuct’s Patreon page.

Screenshot 2023 07 31 144159

Western Doormats – Cutest Horse Ranch CC

Screenshot 2023 08 13 125521

The image above is one of the swatches, and the four below are the four remaining. So, 5 awesome horse ranch themed doormats in total!

Screenshot 2023 08 13 125532

Speaking of cool doormats and rugs CC, have you checked our compilation of the best Sims 4 rugs CC

sims 4 snootysims rug cc carpet

Country Boho Dress: Horse Ranch Clothing

Screenshot 2023 07 19 100917

Say hi to this awesome country Boho dress CC! It’s available in 10 swatches. All you need is a good cowboy hat to match the vibe.

Screenshot 2023 07 19 100935

Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC: Mane & Tail Retexture

Screenshot 2023 07 24 154437

We love ourselves a good variety of anything and everything, whenever we get a new expansion pack. The more, the merrier, right? This retextured tail and mane accessory is very unique. Have a look at it by following the link below.

Wild West Rancher Clothing CC

Screenshot 2023 08 16 180733

Of all the ranchers clothing items we have on this list, this one has to be my favorite. It’s captivating with a bunch of swatches in store. It features a long dress, a stylish top, and a pair of versatile jeans, available in rustic and floral prints.

Screenshot 2023 08 16 180811

Male Jeans with Cowboy Chinks

Screenshot 2023 07 19 121512

These cowboy pants CC will surely take your horse ranch experience to another level!

Toddler Horse CC Clothing: Cowboy Shirt

Screenshot 2023 07 17 145836

Speaking of cool Horse Ranch themed clothes CC, this cowboy shirt for toddlers ticks all boxes. Be sure to pair it up with some cowboy hats and boots to complete the look.


Read more on SNOOTYSIMS: The best toddler clothes CC for the Sims 4! 

toddler clothes sims 4 snootysims



Sims 4 Horse Ranch CC Poses: Dressage V2

Screenshot 2023 08 11 110755

This is just a simple dressage pose pack for horses and sims which is a better version from the previous one. Download link below.



Elegant Wavy Forelocks: Horse Ranch CC

Screenshot 2023 07 31 123106

These are edited long forelocks for your horses. The new wavy style is making that horse Barbie-like, I’m loving it :’)
The CC is available in EA colors. Go ahead and grab it from the link below.

Screenshot 2023 07 31 123624

Halter Pose Pack for Horse Ranch Screenshots

Halter Pose Pack for Horses and Sims

Love this variety of poses for horse and Sims. I can already imagine the many screenshots I’ll take of my Sims and horses using it.

By the way, if you’re having trouble taking pretty screenshots, give this guide a read! 

hide ui for better screenshots sims 4 snootysims

Roses Crown Accessories

Screenshot 2023 08 01 104425

Imagine the perfect wedding in the Sims 4 with your Sim couple and a horse with the loveliest roses crown. It’s simply perfect. It’s available in 8 swatches, and it’s also maxis match just so you’re aware. So, do definitely download it 😉


Ride with Pride: Leg Warmers for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 09 131627

Why is this cutest Sims 4 horse ranch cc ever? Leg warmers for horses? YES, PLEASE! You get it in 12 swatches. Go ahead and check it out by following the link below!


Non-Default Hoof Colors for Horses

Screenshot 2023 07 31 1038131

Here are non-default hoof colors for your horses. You get 22 swatches including fantasy colors. They’re categorized under Body> Hoof Color. Have fun with these swatches!

Horse Feeding Cart for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 10 080424

I love the look of this horse feeding cart! It looks realistic yet perfect for the Sims 4! Special thanks go to Elin Fredriksdotter for being the original creator. Have a closer look at it by following the link below.

Accessory Chaps For Cowboy Sims

Screenshot 2023 08 16 174731

The country life in me was revived by the amazingness of this CC! An accessory that works with almost all jeans. Of course there’s going to be some clipping with wider pants, but it shouldn’t be a huge issue.

This is actually the best ranch hand CC you could download. Though if you continue to browse this compilation, I promise you of similarly perfect stuff!

It can be found in the left wrist category, and is available in 3 swatches. Have fun!

Horse Ranch Sim Dump

2683 horse ranch sim dump kiwitrait

If you don’t want to spend hours in CAS trying to come up with the perfect horse ranch combinations for your Sims, then definitely check out these Sims. You can download their tray files and all of their corresponding CC. Have fun!

