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It’s exciting when it’s time to move on to a new Sims game, but also bittersweet. We all have our favorite content from previous games that we wish could carry forward, though unfortunately it’s very rare to see between Sims games with the exception of certain townies.

sims 3 to sims 4 conversion cc

Some items are just too good to leave behind, though, and intrepid modders have stepped in to help out. We’ve curated a small collection of Sims 3 to Sims 4 conversion CC for your perusal—maybe you’ll find that CAS or Build/Buy item that you thought you’d have to leave behind!

Converted CAS Content

Here’s a collection of TS3 to TS4 conversions for your sims’ wardrobes. Some of them are such high quality that you would think they were base game outfits!

1. Winter Coat Animal Pockets by KiaraZurk

image 396

This long scarfed dress is available in 25 swatches, ranging from whimsical designs to classic patterns. You’ll find a look for every occasion with this single piece! You can download the dress conversion here.

2. Freya Dress by Pepperoni-Puffin

image 393

This beautiful tunic comes with a lovely hem and collar details that remind me a bit of one of the tops in City Living. Available in 32 versatile swatches that you can nab for yourself here!

3. – ̗̀ Stephan Top ̖́ – by AdrienPastel

image 401

This funky top features an interesting cutout detail on the front & back and would blend in well with the clothing from the Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu Game Pack, but it isn’t so weird that it would look out of place in other game worlds. There are 20 swatches available for download here.

4. Lantern Dress – Zara by satterlly

image 390

This puffy dress has a unique silhouette that’s reminiscent of origami! It comes in 2 lengths with 30 different swatches. You can download it on their Patreon page.

5. TS3 DJ Casual Conversion Dress by NyGirl Sims

image 410

A TS3 to TS4 conversion in 24 colors with a mix of solid and dual tone swatches. The overall vibe of the dress makes it a good companion to the pieces that came with the Throwback Fit Kit. You can add this dress to your collection by following this link!

6. Cindy. A Leotard with Tights by Joliebean

image 389

A TS3 to TS4 conversion that looks like it was meant for the game! This retro-riffic athletic outfit is available in 18 swatches of wonderfully loud colors and patterns and is another great companion to the Throwback Fit Kit. You can download this radical look here.

7. Harajuku Dress by Pickypikachu

image 395

An incredibly colorful and kitschy outfit vibes nicely with Snowy Escape due to how kawaii it is. There are 7 whimsical swatches and they’re all so cute, we can’t pick a favorite! See (and download) for yourself!

8. Celestine Top by Renorasims

image 394 edited

If you like the outfit styles that come with Realm of Magic, this top is a perfect addition. There are solid color and black accented versions for 36 swatches total, to match any color palate. You can download this magical top here!

9. Vegas Blazer Lines S3 by BustedPixels

image 391

If you appreciated the effort made by Luxury Party Stuff but prefer your clothes to be less loud, this TS3 to TS4 conversion jacket should suit your tastes nicely. There are 25 swatches with a mix of black and white button-down shirts which you can get here.

9. Vegas Dress Layers by BustedPixels

image 392

Another vegas conversion by BustedPixels that I had to share because I’ve had it in my game for years. The layers are so detailed and create the illusion of fringe quite nicely without looking flat. See all 15 swatches and download this conversion here.

10. 3t4 University Life Jacket Conversion by IvkaSims

image 387

A warm hoodie & jacket combination in 17 different swatches, and it’s no surprise that this jacket blends well with CAS items from Discover University. It’s nice to have another jacket we can use in the cold weather outfit category that isn’t a thick winter coat; some sims live in places where the winters aren’t that cold! You can grab the jacket here.

11. Count M by HistoricalSimsLife

image 400

While we already have 2 pirate costumes thanks to Spooky Stuff and Get Famous, those outfits look like, well, costumes. If you play a historical build or just want something more realistic looking, these 10 swatches should suit you. Ahoy!

12. Random S3 Ports by Shandir

image 412

You can never have enough accessories in the Sims 4, especially choker necklaces. And who says no to cute cat earrings? The men’s choker comes in 1 color with 4 cabochon swatch options, the spiked choker comes in 5 colors, and the cat earrings are only one swatch but wearable by children as well. You can download them here.