EquiStyle Safety Signs for Horse Ranch

Screenshot 2023 07 11 095220

Love those signs! The more clutter and decor, the better right? Have a look at them by clicking the button down there.


cowboy boots for ts4 terfearrence

In order to have the best experience with the Horse Ranch expansion pack, you need a fitting outfit. These cowboy boots will definitely do the job. They’re available for masculine frames only. Click the button below to download.

Saddle Neutral Recolor with Metal Wear

Western Saddle V1

This is a recolor of the horse saddle designed to achieve a more natural appearance, offering 6 swatches of neutral colors with silver metal accents.

Screenshot 2023 08 01 113333

Ombre Saddle Pads for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 09 114327

This is a simple and cute ombre saddle pad for horses. Available in 6 swatches to choose from.

Stirrup Leathers Accessory Removed

Screenshot 2023 08 01 121031

For a cleaner and simpler look, check out this version of the English saddle without stirrup leathers. Available in EA swatches.

Woven Halter for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 09 123856

This woven halter for horses is built for your pets to look more stylish. It consists of 20 swatches to choose from.

B-Core Pink Bridle & Saddle for horses

Screenshot 2023 07 25 145755

The Barbie core pink bridle & saddle in the new expansion pack will enhance your experience, providing both uniqueness and style to your horse, making it more enjoyable.

Screenshot 2023 07 25 145815

Speaking of Barbie CC, have you checked our compilation of the sweetest Barbie CC for the Sims 4? 

sims 4 barbie cc snootysims

Horses and Dogs Pose Pack

Screenshot 2023 08 02 155304

This cute little pose pack includes some poses for your horses and dogs! Check the picture below for some of the poses included in this set. Your animal friends will be making their own special bonds now, thanks to this thriving community of CC creators!

Screenshot 2023 08 02 155714

Invisible Markers on Jumps and Barrels Removed for Horse Ranch

Screenshot 2023 08 01 132409

Invisible Markers on Jumps and Barrels Removed for Horse Ranch. This is the markers before it wasn’t removed. Have 2 versions which is Standalone and Override Version.

Screenshot 2023 08 01 132435

Hanged and Standing English Saddles Decor for Horse Ranch

Screenshot 2023 08 01 150252

Create the perfect ranch life for your Sims with these awesome hanged saddles decor. They’re available in 33 swatches each, with two versions: one hanging and one free-standing.

Saddle and Half Pad for Horse

Screenshot 2023 08 04 090814

This is just a simple saddle and half pad set which can be used with other pads and most accessories. Saddle has had stirrup leathers removed. NOTE: Will cause issues with horns, or anything deemed not compatible with horns.

Screenshot 2023 08 04 090609

Colorful and Pastel Horse Jumps

Screenshot 2023 08 01 152340

This Colorful and Pastel Jumps for Horse Ranch will be a nice addition to your journey. Available in 8 swatches.

Banners for Horse Ranch

Screenshot 2023 08 11 092338

This banners for horse ranch is ideally good if you want to put a competition stadium in your Sims’ Horse Ranch. A total of 27 banners to choose from.

Ground Pole Decor for Horse Ranch

Screenshot 2023 08 10 125309 1

The ground pole decor for horse ranch is just a simple CC that could add another style to your gameplay. Available in 10 Swatches.

Functional Jumps for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 10 122913

These functional jumps for horses are non-default. This CC has four regular jump swatches, including five sugarcube jump swatches.

Screenshot 2023 08 10 122930

Big Log Fences for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 10 115956

These big log fences for horses will make your pet jump higher and more robust. There are two sizes of vertical obstacles with nine different colors.

Functional Smaller Pasture Grass for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 10 113408

This functional smaller pasture grass is just a simple override for EA’s tall grass. Note: in the winter the grass will semi disappear but will regrow spring/summer.

Wavy Mane and Tail Recolor for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 10 100918

This is just a simple wavy mane and tail recolor for horses, all from EA colors. Compatible with adult and elder horses.

Halter and Accessories for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 09 125022

This halter and accessories for horses have about four items including nameplate, lead rope, fluff and the halter itself. Nameplate uses tail accessory slot, Lead rope uses leg wrap slot, Fluff uses hat slot.

Screenshot 2023 08 09 125046


Horsing Around Set – Halter and Saddle for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 09 112244

This is a simple recolor of halter and saddle for horses which comes in 30 swatches. Metal Overlays are found in Accessories; the Bridle overlay is under the hat category, and the Saddle overlay is under tail accessories.

Sleipnir – Adult Horse Mane

Screenshot 2023 08 09 091845

This is just a simple adult horse mane that resembles Fjord horses. It is also compatible with all forelocks.

Simple Forelock with Heart on Top for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 08 135218

This is a simple forelock for your horses, which adds a tiny heart-shaped hair on the top of their heads. This pack includes 36 swatches for Adult Horses in the game.

Irish Cob Set for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 08 133617

This Irish cob set for horses is composed of 4 new CAS items: mane, forelock ,tail and feathers which covers the hoof.

Screenshot 2023 08 08 133728

Unnatural Horse Eyes Set

Screenshot 2023 08 08 130707

This unnatural horse eyes will make your horses more unique. It is designed to be used with the horse eye fix to make it not look weird.

Mane and Tail Recolor for Foals

Screenshot 2023 08 07 120028

This is just a simple recolor for the mane and tail of your foals. It is available in all EA swatches.

Native American Halter Recolor for Horses

Native American Halter

This is just a recolor of the native american halter from the Horse Ranch expansion pack for your horses to put on. Available in 7 Swatches.

Screenshot 2023 08 04 102506

One Ear Headstall for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 03 153740

This is just a simple CC which is a one ear headstall for horses. This is available in all EA swatches.

Quarter Horse Conformation Mini Pose Pack

Screenshot 2023 08 02 181021

This quarter horse conformation mini pose pack consist of 4 of the typical halter poses you can get.

Wooden Horse Feeder with Roof and Metal Braces

Screenshot 2023 08 01 171941

This Large Wooden Horse Feeder with Roof for Horses is most likely to be put outside because of its design. Do note that this is an early access so you have to subscribe to the creator to download this now.

Standing Tall Hitching Post Decoration for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 01 170540

This Standing Tall Hitching Post Decoration have 2 Versions: One is the original which have more realistic texture and various colors, and the other one is the one below which is the maxis match version from the Horse Ranch EP Colors.

Screenshot 2023 08 01 170526

Trot Poles Obstacle Course for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 01 165355

This Trot Poles Obstacle Course for Horse is Non-Functional though your horse can trot over them normally. Won’t go around them.

Wooden Animal Feeder Override

Screenshot 2023 08 01 155743

This Horse Ranch Animal Feeder Override is made to look more like the default hay bed in order to achieve a more uniform appearance.

Vintage Ball Organic Material Reskins for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 01 144606

This Vintage Ball Organic Material Reskin will give your horses something to play with. Available in 4 swatches.

Rustic Horse Ball Recolor for Horse Ranch

Screenshot 2023 08 01 143354

This is just a Recolor of the default Horse Ball to make it look more realistic and rustic.

Horse Ranch Jump Flag Marker Deco

Screenshot 2023 08 01 141648

This is just a simple Horse Ranch Jump Flag Marker Decoration for your ranch to look more realistic. Available in red and white.

Plain Old Western Hitching Post Decoration

Screenshot 2023 08 01 131150

This Plain Old Western Hitching Post Decoration is available in 2 versions, each having 12 swatches.

Screenshot 2023 08 01 131200

Tail Ribbon Accessory Recolor for Horses

Screenshot 2023 08 01 110915

This is just a recolor of the ribbon tail accessory for your horses. Available in 35 swatches to choose from.

Ornate Patterned Medieval Saddle Pad

Ornate Medieval Saddle Pad

Let’s imagine this together: in the big open countryside, your Sim and their skilled horses are living the perfect moments of peace together. Why? Because these ornate patterned medieval saddle pads bring about this effect. It’s available in 10 swatches. Go ahead and check it out!

Rivervalley Eyes – Default Horse Eyes Replacements

Screenshot 2023 07 31 104601

Default Horse Eyes replacement for your Horses. Includes 9 swatches.

Screenshot 2023 07 31 104939

Under Your Spell Eyes – Horse Ranch Default Overrides

Screenshot 2023 07 31 100727

This set will replace the default eye textures for the Sims 4 Horse Ranch expansion pack animals, including horses, mini goats and mini sheep. Replaced all textures for the Horse Ranch animals like the Horses, Mini Goats & Mini Sheep. So if that specualr shine on the eyes ever bothered you, now you can get rid of it.

Farrier’s Tools Pt 2 for Horse Ranch

Screenshot 2023 07 11 142443

What do ranches need? Lots of equipment to say the least. Sets like this one can help your Sims take good care of their new horses. To download this package, click the button below.

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