13. 3t4 Puffball Hat by Pickypikachu

image 388

Another item I’ve had in my game for ages, this slouchy winter hat is so cute & comfy looking! It’s oversized to fit various hair meshes which gives it a really adorable look, perfect for an ice skating and hot chocolate date. See all 10 swatches and download it here!

Buy/Build Mode Content

The best thing about Sims 3 to Sims 4 conversion CC is that it’s automatically Maxis-Match. It’s the easiest way to expand your game catalog without anything looking out of place, and it’s almost like getting free DLC!

14. A Kind of Magic by The Path of Nevermore

image 409

A collection of supernatural decor including several book piles, scrolls, and wands. The Moondial Lamp unfortunately doesn’t tell you the moon phases like it did in the TS3, but it’s a functional lamp and you can change the color to reflect your mood. Check out the set and download it here.

15. “Ironic Clown” TS3 to TS4 conversion by Danburite2

image 411

The Sims franchise has always had a strange relationship with clowns, and the Sims 3 was no exception. Luckily it’s just a painting so there are no mysterious clown effects, though you could use Sims 4 Studio to give it a negative Environment Score. You can download this silly piece of artwork here.

16. TS3 to TS4: Altar (Alvar) Appliances by Zx_Ta

image 399 edited

Sims 3 was really good at presenting functional content in a whole slew of time periods. This lovely conversion includes functional and decorative appliances in a multitude of swatches for the mid-century retro kitchen of your dreams. Get the appliances for yourself here!

17. Fairy Living Set by Leander Belgraves

image 404

The name of this set is deceiving because it includes so much more than living room objects. This whimsical collection includes office, dining, bedroom, and nursery furniture that would be gorgeous in the light of Henford-on-Bagley. Download this beautiful set here.

18. TS3 Junk Pile as Dumpster by Simverses

image 398

Hear me out! This Sims 3 to Sims 4 conversion CC was made with historical players in mind who want their sims to dumpster dive without the immersion-break of a modern dumpster. It’s an eyesore, yes, but for a specific type of player this conversion will be quite useful! If you’re that kind of player you can download this heaping pile of garbage here.

19. Sims 3 Gummy Bear Chair Converted To Sims 4 by Quiatis

image 408

This precious gummy bear chair is great for all but the most staunch sims! It comes in 7 bright colors perfect for a nursery, playroom, or even an overly goofy university dorm. It’s usable by adults as well despite its tiny appearance, so why not add it to your game?

20. High-End Loft Stuff by PeachAndHerPan

image 402

A Sims 3 to Sims 4 conversion CC set that includes 13 living room items with a futuristic aesthetic. The couch, sofa, and comfort chair especially look like they belong in an expert hacker’s office or a sci-fi fan’s game room. Check out the color swatches and download the set here.

21. Misc TS3 Conversions by linacherie

image 403

I like my sims’ homes to look lived in, and clutter is one of the best ways to do it. This set includes an assortment of clutter items for all over your house to give your build a homier feel. You can get this set here, and if you want more check out her Odds & Ends set here.

22. Vintage High Society Car by Ozyman4

image 405

With EA’s recent announcement that infants will be getting a long-overdue update, it’s not out of line to hold on to the hope that we might just see drivable cars in the Sims 4 someday. Until then, we’ll have to make due with deco objects. And if anybody is going to have car just for show, it’s going to be a rich sim. And if you’re going to have a car to show off, you might as well have one with style. Download this beaut at the link.

23. Functional Pool Slide by AlexCroft

image 407

It’s not everyday that we see a TS3 to TS4 conversion that’s functional! This slide requires Get to Work to use properly, and it will give your sims the ability to actually slide into the swimming pool instead of being just a deco object. It’s been in BETA for a bit now and while not perfect, appears to function as intended with no complaints! Keep on top of updates for this mod and download it here.

24. Silly Safari Wallpaper by Zx_Ta

image 406

This wallpaper conversion is a cute design for youth without the garish bright tones most kids’ content has. If your young sim is more reserved or just a big animal fan, they’ll likely love this CC. I can see the red/black/grey swatch looking lovely in Alexander Goth‘s room! Download this lovely wallpaper here.

Closing Thoughts

As new Sims games keep coming we’ll see more and more conversions, and with the Sims 5 on its way it will be time to start converting TS4 meshes before we know it! Until then though, we’ll stick with our trusty Sims 4 game and enjoy conversions from its predecessors. Enjoy this old-new Sims 3 to Sims 4 conversion CC, and happy simming!

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